Author’s Note: Research on the Dieppe Raid beyond what’s contained here isn’t necessary, but could be useful. The basic information is that the raid was a total failure. During the eastern landing, near the coastal battery, Allied forces were pinned on the beach and forced to surrender. At the western landing, they’re able to neutralize the battery and damage the radar station, but were unable to reach the airfield. On the main beach, Allied soldiers were unable to actually make it into town, aside from those in the casino. The tanks became trapped on the beach, due to their treads being unsuited for its rockiness, and German barriers blocking their path past the seawall. The Allies are forced to retreat, and the tanks stay behind to cover their escape. Thousands are killed or captured. Germans suffer minimal losses.

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August 17th, 1942; Section-M (M-EPIC) and PISCES have reason to believe a Karotechia laboratory has been built in the coastal French town of Dieppe, and, after persuading British High Command into launching a suicide mission using Canadian soldiers, are sending the Agents in undercover. They are to locate this lab, collect all intel and data they can, and escape using the upcoming naval raid as cover. Only two days remain before the infamous Dieppe Raid takes place, whether or not the Agents are ready.

The Agents meet with their handler in a planning room of an unnamed battleship near Britain. They’re told that some Nazi operation centers may have information on the lab’s location, contact with their handle will be impossible during the mission, they’re to regroup with Canadian forces at the waterfront casino, and if they don’t leave with the incoming soldiers they’ll be trapped behind enemy lines indefinitely. The Agents are sent into the field and arrive at an SOE safe house early on the 17th.

Safe house
This is a bare-bones room located at the Hôtel du Roi along the port canals of the town. While lacking most amenities, the owners are members of the French Resistance and won’t expose the Agents unless heavily pressured by the SS. If the Agents spend time around the hotel, or make enough noise around town, they may run into Karl Gaertner, an Abwehr agent who caught wind of rumours that Allied spies would be staying there. He's willing to help them locate and take down what he assumes is a secret, but mundane, SS facility.

Allow Agents to visit any of these locations, and determine which clues they can find based on where they are and how thorough their investigation is.
Personnel transfer files for a signals facility in the west portion of town. If visited, this building seems to be a post-office.
Similar files for a redacted facility. Each transfer is attached to a death certificate, dated shortly after the transfer.
Schematics showing a maintenance tunnel leading to nowhere from the nearby airfield.
Trucks going into a warehouse with various chemicals, and leaving with coffins. The warehouse itself is empty, and the bodies in the coffins are horribly disfigured. Seeing these bodies cause 0/1d4 SAN loss due to violence.
Documents stating that a high ranking scientist, Ralph Obst, will be staying at the administrative building soon. Obst can give the Agents information and access to the facility, but will need special convincing as he is willing to die to keep his secrets.
Vehicle Depot: contains standard military vehicles.
Airfield: Always has interceptors fueled and ready. Bombers are available but unprepared. Finding the maintenance tunnel requires an architecture, craft(maintenance), or military science(air) check to locate where an airfield may have one, or the schematics.
Administration Offices: Contains various intelligence services and archives. Obst arrives at night. He’s in the lab during the day, and a room here at night.
Warehouse: The interior looks like it’s been abandoned for decades, and is empty most of the time. Watching the trucks when they enter at night or leave in the morning reveals a secret elevator activated from somewhere else. The elevator shaft has a service ladder to the bottom.
Signals Facility: The staff at this post office are actually plainclothe German soldiers, and the basement houses a control room for the warehouse elevator. If questioned the soldiers don’t know anything about the lab other than that the elevator leads somewhere above their pay grades.
Gun Batteries, Barracks and Radar Station: Soldiers are stationed here around the clock, but they may contain intel. Radios here can contact Command, but risk German interception.
The Lab:
The lab is a small facility. The front portion contains a vehicle depot, loading platforms for an experimental high speed train, an armoury, and a security checkpoint designed to cause a cave-in that will block off the rest of the lab as a failsafe.
The back portion contains barracks for scientists and guards, a cafeteria, a dedicated archive, an operating room, and a large room with 12 containment chambers for super soldiers; Only 4 are currently in use.
The maintenance tunnel leads into a secret room hidden behind a bookcase in the scientist barracks. It will also collapse in the failsafe, but staggered from the main collapse to give site staff a chance to escape.
Seeing the super soldiers for the first time will cause 0/1d6 SAN loss due to Unnatural because of their abominable forms. Upon closer examination they seem to have skin closer to that of a fish than a person. Experienced Agents can make connections to Deep Ones.
The operating room has a soldier on the operating table, mangled and barely alive. Seeing this causes 0/1d4 SAN loss due to violence. Nearby there are vials marked with strange runes. Some have a serum in them, some are empty. An occult roll on the runes reveals a relation to Dagon cults.
If the Agents aren’t sneaking near the containment chambers, the super soldiers will become aggravated and escape as the Agents leave. If attacked they escape immediately.
Upon escaping, super soldiers do whatever it takes to complete their mission, including killing Germans for weapons. If the mission is completed, or they have none, they go on a rampage.
The train is here whenever the Agents are present. The contents and where it goes is up to the Handler.
The archives contain medical records and an old Prussian book about Deep Ones. Failing an occult check while studying the book causes 1d20 SAN loss to Unnatural and provides an equal amount of Unnatural skill as the reader’s mind opens to the universe.
If the Agents aren’t careful while snooping, a squad of soldiers starts searching for them. Major recklessness, like kidnapping Obst, results in elite soldiers hunting them.
During the raid, the town is plunged into chaos. Getting to the casino without getting shot at will be near impossible.
Creative players may try stealing planes to escape. If they don’t alert the RAF, British planes will attack. If they do manage to alert the RAF, German planes will attack, but will be easier to evade since the Agents will be in German planes themselves.
If unleashed, the uncontrollable super soldiers will spread across Europe. They leave destruction in their wake, and are hard to track.
History buffs might know how the raid turns out and try to stop it. This is impossible.
If the lab is entered before the raid begins, the Karotechia will unleash the supersoldiers themselves with the one goal of killing the Agents.
The beach is extremely rocky, restricting movement. If driving on it, a Drive roll must be made each turn at -30%, or else the vehicle becomes entrapped. Movement rolls such as Dodge or Athletics are at -15%.
Tanks landing on the beach are loaded with AP rounds, to avoid blowing up the Agents. Tanks are also unable to make it past the seawall, so reaching the town itself is impossible for them.

If the Agents don’t make it to the rendezvous, they're assumed dead afterwards. The raid still proceeds as planned.
If they make it, Operational Command sends another division to extract them. They get slaughtered before the Agents' eyes as they land, causing 1/1d4 SAN loss from violence.
If the Agents take a plane out, they will not be assumed dead, but faulty radios will prevent a retreat order from reaching the soldiers on the beach in time to prevent casualties.
If Agents are trapped in the lab after the failsafe is triggered, they lose 1d10/2d20 SAN due to helplessness, and each escaping Agent loses 1d4/1d8 SAN due to helplessness.
Killing a super soldier provides 1d4 SAN if confirmed.
Activating the failsafe to destroy the lab provides 1d8 SAN.
Personally destroying the archives or serum provides 1d6 SAN each.

See the Generic NPCs table on page 354 of the Delta Green Handler’s Guide for attributes/skills; See pages 96-99 of the Delta Green Agent’s Handbook for gear, but adjust for the setting. For example; most rifles in this period are incapable of automatic fire, though automatic guns such as the Bren or BAR could be close enough in game terms to be considered a heavy rifle, and electronic equipment is less reliable. For all characters, whether NPC or Agent, it is recommended to transfer computer science skill points into SIGINT or similar skills in most cases, as well as moving all piloting skills into planes. Further, it is a good idea to have Agents with German and French skills.

Karl Gaertner: Ordinary Federal Agent; SMG, Medium Pistol, Knife
Ralph Obst: Expert Scientist(Biologist) with Occult(40) and Unnatural(15); Light Pistol
German Soldiers: Novice OR Ordinary Soldier; Light Rifle, Hand Grenade x2, Kevlar Helmet
Elite Soldiers: Expert Special Operator, Groups of 3; Heavy Rifle OR SMG OR Military Flamethrower, Heavy Pistol, Hand Grenade x3, Kevlar Helmet, Reinforced Kevlar Helmet
Super Soldier:
STR 20 CON 19 DEX 10 INT 3 POW 15 HP 20 WP 15
Armour: 2 points due to Unnatural genetics.
Skills: Firearms(65), Heavy Weapons(65), Melee Weapons(70), Unarmed Combat(65), Search(10), Alertness(30)
Punch/Kick: 1d6 damage
Head Bashing: 10% lethality, Once every 6 rounds
Regeneration: If damage taken would reduce HP to a value greater than or equal to -1, the Super Soldier will be back at full strength in 1d6 hours.
Player Characters: Simply reflavour an already existing profession to one that fits the setting, such as changing the FBI to the RCMP or the CIA to the SOE. Make sure to modify equipment and weapon stats to reflect the time period. While Canadian and British characters will be easiest to work into the operation, and general commonwealth characters are almost as simple, Players shouldn’t be restricted in their choice of nation so long as they have a reason to be present in their backstory. This is a world war after all.


This was an entry to the 2020 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Mack Schmaltz

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