Innsmouth Girls



This scenario takes place in a speakeasy on the Lower East Side in March or April of 1928. Players portray three escaped sisters from Innsmouth, fleeing the Feds. Play includes the possibility of romance, alcohol use, and police raids.

After The Raids

The Slue family were among those rounded up by the precursor to Delta Green in the 1928 raids on Innsmouth. Feds tagged and imprisoned Lester Slue, 50, his wife Augusta, 47, and their son-in-law Virgil Arthur, 25. Missing from the roster were their three daughters: Elsie, Vivian, and Madeline. The Bureau of Investigation put out warrants for their arrest, labeling them as “hysterical” and “extremely dangerous”.

Of course they’re “hysterical”. Who wouldn’t be, after their town was invaded, their loved ones stolen, and their home destroyed? The sisters suffered more SAN Loss from the Innsmouth raids than their entire lives of Dagon worship — when you spend your life in a seaside town, learning to be at peace with both the vastness of eternity and the smallness of your own life within it, the feds bring more disruption than any Mythos beast. The people of Innsmouth, after all, are still people, no matter how much the government insists they are “alien interlopers”.

The Slue sisters make their way to New York City, where they’re currently staying in a boarding-house run by the Jewish mafia. When they hear the sisters’ story, the owners take pity on them and manage to fix a short meeting with Arnold “Mr. Big” Rothstein at a local speakeasy to plead their case. Rothstein sits at the height of his power: a Jewish-American mob boss worth over $150mil in modern money, supposedly able to fix World Serieses, with ownership stakes in speakeasies, trans-Atlantic freight fleets, racetracks, and narcotics distributors. If anyone can help the sisters, he can.

The Sisters

For the Slue sisters’ sheets, see the appendix.

Elsie Arthur nee Slue, 23, is the eldest daughter. Married, a perfectionist, and very protective of her younger sisters. May also be two months pregnant if the player consents. Met her husband at Miskatonic University.

Vivian Slue, 20, is the bookish middle daughter. Shy, a bit of a know-it-all, and more religious than her sisters. Her knees are constantly raw from private devotions on the shoreline of Innsmouth — and she claims to have met a Deep One.

Madeline Slue, 18, is the youngest. Impulsive, emotional, and somewhat impatient, but vulnerable to being strong-armed by her older sisters.

Their Faith

In short, Innsmouth’s faith does involve Mythos creatures, but it is a far cry from the deep-sea rape cult the government insists haunts Massachusetts. This scenario assumes a version of the faith from Ruthanna Emrys’s novella The Litany of Earth, but players and handlers should work together to make any changes that suit their play style.

Nota Bene: If you do decide to make changes, consider what might make someone follow the faith of the deeps — and resist the urge to reach for monolithic evil subsuming an entire ethnic group. Consider cults and high control groups1. While cults can be cruel and destructive, there’s usually some world-saving or hopeful element that attracts followers first.

The Tornig’s Toybox


“Tornig” is Yiddish for a naughty or disobedient nephew; the Tournig’s Toybox is a speakeasy hidden above an Asian grocer. Prospective customers need to make it past the grocer, into their back room, and give the correct passphrase to the door guard (“On the third day, G-d created the evening”).

The Tornig’s Toybox is the size of a large one-bedroom apartment, and includes a coatroom, a main bar, a side room for meetings, and a restroom. A gramophone plays most nights, with a goyim live band reserved for shabbat evenings.

Apart from Mr. Big himself, the sisters may meet some of the following:

Charles Luciano and Meyer Lansky: Proteges of Arnold Rothstein. Lansky runs the books, Luciano runs the alcohol. Luciano is quite a playboy and might even offer to take on one of the sisters as a side piece. Lansky is devoted to his wife Anna Citron, but could be convinced to take on a protege himself.

Frank Ritter/“Yuri Dolgorukiy”: A Bureau of Investigation (BOI) agent assigned to recovering Innsmouth fugitives. Posing as a member of the Vorovsky Mir (thieves’ world) interested in alliances among the various underworld factions. A successful History roll will uncover his name as an obvious fake: it belonged to a medieval Kievan Rus prince known as the “far-reaching”. Ritter speaks Russian fluently and Yiddish conversationally, and attempts to chat up the sisters, even going so far as to offer them protection.

Gertrude “Tink” Applebaum: The cheerful coat girl, on duty six days a week. Will only reveal her real name under threat of egregious violence. Happy to slip an extra drink to the sisters and knows everything about everyone, but is clearly overworked.

Le Trong Lien: Second-eldest son of the Viet-Chuachua grocer family who minds the store in the evenings, doubling as a door guard for the speakeasy. A (mostly) gentle giant with sad eyes and a thick Manhattan accent flavoring the three languages he speaks fluently (English, Vietnamese, H’mong) and the three he speaks conversationally (Yiddish, French, Aklo). Saving up to attend NYU.

Virginia Levy: Lieutenant for the mysterious “Queen of the Bahamas”, a very famous rum runner. Dresses, drinks, and smokes like a man. Extremely at home in the underworld and commands a certain amount of respect.

Meeting Mr. Big

The sisters are free to dance and drink as much as they can afford. Late in the evening, they’re shown to the private meeting room and each served a flute of champagne. Arnold Rothstein, “Mr. Big”, follows soon after.

He apologizes for their circumstances, mentioning how his grandparents fled the pogroms in Russia. Rothstein has no love for government persecution, but he admits he doesn’t really understand or care about the sisters’ religion. At the end of the day, they’re another gamble — and what can they provide him?

At The End Of The Night

Mr. Big is tough, but fair. Emotional pleas will only get more assurances of understanding. Revealing Agent Ritter is a surefire way of getting his protection — and also Ritter’s death in a back alley. If the sisters prove themselves useful in some other way, Rothstein is willing to keep them in the boarding house on retainer. It’s a meager existence, but one where they can blend in.
Some other possible outcomes are listed below.

Work at the speakeasy: As with being employed by Rothstein, but a bit more glitzy. Patrons will buy them drinks, flirt with them, and try to take them home. Raids are common, which might tweak a traumatized sister.

Go with Agent Ritter: The sisters help set up a raid, forcing the Tornig’s Toybox to shut down. Ritter keeps his end of the bargain — sort of. The sisters (or sister who made the deal) are kept in an upscale sanitarium, away from any form of salt water. Occasionally, agents visit to get confirmation of an unnatural presence. The agents change over the years, but the sisters grow old, in the same place, agonizingly slowly…

Stay with Lien: If a sister befriends Lien, she can get employment for herself and her siblings in the family’s grocery store. It’s dull work, and some folks (especially those of “politer” breeding) will look askance at the multi-national staff, especially if a sister decides to marry Lien later down the line. Still, the combination of their faiths is a powerful, beautiful thing — who knows what will come out of it?

Go with Virginia: If a sister makes friends with Virginia Levy, the rum runner’s lieutenant will offer her an escape. A life of piracy and bootlegging might be to Madeline’s taste, but far less to Elsie’s. At least they’ll be near the ocean again.

If the sisters come up with a clever option, let them have it. New York City in the late 1920s is a place of possibility, both above and below board. They have a year and a half before the stock market crashes, and it will be another decade before the world goes to war…

The speakeasy shuts down at 3am. They have until then to make their decision.

Appendix: Premade Characters

All three of the sisters have the ALMOST HUMAN and PARTIALLY AMPHIBIOUS traits as per page 194 of the Handler’s Guide. They’ve also all lost WP and SAN due to the violent raids on their hometown. They do not have enough money to pay for protection by the mafia.

Elsie Arthur nee Slue, the Eldest


STR 11 CON 10 DEX 10 INT 10 POW 10 CHA 8

HP 11 WP 9 SAN 40 BP 30 (depression, anxiety, PTSD)

SKILLS: Accounting 40%, Art (Painting) 30%, Craft (Nets and Baskets) 50%, Dodge 30%, First Aid 40%, History 40%, Navigate 30%, Occult 30%, Pilot (Fishing Boat) 50%, Psychotherapy 20%, Stealth 40%, Swim 60%, Unarmed Combat 20%, Unnatural 10%

ATTACKS: Unarmed 20% (1d4)

RITUALS: Clairvoyance

Vivian Slue, the Middle Child


STR 10 CON 8 DEX 10 INT 11 POW 10 CHA 10

HP 9 WP 10 SAN 35 BP 25 (PTSD, claustrophobia, totemic compulsion: Deep One Amulet)

SKILLS: Alertness 30%, Archeology 20%, Craft (Jewelry) 40%, Dodge 30%, Foreign Language (Latin) 30%, Foreign Language (R’lyehan) 40%, Foreign Language (Aklo) 20%, History 40%, Navigate 30%, Occult 40%, Search 40%, SIGNINT 40%, Stealth 30%, Survival 50%, Swim 70%, Unnatural 15%


RITUALS: Call of Dagon, Mountain and Sea

Madeline Slue, the Baby of the Family


STR 8 CON 10 DEX 10 INT 10 POW 10 CHA 11

HP 9 WP 9 SAN 50 BP 40 (PTSD, hypomania, abandonment anxiety)

SKILLS: Alertness 50%, Anthropology 30%, Athletics 40%, Disguise 20%, Dodge 30%, History 40%, HUMINT 40%, Navigate 30%, Occult 20%, Persuade 60%, Psychotherapy 30%, Search 30%, Stealth 30%, Swim 50%, Unarmed Combat 30%, Unnatural 10%

ATTACKS: Unarmed Combat 30% (1d4)
Rituals: None


Innsmouth Girls was written by Jacqueline Bryk for the 2022 Shotgun Scenario contest.

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