Kurotokage scenarios
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Kazuo, so close to the center of the web, would have to see these preparations being made. He realizes that the conspiracy-inside-a-conspiracy that is the Taira-loyal Kurotokage won't be enough to face an Amaterasu-possessed Empress in an age of nuclear weapons. He decides that it is time to look for allies.

He has reports, rumors and a scattering of information that leads him to believe that there is a secret American organization working against the Mythos. There are reports, primarily from the days of the Occupation, that detail American Army and intelligence personnel investigating and attacking the Mythos in all its forms. No direct, formal contact was made, but there have been rumors that this shadowy American group still exists in the present day. Kazuo might think that only the might of the US government would be enough to stop the worst-case Amarterasu scenario. He doesn't have to know the truth.

So he hears about the planned mission to kill the two Japanese residents going to the US for genetic testing. He knows about their ancestry, so he knows what it's all about. He decides to let them out of Japan, and that the assassination should occur on US soil after some genetic tests have been run. He knows this should be a red flag for any American anti-Mythos group. He expects them to inquire, and perhaps investigate, and he will be able to get a man to contact them.

That's where Deep Throat comes in. He's Kazuo's contact with the agents when they come to Japan. I don't know how to arrange that part yet, but the pieces are there. Deep Throat guides them to Mibe Town, and when that's over, he feeds them other missions. The places that he has them hit are of some importance to the pro-Amaterasu group, but nothing that would bring summary execution of the characters. In the end, Kazuo will arrange for Deep Throat to be betrayed, and bring the characters into an alliance with Kurotokage. He will not reveal the secret of the Taira at this point. That would be for later, Kurotokage-centric campaigns.

We need to take into account that the Household Agency might issue an official proclamation that no woman will ever sit on the throne. (The Prime Minister has hinted that he favors changing the Constitution to allow a woman to take the throne, but in these parts, you can go out of the room to use the multifunction toilet and come back to find out there's been three changes of government while you were gone.) Not a major problem—just mention in the flavor text that Kazuo "cannot take that risk; even if the Household Agency were to explicitly prohibit a female Empress, even if Princess Masako were to give birth to a boy, the consequences of failure are too great."

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