History of the Fairfield Project

The early DGML created plenty of information for horror in contemporary settings. So one man named Davide Mana set out to preserve it, and created the Ice Cave, a personal website on Fortune City with a curated collection of email conversations and articles.

Davide was only one man, and had difficulty keeping up with the flood of material, despite pleas from list members. So one member suggested we create a wiki instead, as a repository for all this stuff. A 2005 poll on the DGML, created by nash_sw2001, picked out the name, and so the original Fairfield Project was born at http://fairfieldproject.org, since defunct. Much of the material from the Ice Cave was ported over, but not everything. New material was added over time.

Starting in the summer of 2007, the original Fairfield Project came under attack by spambots. Its wiki farm had no effective countermeasures. By the time anyone realized the rot had taken hold, the two people with administrator rights hadn't been active on the list for months. Jürgen Hubert chose a new wiki farm, http://www.wikidot.com, and founded the current incarnation of the Fairfield Project here.

The fans ported over the old material to the new syntax, but as with the original creation of the Fairfield Project, the main objective was rescue to a viable format, not making an attractive and accessible site with a life of its own. Over the years, a handful of people slowly improved the site, chief among these HandOfCthulhu, James Haughton and Viktor Eikman.

The Ice Cave went off the web in 2010. In the summer of 2011, a friend of Jürgen Hubert created a custom CSS theme for the Fairfield Project, receiving mixed and mainly negative criticism. This criticism was mostly ignored until Viktor Eikman joined the administrator team in September 2012 and created the current theme. Spurred by this activity, a few fans added numerous new articles from the Ice Cave and the Kurotokage sourcebook project, using the Internet Archive.

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