by Jason Graham

This is intended as an introductory scenario to bring new characters into the Delta Green conspiracy, although with minor adjustments it can be made suitable for more experienced characters. It is intended for two FBI special agent characters with no knowledge of Delta Green. More extensive modifications will be needed to adapt the story beyond that.

Nearly 50 years ago, George Van Tassel began construction on the all wood domed structure that would later be known as the Integratron, based on plans he claims were given to him by aliens. This supposedly acoustically perfect dome is the only structure of its kind, made entirely without nails or any other metal. When he died before its completion in 1978, ownership of the property changed hands multiple times until finally being taken over by the Karl sisters, Nancy and Joanne, in 2000, offering tours and sound baths in the "acoustically perfect dome" to new age types. Although the final stage of construction, the electrical generator that would power the spoked outer ring and create the electrically charged acoustic vibrations which, according to Van Tassel, would heal the sick, delay aging, and open the doors to time travel, invisibility, and teleportation. When Van Tassel died in 78, his 2nd wife Doris claimed their home had been ransacked and Georges papers stolen during the funeral. In August 2008, when she passed away in the trailer next to the Integratron, Van Tassels grandson, Matthew Boone inherited all that remained of his grandfathers' belongings, including the trailer and its contents.

Inside, Boone discovered his grandfathers original hand drawn schematics for the completion of the Integratron buried under 30 years of clutter. He immediately took every penny of his inheritance and savings, and bought the Integratron from the Karl sisters. They accepted the offer, under the condition that they were allowed to stay on and help with construction. Closed to the public, the three set about the construction and developed an unhealthy relationship along the way. After 18 months of around the clock construction, they were ready to try Van Tassels acoustic generator, at midnight on March 12th 2010, what would have been George Van Tassels 100th birthday. Nothing seemed to happen at first. As the power built and the static field grew, the vibrations within the Integratron grew. Soon, they could feel the subsonic hum in their bones, then, the very air around them changed as the resonance opened the dormant receptors in their brains to the terrifying vistas Beyond.

Matthew Boone stood frozen in awe as the drifting monstrosities swam through the crackling aether around him. Behind him, Nancy Karl began to vibrate at the same frequency as the rest of the building and slowly started slipping into the floor like quicksand. Joanne, noticing her sister sinking, jumped to her aid, and attracted the attention of the beasts all around them. She was devoured while her sister Nancy watched in horror, trapped half beneath the floorboards. After 10 minutes, the drain on the power grid finally caused a black out for over 30 miles. The Integratron powered down, solidifying the building and Nancy, leaving her screaming and insane, fused with the floor boards and earth below. Boone began cleaning up the mess. First he silenced the screams of Nancy Karl by smashing one of the quartz sound bath bowls over her head. He then spent the rest of the night removing the floorboards and digging the remains out of the ground underneath, disposing of the evidence three miles away in a shallow grave in the desert.

Thirty miles away, at 29 Palms Marine Corps Base, 10 minutes of very low frequency rumbling could be felt, followed by a partial power outage on the base. Most thought this to be another of the low magnitude earthquakes so common in the area, but Capt. Thomas Dodson, Chaplain and DG friendly since 2002, suspected something else. Capt. Dodson contacted Agent William, his only connection to the conspiracy, who forwarded the info to A cell via secure channels. Contacts within the FBI arrange for the PC's to investigate this as a potential terrorist attack and transfer them to the San Bernardino County field office.


Checking with Southern California Edison, reveals the power outage was just over 30 miles in diameter ranging from Big Bear to the west, 29 Palms Marine Base to east and Palm Springs to the south. Cities affected include Landers, Joshua tree and Yucca Valley, as well as miles of unincorporated desert throughout the area. Officials state there was an electrical surge that overloaded the grid at 12:14 am March 13th. The most likely source of this surge is somewhere within a 3 mile area in Landers between Hwy 247 and Alta Road to the east and west and Reche Road and Giant Rock to the north and south.

Questioning the locals within this area will result in a variety of responses. The locals that live in this region are typically going to be reluctant to help obvious government agents, especially those homeowners in the further North and East sections of town. These locals are distrusting of the government and will refuse to be helpful, possibly even hostile. Closer in town, the south and western most areas are more densely populated and might prove more helpful.

Spot hidden rolls while on or near Belfield Blvd. will see signs pointing to "The Integratron". Gas stations and local government buildings will all have Integratron merchandise and brochures featuring brief history of the Integratron, reputed benefits and detailed directions. The Integratron sits alone on the corner of Belfield & Linn. A gleaming white 38' tall 55' diameter dome structure made completely of wood other than the newly added Tesla coil on the of the building, the outer spoke ring and the internal copper coil. The nearest neighbors are over 1000 ft away on the corner of Belfield and Lilac at Gubler's Orchids, an Orchid distribution company with a large greenhouse and small home next to it that serves as Gubler home and office. The Gubler family are friendly and helpful to trustworthy investigators. They will state that on the night of the blackout they heard the hum and saw strange lights coming from the Integratron. They explain that they had a good relationship with the Karl sisters since they took over the place in 2000, but in the last year or so, since Boone got involved, they haven't seen or heard much from them. Psychology rolls will show that the Gublers don't care for Boone and if pressed will reveal that they believe something "freaky" is going on between the three of them. Each night after the 13th there is a 40% chance that Boone will turn on the Integratron. Stakeouts will find him doing some repairs to the building day and night, making adjustments and trying to repair the damaged floor boards. If questioned, Boone will claim to know nothing of the cause of the power outage and say he was asleep when it happened and heard about it the next day. If asked about the Karl sisters, he will say they are visiting friends back east, he doesn't expect them back for a couple weeks. His response the Gublers story is that they don't understand his grandfathers vision and want this place shut down. He will not let the agents in without a search warrant Investigators who break in while Boone is away will see the obvious floor repairs but little else of interest. If Boone returns to find the intruders he will attempt to turn on the machine while the players are inside. If the players enter the building during Boones experiments, they will be subject to the powers of the Integratron, which is in fact, a Tillinghast resonator. Shutting down the Resonator from the outside is possible by destroying the Tesla coil on the side of the dome, or by simply cutting off the power supply to the building at the street or the circuit breaker on the side of the building.

Seeing Integratron San Loss 1/1D8
Seeing Creatures from Beyond San Loss 0/1D3 to 0/1D4
See Resonator Game Mechanics on pages 126-129 of DG: Eyes Only for further details of Resonator effects.

If the players search Boone's trailer next to the Integratron they find boxes of books & magazines from the 50's and 60's. Nearly all dealing with UFOlogy & Conspiracy. Spot Hidden finds a copy of the Varo edition of "A Case for the UFO", "Invisible Horizons" by Vincent Gaddis and issues of FATE and Fortean Times featuring articles about. Tillinghast's Resonator and Franklin Rathke. Leaning near the door is an old and well worn .30-06 bolt action. 1D20 rounds roll loose in the nearby drawer. Photographic evidence of the relationship between Boone and the Karl sisters in the nightstand in the bedroom.

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