Last Things Last

By Bret Kramer


Old Delta Green agents do not fade away; they die just like everyone else. One such worthy was former Delta Green agent Clyde Baughman. Less than twenty-four hours ago the 74-year-old died. A-cell wants to be sure that he's left no evidence of the conspiracy behind.

Keeper's Information

Clyde Baughman was an active Delta Green operative from 1958 to 1969, and an infrequent "friendly" for the remainder of his life. Four days ago he died in his apartment after a massive heart attack. The conspiracy has tasked the nearest available cell to conduct a sweep of his apartment to remove any incriminating evidence. While there is little to find in it, there is something troubling elsewhere. At his cabin, Baughman has trapped the undead remains of his wife Marlene. After her death in 1985, he attempted to use certain incantations discovered during his career to restore her to life. Tragically this spell failed to return her in a condition he
recognized, instead creating a deathless monster. Baughman told no one. Instead he imprisoned the creature but was unable to kill her/it.

Involving the Cell

Needing to move quickly, A-Cell taps the investigators due to their proximity to Baughman's apartment. An encrypted email is sent to the cell members (Handout A), instructs them to investigate Baughman. The email requests that only fully aware DG agents be used that the
mission is urgent. One agent is also sent an overnight package, which contains a short profile of Baughman (Handout B) and a key to his apartment.

Baughman's Apartment

The address given from Baughman is for an inconspicuous apartment building in any large city. His neighborhood is working-class and a bit run-down. Unless a group luck roll is failed, no one takes notice of a small group of reasonably cautious investigators entering the building or Baughman's apartment. If the roll is failed, investigators will run into Mr. Janowitz (66) who is walking his dog.

While Janowitz knew Baughman, they were not close. He can be appeased by any plausible story (fast talk skill x 2). He will mention that "It was a terrible shame poor Clyde wasn't found for
three days." The interior of the small apartment is Spartan, smoky, and grim. Just inside the door hangs a key ring. A worn couch faces an old television and on the coffee table are a stack of cross-word puzzle books, old magazines, and stale pastries. The kitchen is bare.

The only human touch is a crudely drawn figure entitled "Grampa" on the refrigerator. Down the hall are a linen closet (of no interest) a small bathroom, and two bedrooms. Anyone inspecting the bathroom will notice it has been disturbed, suggesting that this is where Baughman died. In Baughman's room there are faded photographs of Clyde and his wife Marlene, his children's graduation pictures, and a few recent photos of his granddaughter. The other bedroom was used as an office and for storage.

It will take one person about six hours to go through the many papers here and systematically examine them. Those doing so will be rewarded. Baughman has left no direct evidence of the conspiracy here but there are a few traces that should be removed. A library use (or accounting) roll will discover that Baughman owns a cabin in an appropriate rural area about four hours away by car. An idea roll will sort out which of the many keys hanging by the front door is the correct one. There is nothing else of note in the apartment.

The Cabin

Clyde's cabin is connected to the highway by a gravel-covered road. The cabin is of wooden construction, with a stone chimney. There is also running water (no toilet) and electricity. To the rear of the building an outhouse and shed are visible. The interior is quiet and dusty. Aside from second-hand furniture and rustic decoration there are two unusual elements that should
attract investigators' interests. The first is a locked foot locker underneath the bed where Clyde kept his mementos. Atop the contents is a sealed enveloped marked "Mr. Green" (Handout C).

What else is in the footlocker?

Though it is up to individual keepers to decide what other evidence Clyde Baughman has left behind, here are a few suggestions. Keepers should use this as an opportunity to leave clues to future missions or as help in completing current ones.

  • Reel-to-reel tapes, dated 8/15/62 to 9/29/62; twenty-one hours total. Audio is of the congregants of an unknown church (know or English to identify Appalachian accents) engaged in a pseudo-Christian service using snake-handling. Frequent mentions are made of "Saint Yig", "the Scaled Redeemer", and "the Blessed Serpent". 0/1d2 points of Sanity to listen.
  • Cardboard box containing neatly folded, but very bloody, man's suit.
  • An annotated copy of the (rejected) doctoral dissertation "Sky Devils: Archetypical Figures in Native American Mythology" (University of Indiana, Bloomington; 1975 by Karen Barr). 1d2/1d4 points of Sanity to read. +1 point Cthulhu Mythos. No spells.
  • Three tear-gas grenades.
  • One large iron knife. Archaeology roll identifies as of Anglo-Saxon manufacture. A bone handle is new. The Ogham script cannot be deciphered.
  • A mundane leather pouch containing hair, teeth, and feathers.
  • One highly magnetized glass sphere, 3 cm in diameter. Anyone inspecting it and making a physics or chemistry roll loses 0/1 point of Sanity.

Anyone outside the cabin making a spot hidden roll will notice that while there is a functional outhouse there is also a septic tank buried next to the building. Inspecting the cabin's plumbing will uncover that it was altered to seal off the septic system The tank's manhole is uncovered and is padlocked from the outside (an unusual step; the key is another from Baughman's ring) but the handle and hinge are well-oiled. Listening at either of the inspection pipes reveals nothing. Anyone opening the tank is in for a rude surprise. The interior is dark and slightly damp. All of the usual equipment has been removed and it is clear that the tank is not being used for
its intended purpose. Anyone or anything entering the tank will attract the attention of Marlene. After two decades she has taken on a moldy cast, her fingers worn to nubs and her feet rotted, with lifeless eyes lolling in her head. She Anyone who has seen her photo can recognize her with an idea roll. The only word she knows, which she whispers as she attacks anyone foolish enough to get close, is "Clyde?" The Sanity cost to encounter her is 1d3/1d6 points, 1d4/2d4
if she is recognized as Clyde's dead wife.


As per their orders from A-cell, the investigators are to remove any evidence of Clyde Baughman's involvement with Delta Green. It is left to their discretion if they want to destroy these traces, keep the materials for themselves, or store then in a Green Box. So long as nothing incriminating remains in Baughman's apartment or cabin, A-cell will be satisfied.

The agents are left with several options in dealing with the thing in the septic tank. Clyde Baughman has provided one- the gasoline cans in the shed. Alternately the investigators may choose another method of destruction; anything that destroys the corpse entirely will be successful. Anything short of total destruction will allow the deformed monstrosity to reform.


  • Erasing Clyde's secret life: +1 points of Sanity
  • Putting down Marlene: +1d2 points of Sanity


That Which Was Marlene
STR: 12 INT: 1 CON: 13 DEX: 6
SIZ: 9 POW: 1 HP: 11

Armor: None; the thing regenerates 1 hp per day and cannot be killed
unless the entire body is destroyed.
Attacks: Fist 45%, 1d2; Bite 20%, 1d2-1
Skills: Groan 80%, Claw futilely 95%, Linger 100%
Sanity cost to see: 1d3/1d6 (1d4/2d4 if recognized as Marlene)


Handout A

Proceed to residence of Clyde Baughman (deceased). Remove any evidence of our activities. Report security breaches. Heirs are expected w/in 48 hours. Make sure everything is clean by then. No Friendlies! Contact info, support material en route.

Handout B

Summary of report on Clyde Baughman:

D.o.B.: 3/28/1931
Family: Wife, Marlene (8/20/1934 – 11/2/1985), Daughter, Sharon (9/12/1957), Son, Michael (7/28/1960)
Employed by Bureau of Internal Revenue (later IRS) 6/11/1955 – 9/1/1986, retired as Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Operational Support.
Active with group from 1958 to 1969, taking part in eleven+ operations. Numerous consultations as friendly with a specialty in taxation and property confiscations. No current association with group.

Handout C

If you are reading this note, I can assume I have died or become incapacitated before I had the courage to complete my final mission for the group. You will find about twenty gallons of gas in the shed behind this cabin. Pour them into the septic tank beside the cabin and ignite it. You'd be happier if you didn't look inside. Please make sure that the remains are kept from my children. I am so sorry. God please forgive me.

Clyde Baughman

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