Identity Crisis

The cell are in a cafe (or somewhere similarly mundane) talking about an op (or anything) when someone (seemingly homeless) turns up and shoots one of the group. This should be sudden, unexpected and shockingly brutal (SAN 0/1 Violence). This awful moment could be the beginning and ending of this (literal) shotgun scenario - but if you’d like ideas for what could follow - read on.

A few things may then happen simultaneously: the cell may seek to retaliate while protecting their cell mate. Meanwhile some will notice the ‘homeless’ person actually looks like a ‘tired and filthy’ version of their victim: a clone / doppelgänger crying and shouting while unloading their firearm into their target and ducking for cover.

During the chaos of the shootout, once the victim character is aware they have a doppelgänger, ask the player what they would do during the chaos if they were their apparent assassin. Have them guide how both characters act for a round or two.

Resolution. Assuming at least one version of the character lives through this confrontation:

  • The Assassin Survives: The player of the victim is now playing the assassin (-1d10 SAN, +1d2 unnatural). Their story is they were kidnapped and something replaced them in the cell. Drugged and bound the agent managed to escape. Their memory is blurry (for now) about their abduction and detention. The victim tracked down the group having watched someone live their life for months or even years. Stalking them. Watching them become intimate with their bonds and their cell. As handler you’ll have to decide at what point the group was infiltrated - it could have been any time. The character has some useful knowledge that’ll return slowly as they resume their life again but for now they need rest. And then revenge.
  • The Assassin is Killed: the cell manage to kill a clone of the character described above. Somewhere there still is a determined agent seeking retribution against the imposter. Meanwhile the group may choose to investigate the would-be infiltrator. If they can look like anyone they choose, is the cell compromised? How about Delta Green? What’s going on? The player of the victim should begin to have doubts about themselves - just add in an occasional comment - give the impression their memory is a little hazy around some specifics from their past. Eventually repeat this scenario but next time have the assassin win.
  • The Assassin and Victim Both Survive. The group have to decide who really is their cellmate. The real agent has a hazy memory of their abduction and watching their family for months but their long term memory has more detail than the doppleganger. The doppelganger has no clue they’re an imposter - and sadly their long term memory doesn’t have all the details that’ll convince their cellmates.

Investigative Leads & Repercussions

  • Dead Doppelganger(s): once dead a ‘clone’ appears as someone else entirely. A total stranger. This raises lots of questions of course. Who was this stranger? What happened to them? Is it just the delta green cell who can’t see them properly when they’re alive? Are they human? There are symbols drawn around the face of a doppelgänger - what are they connected to?
  • Memories begin to return for the ‘assassin’ (the authentic / original character who survived a harrowing ordeal). Memories of locations, symbols and rituals.
  • Damage assessment: the group will be able to establish approximately when the switch was made. They’ll be able to understand what other operations and Delta Green resources and people have been exposed to this unknown threat. Can the cell be sure others haven’t been impacted by imposters? Do they report up to their case officer - what do they say - what will it mean for the cell?


There are any number of groups who could be behind this successful infiltration of Delta Green. Here are some suggestions but of course feel free to go in any direction you like:

  • Another Secret US Government Conspiracy: Parallel to Delta Green. One that seeks to use and understand The Unnatural. To fight fire with fire. Delta Green are considered a threat as they destroy Unnatural knowledge and technology. This rival organisation need to understand Delta Green’s structures, strip them of their resources, and destroy them from within. The Cell’s orders from their case officers become increasingly bizarre as the conspiracy unfolds.
  • Sorcerer(s). A hidden cabal or lone sorcerer. Ancient. Passing their essential essence down through generations akin to The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. They must have the knowledge DG are seeking to destroy.
  • Cultists / Ancient One. Depending on which Outer God they serve their motives and ends may be different. But the victim has memories of their ceremonies. They remember walking out of their ‘church’ the other side of the USA.
  • Mi-go: a new approach alongside their experimentation with mind control and automatons. Warring factions within the funghi from yuggoth. We are but their pawns.
  • The Opposition (e.g. GRU-SV8, PISCES). Another Delta Green style organisation that doesn’t agree with DG’s methods. Seeking to learn everything about them to expose them all on wikileaks. Perhaps found operating from a front company associated with their organisation. Their victim has memories of breaking out the back of a van that belonged to them.
  • Rogue DG Cell. Long ago this rogue cell realised you have to fight fire with fire. Utilising their limited resources, and faustian pacts with Unnatural entities, they’ve positioned themselves to strike against the cell and their wider conspiracy. Fanatics who’ll stop at nothing, operating from a remote site in a desert.

Set Pieces

In chasing down the nemesis some possibilities along the way:

  • Memories: one stark memory that arrives at a dramatic moment for victim agent(s) is the moment of their abduction - the people wearing balaclavas - the voices - a fragment of a moment head down in the back of a van - looking up - hearing a familiar voice - seeing a familiar face: one of the cell was there - and it is very possible one of the current cell is that same imposter. As handler either decide randomly or pick whoever would be the most dramatic choice.
  • A street performer gets up in the grill of one of the cell. They’re a mimic. Perhaps use as foreshadowing before the first shot is fired. Or just a brief interlude.
  • The whole cell are abducted. Cloned. Removed from their bonds. Their clones go on to do something atrocious (appropriate to the nemesis). Meanwhile the group have to track them down. Without connection to their true bonds mechanically they’re not able to project onto them until they restore their real lives. A race against time.

Resolution & Catharsis

Perhaps a generous handler will allow the group to find some resolution to the affair. An ending to the conspiracy. This could be made possible by:

  • Discovering a method to identify clones, to see them as their true selves with runes around their faces. This could be a ritual with a SAN cost or it could be some temperamental technology that fails for a few rounds just at the wrong moment.
  • Discovering how to become immune to the process; ensuring this couldn’t happen again to the cell or Delta Green. As always, these things come at a cost.
  • Discovering where the nemesis is sourcing the people from, stopping the lonely cultists from agreeing to be brainwashed and possessed to serve the Nemesis.
  • Discovering the key Nemesis. Working their way up through the organisation, the leads, the lonely volunteers, the clones, until eventually having a final confrontation. Present for the showdown will be clones of the cell, the nemesis will attempt to confuse and confound. A cinematic showdown could involve clones and a hall of mirrors type setup - or the equivalent in a late night office block full of reflective glass panels and one-way mirrors.


But of course it isn’t over. This is a horror conspiracy roleplaying game. Everything is a Russian doll. You can always bring this scenario back at any point in any variation. The nemesis may change. The technique to discover or resist may change. Whatever unsettles your cell the most: do that.


This was an entry to the 2021 shotgun scenario contest. Written by @adriangamenerd (with help from friends)

The scenario can be seen in its original google docs form here

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