Jack Parsons

From: "Andrew D. Gable"

I once saw an account (I could swear it was in one of Vallee's books, but I can't track it down) which said that Parsons had alien contact in the Mojave.

Also, I was tossing about some ideas about the OTO's (at least Parsons' branch) holding Mount Palomar to be sacred. Isn't it odd, then, that probably the first publicized alien contact (George Adamski, in 1949 (IIRC)) took place on that very mountain?

DG and the Brits fought against the Nazis. While not important now, eventually DG will decide Parsons is too loose a cannon, and five years after the Babalon summoning will arrange for Parsons to "drop" some nitroglycerin in his barn/lab. End of problem.

When I made the connections, I said that Parsons was a member of (or at least researcher for) [[Majestic-12]], more specifically SSG-2 ([[Project REDLIGHT]]). He was offed by Majestic after he flipped out a bit after discovering what the aliens were up to.

From: "Eric Brennan"

I didn't include that as it was going to pop into my game ;) But yes, Parsons definitely claimed an alien encounter.

Mt Palomar has a large camp ground where denizens of the San Diego school system get to go in 6th grade. Palomar has a rich, rich occult folklore, with fairy sightings and a grey-like creature called "the Wierd."

I pondered this, but figured he was offed by DG. DG would be very worried about his occult knowledge falling into Grey hands, and with Parsons being exposed to their tech…

Here's a list of Crowley/Hubbard/Parsons sites:

http://www.ezlink.com/~perry/Co$/Christian/crowley3.htm (Anti-Scientology site, some stuff)

http://www.babalon.net/Mitchell.html (is an except from a magazine article.)

http://www.crossfields.com/~watcher/bluey3.html (Is apparently an Anti-Scientology site, but goes into detail about the ritual. Use of the phrase "blind force" in conjunction with power of Age of Horus which suggests Azathoth, however. Parson's rocketry background which eventually led to our nuclear weapons program being miles ahead of the Russians, and the fact that he died as a result of dropping some nitroglycerin, suggest odd forces at work)

http://www.blather.net/archives2/issue2no26.html (paranormal web magazine with article on Parson's links to the Hellfire Club of his ancestor and Crowley, with lots of links and a previous issue about the \Hellfire Club.

Although inaccurate on a couple points, DG aficionados should have some fun with: http://www.fringeware.com/~hambone/arch/oto.html , as it talks briefly about Crowley's links with MI-6 and his efforts to thwart Nazis, leading to some neat Karotechia seeds if you want `em. Also ties it into David Berkowitz.

http://www.brotherblue.org/libers/babalon.htm is an exhaustive site on the subject.

http://netropic.speakeasy.org/crowley/index.cgi has a ton of Crowley's books online. The neat thing about Crowley as a plot-device is some of his seminal works are as vague as Nostradamus, who did for bullshit what Stonehenge did for rocks.

Also, I wholeheartedly recommend reading Andrew D. Gable's Black Cat of Kilakee post from earlier… The Hellfire Clubs are great places to use in your campaign if you want summonings that misfired centuries ago, links to the Freemasons, and possible hooks that tie into Jack the Ripper and all sorts of meanness. As an aside, the Black Cat's description sounds like Tivaloolo (I have no idea how it's spelled) a popular demon that was summoned quite often in the 18th and 19th century. The ritual wasn't complex…just torture and kill 200 cats.

Also see the Age of Horus scenario.

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