Being cooped up in a hotel is a mainstay for many agents of Delta Green. This can cause a lot of problems unless you are familiar with how hotels and their staff work. There are a number of issues that all agents should be aware of.

Things get noticed

Any stuff that is out of the ordinary gets picked up on real quick. Working in a hotel is boring, and sometimes the only thing that livens up your day cleaning rooms or manning the front desk is checking out weird things. Travelling with excess luggage might be warranted if you're visiting a trade show, but a lone guy with five suitcases at the Comfort Inn in Valentine, Nebraska will get noticed. Or if you keep getting calls in the middle of the night, or if you leave the bathroom sink faucet running all day and so on. You might think that you're stealthy, but hotel staff are used to seeing thousands of people, and they notice stuff that doesn't follow the usual patterns.

The staff talk about the patrons

The staff talk about the guests alot. Mostly it's funny stories about incompetence, people pratfalling while drunk etc, but as soon as a guest displays even a minimum of weirdness (see above), word gets around fast. This is both because it's fun to gossip, but especially female staff talk a lot about potential troublemakers. If you think that harassment seems ubiquitous in the entertainment industry, it's probably a drop in the ocean compared to the number of female staff at hotels all over the world being taken for available by hotel guests. An agent of Delta Green isn't likely to be the stablest person on the block to begin with and any kind of erratic behaviour will get picked up on by the staff, and spread to the rest of the employees.

The collorary to this is that staff Googles guests that ping their radar.

Your room is not private and your stuff is not safe

Most people know this intellectually, but sort of blank it out when actually staying in a hotel. Putting out a "Do Not Disturb" sign might make the cleaning crew happy, but they are far from the only ones who can and will enter your room. Sometimes this is because of legitimate reasons such as faulty heating or plumbing work etc. and they might knock before entering, but there are lots of weird and criminal people employed at hotels too. Stealing from customers is a time-honoured tradition among hotel staff and hanger-ons, ie friends and SOs of staff, especially the day before you are to check out. Some hotel rooms offer small safes for storing computers or passports etc, but the hotel management always have a master key code to open all of them, and this code is not necessarily kept especially secure. There are no reliable statistics of how much gets stolen from hotels, and quite a few things that do get stolen aren't reported properly anyway as people have a tendency to not keep proper track of all the things they carry with them when travelling.

What the staff doesn't care about

Things that most seasoned hotel staff don't care about are drunks and cheaters, as this happens way too often to be news of any kind. Nobody bats an eye when the guest in 435 leaves two empty bottles of vodka in the room every morning and has thrown up in the shower again. Nor do they care that the reps from company X in rooms 18 and 20 just seem to use room 20.

So the point of all this is, don't leave the Everbleeding Eye of Ghroth lying around in the bathroom shower when you're out on business away from the hotel. Someone will notice it.

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