Keep Bumping Into Walls

The Objective

Two teams were dispatched to a green box; both have disappeared, clearly there is an unknown vector present. The team will be dispatched to remove the markings identifying the storage unit as a Green Box using spray paint, They will be asked to conduct a preliminary search of the area, then they need to remove as much equipment as possible from the Green Box, finally they will then have to find a way to destroy the storage building. The Green Box is an old storage unit, located in an underused storage centre. The total size of the storage unit 10 meters by 6 meters.

The agents dispatched to this operation will be considered expendable.

The Secret

Many teams have visited this Green Box, they have all gone missing, far more than the two teams outlined in the briefing. The first victim that has gone missing in this Green Box was actually Eric Dain, he was looking to settle a personal score against a tribe of ghouls that had embedded themselves in an organized crime family. Eric had discovered the Green Box on a previous operation and returned to raid it for his personal vendetta against the group of ghouls. The problem is that when haphazardly exploring the Green Box he opened a container that was marked “Dangerous DO NOT OPEN” assuming that it was some sort of explosive weapon that he could utilize in the one-man war he was about to conduct against the ghouls. What he opened was a trans-dimensional sentient object that has the only goal of escaping the Green Box, it can manipulate space-time around itself unless locked away in an ironized box, like the box that it was originally locked away in. An agent with a 20 per cent unnatural can determine that there is a warding spell that is outside of the storage unit to prevent the object from leaving the storage unit. Eric opened this box and now this sentient object is attempting to convince Eric to leave the Green Box with the object in his possession by creating a new reality in which his nightmares come to life, the problem is that the object is not knowledgeable of the difference between human consciousness and the consciousness of the house cat that has also entered the Green Box. A stray cat has found its way through the ventilation system into the Green Box and has been living there for months now, ever since it’s owner purchased a robot vacuum the cat has been exiled from her original home. Unaware of the differences between cat and human intelligence (let’s be honest is there a difference?) it has created a pocket dimension that would be considered a “hell” for both of them. For Eric the anxieties of high school mixed with his hatred and fear of ghouls has combined to create a landscape similar to his old highschool haunted by ghouls. For Ginger the cat, her fear of a roaming, massive robot vacuum has been haunting her nightmares. A pocket universe has been created with the combined fears of Eric and Ginger in which a school is haunted by ghouls and a massive robot vacuum. Ginger has survived for years on the leftovers of dead ghouls. Eric died years ago to the ghouls that his nightmare has manifested. Ghouls are one thing… but agents need to deal with Ginger's nightmare now…

The object will present itself as a crying baby, a bag of cash or an illegal drug to convince anyone to remove it from the Green Box. The magic on the Green Box will make the object very heavy and it will start to burn the closer the agents get to the exit and once it crosses the threshold it will destroy the pocket universe as well as anyone/thing left inside of it.


When first entering the Green Box the PC will not notice anything unusual, if they roll a critical success on Alertness they may notice a box in the corner marked with red lettering that is partly opened. Once the majority of the party enters the Green Box they will be teleported to the pocket dimension. If there is a character that is outside of the Green Box when the teleportation is done they will see their teammates in the same position, but they will silently waving towards them to look at whatever object they were examining just before teleportation.

The pocket dimension is really just an unending school hallway with doors that agents can enter. The hallway will go on forever. If the agents are exploring the hallway for too long encourage them to explore the multiple doors by bringing in the massive robot vacuum. Seeking shelter in a room may be the only way to avoid the robot vacuum.


The scenario has several endings, if the object is able to convince the agent to leave the Green Box with it in their possession, the agent survives and the object simply disappears and the world becomes a much more dangerous place. If the agent closes the lid on the ironized box in which the object is already located inside of, the pocket universe disappears and the agent is returned to the storage unit. Keep in mind that the object will try and present itself as something valuable to the agent in an attempt to be removed from the box and ultimately outside of the storage unit. After opening two different doors the agent will roll a luck roll to open a room in which the object is located. Once the object is picked up the agent will roll an alertness roll to suddenly see the exit from the school.

The Enemies

Eric has killed several Ghouls; therefore the nightmare pulled from his head is defeatable. The ghouls that haunt this pocket dimension are very similar to the ones that exist in the real world. One key point to keep in mind is that these ghouls are likely starved and weakened by their lack of food sources, they have likely begun to hunt each other. Ginger, however has never conquered a robot vacuum, the creature seems to be an indomitable, which is reflected in the pocket dimension, the vacuum is the top predator.

Endless Rooms

While exploring this abandoned high school there should be signs of death of both humans and ghouls. There should be trails of blood that seem to drag down massive hallways. There should also be signs of death at the hands of ghouls; however more importantly there should be strange evidence of death by robot vacuum. Here are a few examples of what some of the rooms may contain:

(Roll a D10)

  1. A closet full of cat hair, any amount of exploration would reveal two bodies that suffocated to death due to the amount of cat hair inhaled. (Medicine check would reveal cat hair in their lungs) (San check for violence)
  2. A classroom in which the agents are aggressively attacked by a large woman yelling “You're late again!” The appearance of the woman would be that of a strict teacher with the sharp teeth of a ghoul. (San check for helplessness)
  3. A room that is perfectly clean and instantly summons the massive robot vacuum down the hallway.
  4. A room that smells of cat urine, all surfaces are wet and cat feces are hidden in random places “… you open up the desk to find cat shit.”
  5. A room where a corpse is holding onto the ceiling frames of the building with the lower half removed by suction. (San check for violence)
  6. A room where the corners have massive amounts of dust in them. You may see an orange cat flee outside the door when it is opened.
  7. A door to what looks like a school locker-room with two Ghouls in football jackets.
  8. A classroom in which you see an audience of students waiting for you to present an assignment that you forgot about. (San check for helplessness)
  9. A door where the agents will see unending cold darkness, in which no light can penetrate.
  10. A door with a ghoul cannibalizing another ghoul.

Stats for Robot Vacuum:

The Robot vacuum isn’t meant to be defeated with violence, rather conflict with the vacuum should be avoided. Below is a modified version of the Spectral Polyp which can be used for the massive shape-changing robot vacuum. Fleeing into the random rooms agents find is the best way to survive an encounter with the robot vacuum.

STR 75 CON 100 DEX 12 INT 22 POW 20
HP 88 WP 20

ATTACKS: Suction 50%, Lethality 10%, Armor Piercing 5

Wind control 30%, damage
2D10 (see WIND CONTROL).

Vacuum burst 25%, Lethality 15%

attacks bypass all defenses and
inflict double their maximum possible
damage on the polyp; no damage roll
is required.


This was an entry to the 2020 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Andrew Austin

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