Iraq is the cradle of human and grave of pre-human civilisation, currently being: liberated/saved/protected/occupied/colonised/looted/destroyed (please circle all that apply) by the USA and its allies.

If you were DG, you probably wouldn't be able to swing a dead cat without hitting someone you knew (i.e. DG) in Iraq. And with the relative freedom from oversight that one has over there, it would be a perfect opportunity for Cell A to put together ad hoc teams to deal with any outstanding issues in that part of the world—and with a good deal more force than you'd normally be able to get away with.





Michael W. Short wrote (DGML 11199)

From my own experiences there, I can think of a few things that could build into
a purty-dern good scenario.

1) Some of our soldiers were invited to a Sufi religious ceremony. I didn't go
myself, but I saw video of it later. It was…wierd. Really wierd. Lots of
chanting, ecstatic dancing, people DRIVING FREAKIN' NAILS INTO THEIR HEADS.
What if the US soldier invitees had been the main event, so to speak?

2) In our AO, we had a lake, with a nifty little island in it. The island
was used by smugglers, had some cool looking ruins, and alleged had once had
a house where Saddam Hussein had kept some of his concubines. I wanted to
conduct a raid on the island in order to bust up the smuggling ring, but we
were never able to pull one together. The ruins on the island were typical
Iraqi—couldn't tell if they were a couple or a couple thousand years old.
What if while searching the ruins for illegal goods or weapons, the troops
disturbed something in the ruins?

The Man In Black speculated (DGML 11203)
What were they smuggling? If it was ancient artifacts, then we're onto
something. It also makes me wonder about Karotechia operations in the Middle
East… now is an ideal time for the Nazis to step up their game against
Israel. Perhaps the largest supernatural threat in Iraq isn't "sleeping dog"
artifacts and temples, but something decidedly more Aryan.
I imagine the Karotechia would pose as European Arms Dealers in the middle
east, and rely on their contacts in the officer corps to worm their way into
the region. Blond blue-eyed businessmen with their fingers in all the pies
would certainly come to the attention of various intelligence agencies and
eventually get made as Karotechia by PISCES, Delta Green, the GRU, etc. If
the Mossad suddenly started assassinating these folks… maybe someone in
the CIA would start looking into how the Israelis were getting such accurate
information about their targets.

Recommended reading

Charles Stross' A Colder War postulates that Saddam's Ba'athist party were Yog-Sothoth worshippers. This was a driving factor behind the Iran-Iraq war. or

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