Lam are creatures in the Tuchulcha mythos, created by Andrew D. Gable.

Summary of the mythos

The Lam-beings, hailing originally from the planet Xaath-tlii, were residents of the earth for over 100 million years during the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, and co-existed with the heyday of the civilization of the mi-go. The Lam-beings' initial civilization, in present-day Antarctica, was destroyed in a war with the elder things . The Second City, as it is called, arose in what would become Russia, and it was about this time that they entered into alliance with the mi-go, with whom they shared a common enemy in the elder things.

The leaders of the Lam-being civilization met in their capital city, Chkra'asii, to discuss their eventual plans of conquest. They planned to eliminate all competition for this fertile planet, first and foremost the Cthulhu-spawn of R'lyeh. Although some Lam-being leaders were of the opinion that the Cthulhu-spawn, although they lay dormant, must be destroyed, the majority favored a joint effort with the mi-go. And so it was that The Prophecy was set into motion. The aliens and the mi-go joined forces to war with other races, and these wars fared well for nearly 80 million years .

The Lam-beings were a highly magical race which experimented with the creation of gates to other worlds. The collision of the Indian subcontinent and Asia destroyed the Second City. A magical cataclysm erupted, and the majority of the Lam-beings were catapulted through gates of their own creation into an inescapable abyss which they called Da'ath. This imprisonment in Da'ath left the Lam-beings helpless to implement The Prophecy. Once more, the leaders met, and it was decided that the course of The Prophecy must be altered somewhat.

By this time, a new race had emerged as triumphant on the planet—the human race. The Lam-beings saw humans as a threat to their control of the planet and thus as a race which would one day need to be eliminated, but a useful threat nonetheless. The Lam-beings were to continue their alliance with the mi-go. Thankfully, wizards among the Lam-beings remembered ways to contact their old allies. The mi-go were contacted, eventually, and began to aid the Lam-beings in their plans, laboring under the lie that the Lam-beings and the Fungi would divvy up the planet among themselves after the destruction of mankind. In fact, the mi-go are working as l ittle more than proxies for the Lam, and they plan to annihilate the Fungi once they regain control of the planet.

Of course, human beings eventually became aware of Lam. One of the first groups to gain awareness were the Pazyrskoye nomads of Krasnoyarsk (Russia). Nikolai Tarkonov, a Russian explorer and folklorist, launched an expedition to the Podkammenaya Tunguska River region of central Siberia. More specifically, Tarkonov was interested in a nomadic tribe called the Pazyrskoye, a subdivision of the Evenks. On June 29, 1832, Tarkonov's expedition left Moscow, and returned in February of 1834.

Soon after his return, Tarkonov filed no report on the expedition, but went to his home in Kiev, where he began to work feverishly on a never-published book about his experiences. The Pazyrskoye evidently had not only avoided contact with modern man, but had a religious system totally alien to Tarkonov. They worshipped "a god from the stars" who they refused to name except to call him "The Tormentor." The nomads taught the explorer their ways and rituals. Tarkonov learned of another nameless element of Pazyrskoye religion, a race of spirit-beings who aided the god. Unaccustomed to nameless deities, Tarkonov invented a name for both the god and the race: the deity he called "Tuchulcha," after the Medieval torturer-demon, and the goggle-eyed, dwarfish race he called "Kostchtchie," after a bogey-man of his childhood.

In 1847, a young German named Josef Graubenstein fled to Kiev in an effort to escape arrest in his homeland. Here he encountered Tarkonov, and read his unfinished manuscript. Soon, the German and the Russian were both followers of the Pazyrskoye's religion, and the worship of Tuchulcha was born. Since this time, Tarkonov has dropped from view.

Going back to Germany in 1855, Graubenstein was caught up in the post-revolutionary chaos sweeping that land. In 1857, he conspired with several others to assassinate the burgermeister of Magdeburg. The attempt failed, but Graubenstein and two other men were arrested and sentenced to death.

While awaiting execution, Graubenstein penned the beginnings of what was to become one of the main texts of the modern cult, Die Sternengötter. In September of 1857, a prisoner came to Graubenstein proposing an escape plan. The other prisoner was caught and executed, but Graubenstein escaped and fled to England, changing his name to John Grennar to avoid detection by German authorities. In England, Graubenstein worked diligently on the spreading of cult beliefs, and became adept at insinuating cult rituals into occult groups, while allowing them to keep a semblance of individuality. Thus, Victorian-era England was literally overrun with groups which were more-or-less Tuchulcha Cult subsidiaries.

The most famous subsidiary group was the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The group was nominally controlled by a cryptic individual known as Sapiens Dominabitur Astris. This individual was actually Anna Sprengel, a young German woman initiated into the cult in 1856. The cult writings that S.D.A. provided were actually Tuchulcha Cult tenets, with encouraged embellishments which made the group seem independent of the cult.


The business of the cult during the late 1800s and early 1900s was fairly mundane, but was about to get interesting. In 1918, the (in)famous British occultist Aleister Crowley was living in New York. An acquaintance of Graubenstein's since his Golden Dawn days, Crowley continued this relationship and was engaged in penning pro-German propaganda. He was still involved with his magical pursuits, though, and in that year contacted a being he called "Lam" (see Crowley's sketch, left).

Crowley quickly got word to Graubenstein, who by this time had returned to Germany, dropped the Anglicized moniker, and proclaimed himself to be the great-great-grandson of the original Graubenstein. He quickly became a shining star on the German occult scene, and was very much involved in the pre-Nazi research into the Aryan "master race." He also knew that Crowley's "Lam" was a representative of the race still called Kostchtchie, and that this meant Tuchulcha's day was coming. The second wave of cult activity was initiated.

In 1924, Graubenstein became a member of the Thule Society (Thulegesellschaft), a German occultist group that had similar beliefs to those endorsed by occultist Guido von List in the nineteenth century. The Thule Society were nothing more than pre-Nazis, who were involved in research into the master race.

Graubenstein formed his own branch of the group, the Star Society (Sterngesellschaft). The Star Society proclaimed that there was an Aryan master race, but that they only became a master race because of the intervention of an outside party, a race of "supermen." The Star Society became surprisingly popular among certain of the occult elite.

When Adolph Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in the early 1930s, Graubenstein's extensive occult knowledge was quickly recognized and he quickly rose to a high rank in the Nazi Party. He later went into the SS (Schutzstaffel) Karotechia when that organization was formed, as did nearly all of the Star Society members.

In 1941, a special detatchment of the SD (Sicherheitsdienst), under Stefan Reichardt, retrieved some wreckage, presumably of an aircraft in the Black Forest. The wreckage was quickly determined to be non-German, however. A headquarters for research was constructed and Hitler informed. The SS was quickly dispatched to the area, and after the wreckage was further determined to be non-terrestrial, the SS Karotechia called in. The Karotechia classified the project KUGELBLITZ.

The director of KUGELBLITZ was Dietrich Grohl, a veteran of several battles in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Graubenstein quickly identified the sigils on the sides of the craft as being associated with Tuchulcha, and wasted no time in recruiting Reichardt to the cause. The research KUGELBLITZ conducted led to the creation of the "foo fighters," balls of flying light which later be called UFOs that were seen by many WWII pilots.

In 1945 Rodgers, brought to the U.S. in Delta Green's Operation SUMMER BREEZE, contacted Lam once more. Lam needed to be gated through before Tuchulcha, and Aleister Crowley contacted Graubenstein, also living in America, and recommended that John Parsons be sent in on the job. Parsons was one of Crowley's recruits. Over several days in 1946, Parsons conducted the Babalon Working, which was essentially a disguised summoning of Lam. Lam told Parsons that one further condition had to be met before he was summonedand this was a sacrifice to be conducted in a specified manner exactly one year from the date on which he spoke. That date was Jan. 15, 1946 and on the one-year anniversary, the sacrificethe Black Dahlia murder—occurred.

After the murder, the entitywho proved not to be a single creature but severalwas summoned. The Lam-entities were to be given their day on the planet50 yearsbefore Tuchulcha could be summoned. Even then, they said, he could only be summoned by The Son of the Blade. In June of 1947, the UFO age officially began. Soon, the Roswell Incident occurred, and Majestic-12 was formed. John Parsons was privy to early SSG2 research thanks to his Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) employee status. Graubenstein and Reichardt, as well as several other PAPERCLIP scientists, were brought in to work on research.

The two Tuchulcha cultists identified the wreckage as almost identical to that found under KUGELBLITZ, and, in an interview conducted at Wright-Patterson, Graubenstein, Reichardt, and Parsons spilled their guts to the U.S. government. Following this, John Parsons had an epiphany of sorts—he became acutely terrified of the Greys and anything associated with them, and escaped Wright-Patterson, fleeing eventually back to his home in California. Paradoxically, Parsons continued his "normal" JPL research. Eventually, Majestic-12 tried strong-arm tactics, attempting to blackmail Parsons by saying they would make it seem as though he were guilty of the murder of Dr. Malbayam in 1949. When Parsons replied he would expose Majestic-12's involvement with an occult power, they decided they had had enough. In 1952, they arranged for Parsons to be killed in an "accidental" rocket explosion.

In the past 46 years, the Greys have increased their activities on earth, presumably in preparation for the summoning of Tuchulcha prophesized to take place at Mt. Palomar, California. Graubenstein and Reichardt have both dropped off the occult scene, passing the reins of the cult to younger hands.

However, members of the U.S. government's Delta Green organization had also been in contact with the mi-go and even the Lam themselves for over fifty years, although the government's anti-supernatural unit could not distinguish the two. In early 1998, however, Delta Green gained possession of a number of documents describing KUGELBLITZ and, eventually, agents of that organization came into contact with the Order of the Tormentor.

They discovered that Josef Graubenstein had been murdered by Dr. Justin Garfield of Philadelphia, who in turn was killed by a rogue FBI agent, Nathan Flynn. Flynn disappeared shortly after, however, and the agents refused to commenteven to their superiorson the circumstances of his disappearance. The identities of the agents involved in this investigation remain c lassified: they are known only as Ernesto, Elizabeth, and Edward.

What is known, however, is that in late 1999, Assistant Director Geoffrey Pressler (FBI), believed to be the agents' immediate superior, was dismissed, possibly through the influence of Majestic-12. Following Pressler's "behind the scenes" help during Operation BRICK HOUSE in Russia, he was assassinated, presumably by the same organization. Afterwards, the agents, who had learned what lay behind the Order of the Tormentor, were relocated to Los Angeles.

Most of their Californian activities are unknown. On August 26, 2000, said agents were at Mt. Palomar, California, when a storm of unparalleled ferocity broke out. Afterwards, the bodies of 16 high-ranking members of the Order, including several foreigners, were discovered. The observatory had been totally demolished.

It is believed that the summoning of Tuchulcha was attempted and had drastic repercussions for the Order, although it is not clear exactly what transpired.

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