Human-Mythos relationships
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(continued from the Memewear conversation)

From: Andy Robertson

I knew this "White Power" girl when I was in high school (Troy High was her brief two-week stop before her truancy became permanent), who naired her head and face, thus getting rid of all head hair and eyebrows.

People do not put up such barriers to human contact unless they have been horribly and repeatedly hurt, and the pain of isolation is less than the pain of contact. Of course I know nothing whatever about this girl, but her behaviour is consistent with (for example) a traumatic sexual assault, or the memory of a deeply abusive relationship.

As I noted some time ago, an abusive human relationship is, in some ways, a good model for the relationship between a human being who worships one of the Mythos entities and their god.

The strength of a human abuser (it seems to me) is often that their partner becomes trained to react to abuse by reaching out even furthur, submitting even more. They can't accept the fact that they are being used: and the abuser, pimp or whatever becomes adroit at giving just enough reward to make them believe that if they are a little *more* submissive all will be well.

I remember one time on a train seeing a big black guy controlling a girl in this fashion. Her behaviour was deeply "wrong". She blushed, stammered, tried to please, made little "intention tremors", signalled playfulness with her body language: and he picked up each attempt and crushed it. But from time to time threw her a scrap of attention and affection. (This was many, many, years ago. I was very naieve then and I didn't really understand this sort of thing. In retrospect he was very obviously a pimp)

The less a man feels for a woman, it seems, the easier it is for him to "train" them in this way.

I suspect the Mythos entities could be extremely good at this, since they "feel" nothing at all. Of course, many of them would not bother. But in some cases it might be an actual learned technique, done because the human contact is profitable and useful.

And the humans would get *something* out of it. The Mythos entities may be abusive to the n'th, but they are *real* gods.

Thus, by advertising their distance from humanity, the human worshippers advertise their power.

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