Leslie Got Her Pain

The Opening

The Agents stop at the Vance Air Force Base as a friendly safe spot to lay low for a few days whilst awaiting the heat to die down from a previous operation. They are told by their superiors that the commanding officer of the base is a Delta Green operative and can be trusted to protect them. Whilst being flown into the base, their pilot calls ahead to ATC, and the Agents can clearly hear that the response is nothing more than anguished wailing, though the pilot does not react to this. (0/1) Once they arrive it becomes clear that something awful is happening at the Vance Air Force Base and no one there is able to assist the Agents to stop it.

What’s Really Going On

Leslie Pendergrass is a USAF pilot stationed at the Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma, whose plane was shot down during a training exercise. Leslie was the sole survivor of the crash, though she has suffered grievous injuries: she has lost one leg at the knee, the other leg at the hip, one arm at the shoulder and most of the fingers on her remaining hand. She is covered almost completely in third-degree burns, and has lost her eyes, ears and tongue rendering her unable to see, hear or speak.  She is currently in the morgue at the medical centre on base.

Leslie is trapped in a nightmare. She is unaware of almost everything outside her own consciousness, and she is convinced that she is dead. Leslie’s accident has caused her latent psychic ability to manifest, and as a result of the psychic manifestation of her nightmare, everyone at Vance Air Force Base also believes that she is dead. She does not know that she has psychic ability, and she is unaware of the effect this is having on the world around her.

Colonel Henry Calloway is a highly decorated USAF Colonel and the commanding officer on the Vance Air Force Base. He is a Delta Green case officer, but due to the manifestation of Leslie’s psychic abilities, he is unable to recognise the anomalous activity occurring on his base. He is only able to assist the Agents peripherally, but he will act against them if they force him to confront the fact that Leslie is alive, or persist in attempting to bring anomalous activity to his attention.

Leslie’s Traumas

Leslie’s psychic ability manifests as episodes of mass psychogenic illness which occur sporadically at the Vance Air Force Base, affecting varying amounts of people, sometimes only individuals but sometimes larger groups, and potentially the entirety of the base. People at the Vance Air Force Base generally act as they normally would, and they are non-hostile towards the Agents, but they will, seemingly at random, engage in bizarre behaviours. They are all convinced that Leslie is dead and none of them perceive their anomalous behaviour as out of the ordinary.

  • Leslie’s squadmates are trapped in an endless loop outside their barracks. One of them chugs a beer that never ends, two of them are kissing, and two are laughing together. They do not otherwise speak, nor will they acknowledge anyone who addresses them. They will become listless and distressed if separated from one another. (0/1d4 Unnatural)
  • A small group of airmen are openly weeping on the runway. One covers his eyes, one covers his mouth and the third covers his ears. They do not speak or respond to outside stimuli in any way. (0/1d4 Unnatural)
  • Leslie’s parents were violent, abusive alcoholics, and would argue and fight in front of her. Random pairs of male and female troops on the airbase will spontaneously erupt into drunken arguments and fights, acting out episodes of Leslie’s childhood. (0/1d3 Unnatural)
  • Troops on the base will act out aspects of Leslie’s accident and injuries: burning themselves, falling from heights, removing their own eyes, ears and tongues. (1/1d6 Unnatural)
  • Colonel Calloway is wearing dog tags with Leslie’s ears strung on them. He is unable to realise this. (0/1d4 Unnatural)
  • After 1d6+3 hours of investigation, troops on the base will gather together, pick one among their number, remove their eyes, ears and tongue, place them in a plane and burn it. (1/1d8 Unnatural)

Leslie’s eyes, ears and tongue, will manifest around the Agents as they investigate. Her tongue has a barbell, and her ears are pierced with small flower studs. She is not actively trying to communicate but the Agents can attempt to listen and speak to her through her missing parts, though she only expresses pain and confusion.

Leslie will perceive any violence towards those on base as an attack against herself and will unknowingly lash out by attempting to possess one of the Agents. (1/1d4 Unnatural to witness, 1/1d6 Unnatural to experience) Once Leslie has possessed an Agent she is panicked, confused and delirious (Persuade or Psychotherapy at -40%) and though she still does not have control of her psychic ability it now manifests more directly. She will inflict psychic attacks in response to threats to her person.

Communicating with Leslie gains the Agents 1d6 Unnatural

Being possessed by Leslie gains the Agents 1d8 Unnatural

Killing Leslie gains the Agents 1d10 Sanity

The Trail to Leslie

  • There is a memorial shrine that the troops have made for Leslie, made up of flowers, pictures and messages mourning Leslie. Elicits a violent reaction from the troops if disturbed.
  • Information about the accident is reported in local newspapers, stating clearly that Leslie is alive.
  • Leslie’s medical records can be obtained if the Agent’s can fabricate a reason to access them.
  • There is a grave with Leslie’s name on the headstone but it is empty.
  • The coroner has killed himself in the bathroom at the morgue. He has removed his own eyes, ears and tongue, unclear in what order.


POW: 14+1d4

Possession: Contested POW roll, if Leslie succeeds she will possess the Agent until they win a POW contest against her. After 3 failed contests she inhabits the Agent permanently, though she will attempt to switch bodies when under threat. She has access to the skills of the possessed Agent.

Concentrated psychogenic manifestation: POW roll, on a success she can cause the Agents sight, hearing and speech to fail or burn their skin, 1d8 damage.


Leslie Got Her Pain was written by Long Pig for the 2023 Shotgun Scenario contest.
Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dqMsGdO_KgQNwsW2HFKighBu9xWTVMlM4SHThpqswcA/edit

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