Perhaps, rather than equating to _nations_, per se, many of the "pocket Dreamlands" (or whatever you would call them) are more based on _cultures_ (or at least the mass impression of them by Dreamers)?

Thus, the place Saddam temporarily visited was indeed Irak — because Iraq's capital is Baghdad, which features in so many Arabian Nights tales, as well as in local legends, and even our own Frankish perceptions of the Middle Eastern paradigm?

This milieu would be a combination of the dreams and fantasies of Saddam and countless others, the cultural memories of the might of the vanished Ottoman Empire, the Hollywood views of the Middle East (with the minarets, djinn, caravans, caliphs, amirs, sultans, and dancing girls), and the "harem fantasies" promoted in books and TV. (As the Lizard King once mentioned, it would abut other Desert regions, which would feature sandworms, the French Foreign Legion, the Coyote and Roadrunner, Crusaders, WWII desert warriors, Lawrence, etc.)

Perhaps Saddam could not be found for so long by conventional Allied forces, not because he was hiding in a hole, but because he really was over in Irak, in one of his palaces there! (And, being in another dimension, he was "off the radar" of the Mi-Go and their Report, so to speak?)

Proceeding from this, we can suggest that unconventional tactics on one side call for the same on the other, and that his hiding place was pinpointed by investigative work of brave DG personnel in- country. Following this, a B-2 Stealth Bomber (which may already make use of alien tech, as it resembles some of the reported UFOs from the 1940s) was modified to temporarily hop dimensions, and a select USAF crew performed the modern version of that WWII famous raid, where an RAF Mosquito made a bombing attack specifically timed to interrupt one of Goering's (or was it Hitler's) speeches. Terrified that the Americans and their allies had come for him, even _here_, where he assumed he would be safe, Saddam bolted for his… well, his bolthole — the passage between worlds he had used for his occasional visits back to Iraq from Irak! But DG knew of that one, too, and had quietly tipped off the US Army, which actually collared the Thief of Baghdad! Of course, in such a hurry, Saddam had to leave behind in Irak the money and WMD he had stashed there, as well as certain artifacts from local museums… It could be that DG and PISCES will need to mount a joint mission into Irak to locate the above items before they fall into the wrong hands!:)

Rather than the Afghan/Pakistan border, Osama might now be hiding in Irak, or in some other Dreamlands place where the ancient ways of the Ottoman Empire still hold sway… (Michael Layne)

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