The Karotechia was a secret organization in Nazi Germany dedicated to the research and use of Mythos forces for the Third Reich. The name as used in Delta Green is an unintentional corruption of Hexenkartothek, a real-world SS project to investigate and catalog witch hunts by order of Heinrich Himmler.


Growing out of the Ahnenerbe-SS, the Thule Gesellschaft and the general Nazi interest in the occult, the Karotechia were active throughout World War II, and were often opposed by Delta Green, PISCES and GRU SV-8 in a secret war that decided the fate of Europe.

After the war, 37 members of the Karotechia escaped to the Middle East and South America with other Nazi fugitives. For decades they remained on the run, hiding and growing old in foreign lands. At least 17 were killed by Delta Green and Mossad, or other Nazi-hunters.

That changed in 1975, when "Dr." Olaf Bitterich recruited two other Karotechia survivors, Reinhard Galt and Gunter Frank, to become the core of the new Fourth Reich, which was headquartered at La Estancia. Bitterich was inspired by Nyarlathotep, who appeared before him in the form of Hitler, claiming to have ascended to Godhood. Bitterich chronicled the revelations of Hitler in a book entitled Mein Triumph. The Karotechia is particularly interested in re-obtaining a copy of the Gothic Necronomicon, which they believe will let them duplicate Hitler's Ascension.

Since that time, the Karotechia network has been spreading its dark tentacles through the hate-filled corners of the world, preaching an Undying Reich. They have support and contact with a spectrum of right-wing groups, especially those with fascist sympathies. They refer to these groups as Bauern (Pawns).

The general DGML consensus is that the core of the Karotechia has been uncovered and destroyed by Delta Green at some point, possibly following the Amalgamated Bio-Carb disaster (a.k.a. "Zombies ate my bio-tech startup") or the Fate's campaign of manipulation known as Emerald Hammer. Survivors may have retreated to Guinea Bissau.

Karotechia Timeline

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The Man in Black
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 22:51:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: DG: EH : Karotechia Timeline First Draft

1911 Reinhard Galt Born
1919 Hitler befriends Theodor Eckhart of the Thulegesellschaft
1923 Eckart dies, saying "It is Hitler who will dance, but I will call the tune."
1929 astro-archaeologist and nationalist Wilhelm Teudt, publishes "Germanische Heiligtumer" (German Sanctuaries, 1929), claiming (among other things) that astronomy is a German invention DM
1933 Ahnererbe begins performing "occult" research
circa 1934 Teudt appointed by Himmler as head of a SS programme "for developing the Extersteine sanctuary as a monument to the native genius and a centre for racial regeneration".DM
1935 Himmler creates Sonderkommando H (H for hexen, or witches)
1936 Karotechia (or pre-Karotechia) recruits "Dr." Olaf Bitterich
1939 Karotechia officially formed. Schwabenland expedition launched, leading to Aktion Eisschloss. Wehrmacht conducts world's first Blitzkrieg in Poland.
early 1940 Teudt effectively loses control over the Extersteine excavation complex and program, now under SS Ahnenerbe direct orders.DM
25 JUNE 1940 Fall of France, Marshall Henri Petain sets up the collaborationist government at Vichy.
JULY-OCT 1940 Battle of Britain, Luftwaffe fails to destroy the RAF. Germany effectively abandons plans to invade the United Kingdom.
1941 Karotechia conducts first Mass Sacrifice of Jews and Gypsies to the Deep Ones of Ahu-Y'hloa
6 FEB 1941 Rommel assumes command of the Deutsches Afrika Korps. By May, British Army has lost all gains made against the Italian Army.
24 MAY 1941 Bismarck blows up the Hood, and is sunk herself by Biplanes from the Arc Royal three nerve-wracking days later.
22 JUNE 1941 Operation Barbarossa, Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. This is the largest land operation in history, involving over three million troops along a 1,800 mile front.
15 SEPT 1941 Siege of Leningrad. The "ice-road" of Lake Ladoga offers the only route of resupply. By the time the siege is broken in 1944, 500,000 citizens of Leningrad have starved to death.
10 OCT 1941 Soviet General Georgi Zhukov assumes command of Moscow's defenses. 250,000 Russians, mostly women, mobilized to dig defensive trenches around the communist capital.
20 NOV 1941 Rostov, gateway to the oil fields of the Caucasus, captured by German Army Groups "A" under von Kleist and "DON" under von Manstein.
1942 (exact date unknown) Goering-sponsored mission to Rugen Island (Baltic Sea) to test the Neupert theory of the Hollow Earth. Heinz Fischer, infrared and microwave expert, leads the team. After five days, the mission is cancelled.
Neupert will die in a concentration camp.DM
12 FEB 1942 Lt. Cmdr Martin Cook forms Delta Green, using evidence of Karotechia activities to support his point.
1942 Alexis Ladeau disinterred by Bitterich. Von Junzt's second untitled manuscript found in his grave. Bitterich soon contacts Nyarlathotep who appears as Friedrich the Great and, over time, as sundry other mythic German figures.
30 MAY 1942 One Thousand Bombers destroy over one-third of Cologne. This is the first of many "thousand bomber" raids.
19 AUG 1942 - 2 FEB 1943 Battle of Stalingrad. A starving and ruined German Sixth Army surrenders against Hitler's orders. After the war the city expands and rebuilds over the unmarked graves of German and Russian soldiers.
23 OCT 1942 El Alamein lost by Rommel, who begins to retreat across North Africa. By May 1943, the Axis is no longer present on the African Continent.
DEC 1942 Deep One mass sacrifices halted by Delta Green commandos and French Partisans. Several important Deep Ones slain.
5 JULY 1943 Operation Citadel, largest tank battle in history, fought at Kursk. This is the Third Reich's last major offensive on the eastern front.
8 SEPT 1943 Italy Capitulates. Italian Forces not under German control re-enter the war on the allied side. Over the next few months, Allied forces under Montgomery and Clark make a slow bloody crawl across the Italian peninsula.
Spring 1944 Gothic Necronomicon discovered by Karotechia.
6 JUNE - 13 AUG 1944 Operation Overlord, D-Day invasion of Normandy Beach.
16 DEC 1944 - 16 JAN 1945 Battle of the Bulge, largest land combat fought by US troops.
Winter 1944 Karotechia Necromancers use "Resuscitated Casualties" on the eastern front, to no avail.
13-15 FEB 1945 Dresden firestorm caused by unrelenting allied bombardment. "Who knows the number?" is the question posed by the inscription on the mass grave. Some 60,000 civilians incinerated during three days of constant explosions rest under the lingering query.
April 25 1945 Cosmic Ice ritual: thousands die in the Berlin underground as the Landwher channel is dynamited upon Hitler's orders; the tragedy is centered in the Anhalter Banhof area, where 35.000 berliners (over 70.000 according to other sources) drown in the tunnels. The ritual should bring frth a new ice age and cause the end of Umanity. It clearly does not work.DM
8 MAY 1945 Berlin surrenders to Soviet Marshall Zhukov after Hitler's suicide. V-E Day is proclaimed by the allies.
JUN - SEPT 1945 Operation Lunacy destroys WEREWOLF organization. Naudabaum Castle destroyed during Aktion Gotterdammerung by what appears to be a botched (or successful) summoning of AZATHOTH.
1945 Reinhard Galt sacrifices his men to the Anziques and joins the cannibal tribe in their endless feasting.
1946 Dr. Gunter Frank purchases La Estancia in exchange for several paintings looted from private collections in Krakow and Paris.

The 164 known Karotechia members and their fates

  • Note that many Karotechia in "Denied to the Enemy" have lowly NCO ranks; this is almost certainly an erroneous substitution of "schar" for "sturm" by the author.
Group Known Individuals Specific details Reference
19 were killed by Allied agents, including: notably in: Operation SUMMER BREEZE; raid on BLACK WATER; raid on Hauh Fteah p100-101, Delta Green; Eyes Only
1 SS Hauptscharfuhrer* Karl Bruning Historian & Cryptanalyst; Killed by Germans while trying to defect to the allies during raid on BLACK WATER, 12/8/1942 (unless he comes under "executed for disloyalty") Denied to the Enemy
1 SS Oberscharfuhrer* Herman Weber archaeologist/anthropologist; translated Cthaat Aquadingen;In charge of BLACK WATER; Killed during raid on BLACK WATER, 12/8/1942 Denied to the Enemy
1 SS Scharfuhrer* Egon Schwelm Sonderkommando-H; Disinterred and reanimated Jurgen Tess; Killed during raid on BLACK WATER, 12/8/1942 Denied to the Enemy
1 SS Scharfuhrer* Otho Lutzen Sonderkommando-H; Disinterred and reanimated Jurgen Tess; Killed during raid on BLACK WATER, 12/8/1942 Denied to the Enemy
1 SS Dr Max Soldin Polynesian ethnology specialist; Killed during raid on BLACK WATER, 12/8/1942 Denied to the Enemy
6 died of natural causes p100-101, Delta Green
3 were killed during Allied Bombing campaigns p100-101, Delta Green
4 were executed for disloyalty possibly including 3 PISCES agents p100-101, Delta Green; Countdown
15 were killed during flubbed ritual summonings 7 of these during the Naudabaum incident p100-101, Delta Green
1 was captured by the Soviet NKVD Dr Edwin Peis Karo-techno-necro-mancer; subsequently killed by Delta Green Operation SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS in 1953 p100-101, Delta Green; Countdown
9 committed suicide, including: p100-101, Delta Green
1 Erich Strohm After reading Unausprechlichen Kulten Denied to the Enemy
1 SS Dr Franz Mors mathematician; suicide at BLACK WATER, 4/19/1941 Denied to the Enemy
11 went irretrievably insane (and then what?) 3 of whom were pre-germanic Language specialists translating the Gothic Necronomicon p100-101, Delta Green
22 were assigned to Aktion Eisschloss, of which: p100-101, Delta Green
1 SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Ohlendorf mountaineer, engineer, amateur archaeologist; died in plane crash, 6/15/1945 An Item of Mutual Interest
1 Lt Schaeffer (possibly not Karotechia) died in plane crash, 6/15/1945 An Item of Mutual Interest
1 Dr Walter Kluge project leader; executed by Ohlendorf, late 1942 An Item of Mutual Interest
1 "Hoss" translator; possessed copy of G'Harne Fragments; executed by Ohlendorf, 5/14/1945 An Item of Mutual Interest
1 "Stahlecker" physicist?; killed by prisoner revolt, 6/15/1945 An Item of Mutual Interest
17 or 18 were eaten by an enraged shoggoth 6/15/1945 An Item of Mutual Interest
2 vanished without trace, including(?): p100-101, Delta Green
1 Dieter Scheel Project Ewig; became Robert Hubert Eyes Only
35 were killed by Operation LUNACY, including: p100-101, Delta Green
1 SS Sturmscharfuhrer* Schanburg in charge of Tillinghast Resonator; executed by DG Colonel Stillman, early 1945 Night and Water
1 Eisenbein fate uncertain, possibly Paperclipped Night and Water
37 joined ODESSA, of which: p100-101, Delta Green
2 were killed in 1948 by SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY 1 in Montevideo, Uraguay; 1 in Chaco, Paraguay p100-101, Delta Green
7 were killed in 1949 by SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY p100-101, Delta Green
3 were killed in 1952 by SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY while attempting to find the Tablets of Destiny in Antarctica with Argentine assistance p100-101, Delta Green
5 were killed by Mossad between 1949 and 1956 p100-101, Delta Green
3 survived at least until 1994 'Dr' Olaf Bitterich; Dr Gunter Frank; Reinhard Galt Modern Karotechia p100-101, Delta Green
17 unaccounted for, presumed dead from mishaps, old age and disease p100-101, Delta Green
Not enough information to assign to a group:
1 fate unknown name unknown "the courier from Offenburg" Denied to the Enemy
1 fate unknown Standartenfuhrer Eduard Kitt probably killed in Naudabaum Incident Denied to the Enemy
1 fate unknown Standartenfuhrer Stephan Andries (S.A.?!) head of Thule investigation; "the man who located the Von Juntz" Denied to the Enemy
1 fate unknown SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Dr August Hirt specialised in concentration camp gassing technology Denied to the Enemy
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