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Fictional items


The rustle of page upon page, the musty smell of dust filling your nostrils, strange scratches of ink that fill the mind with inexpressible thoughts and images. The books you find on these pages are not the quiet dull things that sit quietly on your shelves. These are books that have been whispered over, books that have been chased through dark alleys, books that have been killed for. These books contain secrets that were too powerful to be destroyed, too horrible to be forgotten. These are books that have names to be reckoned with, and have taken on lives of their own.

Caveat lector: let the reader beware.

Mythos canon

The following are mentioned in more-or-less respected fiction by Lovecraft and his friends.

Fan-made tomes

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Other media

There was a time when we knew where to find the threats to our sanity: in dank, musty forbidden tomes from the old haunted house on the hill. Now these threats are finding all sorts of avenues into our lives. Here are some of the vehicles that have been found to transmit the Mythos to the masses.


These films sometimes depict features of the Mythos, and sometimes only reflect its madness; they are not to be confused with the comparatively harmless recommended watching list.

Miscellaneous multimedia

Mysterious artefacts

The magic used by the creatures of the Mythos is actually some sort of advanced mathematics that can affect the processes they describe. The strange artefacts that agents encounter are technological, so advanced as to conform to our ideas of magic.

Mythos canon

Fan-made artifacts

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  • The SCP wiki: Lots of weird/supernatural items in a loose institutional framework, easily adapted to ICE CAVE- or Green Box-type collections in DG, although few are clearly Lovecraftian.

Real-world items



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