K Cell has been retired totally. Formation of a new team has been tasked to G Cell.

A list of candidates is provided, select three. Applicants must travel on short notice and function under adverse conditions like sleep deprivation, extreme climates, and an excruciatingly insurmountable lack of perspective.

G Cell will produce a preliminary dossier of each applicant's classified background and general ability, then select, approach and recruit the new officers. To this end G Cell will convince William Rothersby to become friendly and provide the classified documents concerned. Finally G Cell will oversee a probationary mission conducted by the newly formed K Cell and then hand command of the unit over to A Cell.

Once candidates have been told too much they must accept recruitment or be retired. Expect probationary mission briefing as soon as one comes in.

The operation trusts your perspective on this. We cannot afford failure. Do not mess this up!


It will be easy to discover that William Rothersby (52) is a supervising senior analyst with the NSA. He has access to federal personnel files and connected classified documents. He is married to yoga studio owner Claudia Jean (47) with two sons, Michael (6) and Ronald (8) in a private elementary school, and also an alcoholic card player who tends to fall in love with his hookers. He lives in a McMansion with an attractive illegal Venezuelan housekeeper/nanny Martha (32), drives an NSA limousine with GPS, and parties in hotels downtown where the Albanian mob runs card tables, girls, and drugs, as well as security with brutal efficiency. Convince Billy to join the cause.

Handout: Classified personnel records of K Cell prospects (agent sheets).

Select three to recruit (and play). Handlers should make sure there is at least a gun and a badge in the mix.

Each player fleshes out their prospective agent with a short description of the agent's bonds and their career. This may add to or alter traumatic motivational experience.

G Cell and K Cell: RECRUITMENT
Each new recruit is played by their new player in turn while the players not being recruited play G Cell doing the recruiting. This can take weeks of stalking and placing evidence, or simply a mysterious phone call summoning them in an impossible to ignore way. It can be planned, but only the actual contact to the applicant needs to be played out in detail.

Rotate three times: two G Cell recruiters, one K Cell applicant.

Reasons for new agents to join:
Duty, patriotism, protecting others, curiosity, ambition, fear

Players must be reminded that this recruitment needs to realign the character to join a cause that will eventually lead to constant lies, strain on relationships, and horrible experiences. The impact must be appropriate to make the new agent face all that.

Contact options:
Mysterious phone call, file, or even witness
Showing up unannounced
Ordering applicant to attend under pretext

The applicant is currently…
…On a case
…Working files
…At the range
…On family vacation
…Recovering in hospital

Applicant state of mind:
Pre occupied
Blue pride
Profesionally frustrated
Worried about bond

Regional agency office, administrative building, or conference hotel
At the car after raid, court, or briefing
At a sports event, card game, or church service
At their home, their children's school, or AA meeting

Nosy colleagues
Flat tire
Empty Cell phone
Unrelated emergency response
Ominous weather

Possible G Cell Requisition Rolls:
Official office in busy federal building
Black van from the FBI pool
Police escort
Superior authority at the workplace
Travel expenses
Helicopter pickup

In the end recruits must be ready to converge when the mission comes in.

The mission is another Shotgun entry named „Sequence“.


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by nono.

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