Kurotokage sourcebook
edogawa.jpg This article was created with material from the abandoned Kurotokage sourcebook project. That material is in the public domain since 2003. The unfinished original content is archived.

The Kurotokage sourcebook was a project by several Delta Green fans to write and publish a physical book about the Kurotokage. The project lead and webmaster, Edward Lipsett, announced that the material was becoming public domain in 2003 (cf. Kurotokage copyright), relinquishing the original copyright over a failed commission from a published author.

The Kurotokage website no longer exists. The most recent snapshot of its front page on archive.org dates from December 2006. A Fairfield Project team rescued the material from the Wayback Machine to this site in 2012.

In the process of importing the material, a decision was made by Oliver Graf and Viktor Eikman to maintain an archive of unmodified texts in the archive category of the wiki, as well as a set of living documents here in the default category. The archive equivalent to this page resides here (notice the link is to archive:kurotokage-index).

The material planned for the sourcebook remains in the public domain, and is still somewhat fragmentary. When you find that information is missing, please consider contributing to this and other living documents. The goal is to complete the work here.


This is based on the side bar of the original website. Many of the sections were never begun. A lot of the links are to headline anchors within pages.

Overview to keep track of what's going on

General information on Japan

  • Modern Japanese society in brief
  • Being a gaijin in modern Japan
  • Japanese names
  • Transportation in Japan
  • Prices in Japan
  • Law enforcement
  • The American military presence in Japan
  • Crime, yakuza, availability of guns etc in Japan
  • Brief outline of religion in Japan (Shinto, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam)
  • Note on romanization of Japanese and name conventions (PDF file)

Japanese history and timeline (real and Mythos)

The Tainin Hodo, a religious sect

Kuromaku and Japan Inc.

Creatures and Gods


Scenario arc

  1. Mibe Town and the Deep Ones
  2. Okinawa and Zoth-Ommog
  3. The Bookstore in Tokyo
  4. Hidachi and the Death of Deep Throat
  5. Meeting Kazuo and The Taira



Maps of Japan

Sidebars and modules

Related fiction

Japan Links

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