Jessica Watts

What's She Building In There?

- Don't worry. I have a plan to save humanity.
- That's very noble of you.
- When I say "save," I mean as in "I save stamps" or "I save old bottles."

Jessica Watts has made a number of ominous purchases that caught the attention of the Program.

Surveilling Jessica or investigating her personal life reveal a few things. Her lifestyle (society functions, trips with friends), accommodations (nice apartment in the middle of town) and spending habits (nice restaurants, clothing, etc) far outstrip what her job at a local coffee shop could support, but she is not delinquent on any debts, nor does she have any other visible income streams. All of her friends who have known her for long enough will comment that, in the last four months she has become ‘more fun’.

Once a week, Jessica visits a ‘workshop’ in a block of apartments converted to artist’s studios. She is careful about this and anyone trying to tail her will have their work cut out for them. Local law enforcement has already investigated Jessica’s workshop based on its enormous energy consumption, suspecting a marijuana farm. She invited the police inside to look at the ‘sculpture’ she was working on. Innocent of sorcery and super-science alike, they believed her.

Jessica Watts
STR 9, CON 10, DEX 11, INT 19, POW 15, CHA 12
10 HP

Alertness 50, Craft (All) 80, Criminology 60, Disguise 70, Firearms 40, HUMINT 50, Occult 80, Science (All) 80, Sneak 60

Lightning Pistol - looks like a cell phone. D10 damage, CON test or be stunned
Multitool - looks like a makeup compact. Can ‘hack’ electronics

The Yithian possessing Jessica is working on a device to store human souls. When it is activated, anyone who dies within a 457.1 kilometer radius will be ‘backed up’ to the memory crystals inside. If asked why, the Yithian will insist that ‘something very bad is about to happen’ and it wants to ‘save’ as many people as possible.

It gets money for its work, and its hedonistic lifestyle, by ‘hacking’ ATMs and computer systems using its multitool. Tracking it this way is possible for someone with a good Accounting skill, but it is diligent about covering it tracks.

Dispatching the Yithian is not difficult, but unless it is killed instantaneously before it can react, or bound to its current form via science or magic, it will quickly return its mind to the past, shunting the original Jessica into her now dying body. Within a month, the Yithian will swap with another human and start the process over.

The Yithian likes being a human and does not plan on leaving its new body any time soon. This may be the result of a transfer error and consequent mental illness, or it could just prefer a hedonistic lifestyle as a mammal to collecting knowledge across the timestream. Whether the Yithian is genuinely trying to ‘save’ people with its device, or whether its claims are merely a cover for more selfish motives, is up to the Handler. Either way it obviously does not really ‘get’ humans, but is able to approximate our behavior well enough, to its absolute delight. It may be receptive to arguments that it is doing more harm than good.

The function of the device is difficult to discern from examining it. Agents with skill in Occult, Unnatural, and Science or Craft skills related to machines, electricity and physics will get part of the picture.

Possible Complications

The same Yithian’s future self, having learned the error of its ways (possibly at the hands of the Great Race’s psychosurgeons), has returned to this time to force itself to return to the Great Race. The future self is ready for a fight, wielding a lightning rifle rather than a pistol (D12 damage, 10% lethality, CON test or be stunned) and may be accompanied by human agents it has recruited.

The Yithian has decided to preempt the catastrophe. It has built several powerful bombs and placed them in key locations to inflict massive casualties. They appear to be inert junk when examined, relying on hypergeometry to achieve their destructive effect rather than mundane physics.

Jessica is pregnant. The Yithian piloting her body is excited, considering this an essential part of the ‘human experience’. It plans to uplift the mind of the child to create a new member of the Great Race. At the Handler’s discretion, the father may be in a close relationship with Jessica , and may have some inkling as to her true nature.

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