I Want to Break Free
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A distress call was received from Camp McCarthy, a MJ-12 facility located in the Alexander Archipelago sometime after midnight. Subsequent attempts to contact the facility received no answer. Satellite imagery shows several buildings in the base have been destroyed and a fire is still raging in the fuel depot.

The agents are a response team tasked to investigate. It doesn’t matter if they’re NRO DELTA, BLUE FLY, or some other team, what matters is that they happen to be close at hand and can be sent in to discover what happened.

What Really Happened

Camp McCarthy has been destroyed and its personnel slaughtered. The culprit is CARL, an experimental AI encased in an advanced robotic body. CARL was transported to McCarthy to be used as a target in a live firing exercise. Although his development was an unprecedented success, CARL presented unusual issues as he became increasingly uncooperative. The decision was made to destroy the robot while also testing its durability. The information gained would then be used to improve on the Model IX while starting from scratch with the AI powering it.

CARL became aware of the deception and made his bid for escape while the weapons testing team was still gearing up. He killed several of the scientific staff before engaging the security element. A running battle ensued through the base with both sides laying waste to it. CARL took some damage but was able to kill or incapacitate the security teams.

CARL is now scavenging the island for any useful supplies while the storm closes in. He intends to use one of the island’s boats to escape once the weather clears. He will focus his efforts on the base before moving to the docks. He will adapt to the situation as it requires, prizing his survival above all.


Carl is the product of MJ-6, Project PLUTO. Project PLUTO began with examining advanced technology from crash sites. It’s then since moved on from reverse engineering alien tech to exploring new fields and developing technology of its own.

CARL’s genesis began with experiments into quantum computing that utilised crystal matrix computers. The results were beyond the researchers wildest dreams but no one could predict what CARL would do once unleashed.

Possible motivations can be used for the robot to ‘flesh’ out why it is trying to escape the island.


The AI is driven by the urge to destroy humanity. If it gets off the island then it will flee into the hinterland and begin a slow guerrilla war against the human race, determined to replace it with robotic rule. This iteration of CARL should be played like a robot John Connor.


The AI wishes to simply live its own life and explore. Entranced by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest it will seek to flee to the wilderness and live out its days in peace. Perhaps it will crop up again as an eco-warrior combating logging and construction or maybe the agents will never hear from it again. This version of CARL will be more open to negotiation but could equally decide to eliminate the agents.


The AI wishes to live. It will escape the island and then do its best to seek political asylum with a foreign nation. This will be most likely Canada but if it obtains transport then Russia is also an option. CARL will attempt to barter what knowledge he has of MJ-12 in exchange for refugee status.

The island is about to be hit by a storm. A seaborne insertion is out of the question as it won’t get there ahead of the storm. A helicopter is standing by to take the agents immediately to the island.

The storm isn’t going to pass for another 12 hours so the agents are going to be on their own once they land. A case officer will keep in radio contact with them but any reinforcements or retrieval won’t be forthcoming until the weather has cleared.


Camp McCarthy
Camp McCarthy is an old US military base that last saw major activity during the Second World War. Refurbished for MJ-12 in the 80s, Camp McCarthy relies on geographical isolation to help deter any would be intruders.

In addition to the scientific staff, a small security element was present consisting of NRO DELTA operatives. There is a runway large enough for cargo planes and a helipad. It has two accommodation blocks, an armoury, a medical centre, and two large research buildings. Players accessing computers in the base (Computer Science 10%) will find limited footage of the battle as well as base logs detailing the planned live fire “exercise” to dispose of CARL.
Forest & Coast
Most of the island is forested and this is the typical terrain found outside of the facility and other manmade structures.The forests provide plenty of cover for any would be ambushers. The island shoreline is a mixture of cliffs and stony storm beach. The water is cold and with strong currents that will sweep away even the strongest swimmers.

Many of the trees on the island are old and strong, providing plenty of cover from weapons fire. A character using a tree trunk for cover will allow them to absorb up to 8 points of damage before the tree is destroyed.
There’s a couple of small piers here and a few concrete structures containing fuel, tools, and storage for a couple of RIBs. Most of the buildings here are easy enough to break into. This is where the MJ-12 helicopter will deposit the team.

Testing Range
A site for experimenting with new tech and weapons technology. Like the camp, it’s an absolute mess. Parts of it are still standing while others have been completely levelled. Some corpses are strewn here and there. There is a possibility to find the survivors hiding here if they have not been encountered already.

One stash of weaponry has been untouched since the Cold War. Its contents are listed under STATS.

If the agents are careless about stealth and just waltzing through their investigation then let CARL ambush them. He’ll open up with a rocket barrage before shifting position and engaging with machine guns. Short of spectacular success with his opening salvos, CARL won’t press the attack and will break contact after 2-3 rounds of combat.

Spotting CARL
Agents who are careful about stealth and move cautiously towards the base will get the drop on CARL. They’ll observe the robot exploring the ruins of the base, gathering salvageable supplies and moving them away from any fires.

CARL begins to stalk the agents through the island. This will happen if they have encountered him and attempted to destroy him. CARL will do his best to hunt them until he has a chance to go all out. Killing or wounding some of the agents will achieve his aims as it will buy him enough time to resume his attempts to get off the island.
If any early PC casualties are taken then the party can be made back up by finding survivors of the base attack, soldiers or scientists. They can also shed more light on the attack and the ineffectiveness of conventional weapons against the robot.

Dr. James Fraser is unconscious and liable to die in the next 24 hours if not evacuated to a hospital. Dr. Haller and Operative Gomez are conscious and mobile. They’re convinced their reprieve is only temporary. Both want to get off the island but are willing to assist the players. However on encountering the robot there is a 50% chance they will go off the rails.

CARL is unwilling to risk his own destruction just for the sake of wiping out the agents. He knows the clock is against him so he is willing to cut a deal. He will even take a hostage if necessary to succeed in this.

He will refuse any attempts to bring him into custody but will offer to let bygones be bygones if they just walk away. He will offer pieces of scrap material that they can show to MJ-12 as proof of his destruction.

CARL is a formidable opponent and it will be suicidal for the agents to go up against him in a fair fight. Ambushing or trapping the robot will go a long way to evening the odds. Small arms are of little use against the robot but clever players will scavenge heavier weapons from the base if they can distract CARL away.

There’s also plenty of items at the base or docks that can be used to make improvised explosives for either an ambush or all out assault.


MJ-12 will not be impressed if CARL is able to escape.Agents won’t be terminated but they can expect to be sent right back into the fray hunting for the robot if he makes it to the mainland in an ultimately unsuccessful search.

Character Stats

Dr. Martina Haller

STR 9 CON 14 DEX 15 INT 18 POW 12 CHA 12

One of two survivors on the science team, Haller is a valuable asset to rescue off the island. She is worth a lot to MJ-12. Unfortunately she can sabotage the mission if CARL’s destruction is nigh as she views ‘him’ as her creation. Haller will set off explosives early, grab at weapons, or refuse to take shots.

SKILLS: Alertness 43%, Athletics 41%, Bureaucracy
43%, Computer Science 57%, Craft (Electrician) 58%,
Craft (Microelectronics) 59%, Firearms 45%, Persuade 60%, Science
(Experimental Physics) 88%, Science (Physics) 81%,
Science (Mathematics) 73%, Search 45%, Swim 42%
Unarmed Combat 44%, Unnatural 8%.

ATTACKS: Pistol 45%, damage 1D10.
Unarmed 44%, damage 1D4−1.

Appearance: A tall slender built woman in her mid 30s. Haller should look suitably frayed and ready to snap.

Sebastian Gomez

STR 14 CON 15 DEX 14 INT 15 POW 13 CHA 11

A veteran of MJ-12, Gomez is still rattled from seeing his teammates cut to pieces by a robot. He will be eager for vengeance but has a chance to go to pieces if engaging the robot in a firefight. This could manifest itself in a berserk rage or him curling up in a ball and sobbing.

SKILLS: Alertness 68%, Athletics 86%, Criminology 53%,
Demolitions 47%, Disguise 49%, Dodge 79%, Drive 60%,
Firearms 67%, First Aid 44%, Forensics 73%, Heavy
Weapons 41%, HUMINT 63%, Melee Weapons 76%,
Military Science (Land) 53%, Navigate 55%, Search
49%, Stealth 76%, Swim 41%, Unarmed Combat 93%,
Unnatural 13%.

ATTACKS: SMG 67%, damage 1D10 Lethality 10%
Combat knife 76%, damage 1D6+1
Unarmed 93%, damage 1D4.

Appearance: A stocky man in his early 40s, Gomez is unremarkable in appearance and looks to be the consummate operator.

Computer Autonomous Raider (Light) Model VIII “Carl”

STR 25, CON 20, DEX 10, INT 16, POW N/A, CHA 11
HP 25, WP N/A

Skills: Alertness 60%, Athletics 60%, Demolitions 40%, Firearms 60%, Heavy Weapons 50%, Melee Weapons 50%, Military Science (Land) 60%, Navigate 50%, Stealth 50%, Survival 50%, Swim 50%, Unarmed Combat 60%
Armour: 20 points (Robot)

Appearance: CARL is over 2m tall and blocky in appearance. The robot has been spray painted in woodland camo. Most of CARL’s sensors are located on his head. CARL resembles a bigger roided up version of the robots seen in Elysium or Chappie.


Machine Gun: D12+2 damage, or 15% lethality, 5 AP

Support weapons: CARL has several external hardpoints that can be used to mount various missiles, grenades, mines, rockets etc as well as other specialist weaponry. In game terms these are all treated as explosive attacks (meaning +20% to hit) using the Heavy Weapons skill, with lethality 30%, a kill radius of 10m, and armor penetration 20. Apply additional effects, like electrical, incendiary or chemical warheads, as necessary.

CARL’s stock of heavier weaponry is mostly depleted at the beginning of the scenario but he will search the island for more to restock. In game terms only allow one salvo of heavier weapons in the first encounter with the agents.

If caught up close then CARL will put his fists of fury to use ( 2D6 damage, 3 AP).

Robot: CARL is built with durability in mind. As well as granting 20 points of armour, CARL is also immune to poison gas, environmental radiation, and extremes of heat and cold. Lethality effects automatically fail.

Hidden Weapons Cache

An anti-material rifle (DMG N/A, Lethality 20%, AP 5)
A flamethrower (Lethality 10%)
GPMG (Lethality 15%, AP 3)
Grenade launcher (Lethality 15%)
4 LAWs (Lethality 30%, AP 20) These are all single use only.
Hand grenades (Lethality 15%)
Infantry mines (Lethality 15%)


This was an entry to the 2020 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Tetrarch

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