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From: NICK
Subject: DG: lloigor

I've never really kept up with CoC supplements before Delta Green, and so past what I've read in stories and the original rulebook I don't really know too much about the various races - I make up stuff that coheres with what I already know - and I'm currently running one campaign around the lloigors prescence in the Northern UK. Anyway, it's going fine and everything;- I've had the players chasing around a psychic serial killer whose the victim of a childhood mind link with a lloigor - the subsequent investigation into the lunatic asylum he escaped from - which is almost like a 'lloigor ward' it turns out; and a trip to an isolated town in Northumbria, which the government has allowed the lloigor to dominate and 'alter' for fifteen years in the name of 'research'. However, I'm looking to keep the action running and was wondering if anyone knew of any decent supplements, adventures or just suggestions that pertain to these strangely named things?

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 13:37:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Andrew D. Gable"

However, I'm looking to keep the action running and was wondering if anyone
knew of any decent supplements, adventures or just suggestions that
pertain to these strangely named things?

A good point is raised here. The lloigor (I think) are one of the coolest CoC races. Anything that looks like a teratosaur and can cause Tunguska-like explosions can't be all bad, after all. :) But I've noticed a depressing lack of representations of them in CoC supplements.

You may want to take note, though, that on Steve Hatherley's site there are several Tales of Terror dealing with these monsters, most geared for the 1890s/1920s, but which should be able to be updated easily. Or do this (my suggestion):

Have people in some remote village report sightings of dragons, dinosaurs, devils, whatever is appropriate to the campaign. Have these "dragons" turn out to be lloigor in reptilian form. Watch the joyous looks on the faces of your players when the dragons dissolve into their natural form! I'm also thinking here that it also might be feasible to have an isolated scientist doing some sort of "Jurassic Park"-type genetic experiments in the area, just to throw the players off track.

Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 19:03:14 +0000
From: Matthew Pook

I know that one scenario appeared in the old CoC companion (first one, not the dire Fragments of Fear).

Strangely, there is an obelisk situated here in Falmouth about 30 foot high made from stone blocks. It has been moved around around the town 3 times and was erected by a local minor noble/sailor for absolutely no apparent reason.

Plus the town has a madman who believes in the whole witchcraft stuff and has appeared on Fortean TV. Combined with legends of a creature living in the bay, has always given me the thought that the obelisk is part of a ritual to summon Lloigor.

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 13:41:23 -0500
From: Ricardo J. Mendez

Indeed. The Llogior make a cameo on Chaosium's "Horror on the Orient Express", but I always felt that it was too brief and tacked on. It would be great to see some adventures that really exploit them.

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 16:43:18 -0400
From: Graeme Price

Back in the old Cthulhu Companion (I think) there was a heavily Lloigor-oriented scenario called "the Mystery of Loch Feinn" which was set in 1920's Scotland. Very Loch Ness monster type of thing, with something to do with standing stones thrown in. It ought to be possible to update this and maybe throw in a few conspiracy type weird goings on, as well. This is probably a bit hard to come by nowadays, though (my copy was in the GW printing of CoC 3rd edition… ('87 or '88) and the scenario was old even then, so that dates it a bit!).

Hope this helps a little.

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 23:58:43
From: Davide Mana

I agree: the Lloigor are quite good Mythos nasties and are severely underused. But please do not forget the excellent "The Watcher in the Valley" scenario, by Kevin Ross, in "Tales of the Miskatonic Valley" by Chaosium. It really has it all.

Great plot (lifted from a Quatermass story).

Great scenario structure: non-linear, leisurely-paced and perfectly presented.

Spooky graphics by Blair Reynolds.

It also offers a good alternative to the usual "lloigor-as-dragon' bit.

I can't recommend it enough.

It also can turn out to be a good alternative to the "Hounted House" scenario to hook new players and turn them into Call of Cthulhu enthusiasts.

End of maniacal raving, back to pensive mode.

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 18:56:58 -0500 (CDT)
From: Don Juneau

Two MiGo with one stone and all that, but CoC 4th Edition has a bit of both, for scenarios. The PAPER CHASE adventure (one player, at that), gives some Ghoul-transformation "basic" info, in just a bit over two pages (plus art). The MYSTERY OF LOCH FEINN lies just a few pages away, giving the lloigor a shot at devouring new characters as well. <G>

Some light Ghoul activity occurs in one section of AT YOUR DOOR, but (IMO) it's played a bit for laughs. <shrug> And I vaguely recall an issue of THE UNSPEAKABLE OATH that discusses the odd "dual nature" of the lloigor, apparently based on two differing ideas by authours. (not that I can find *that* part offhand, no… <G>)

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 98 20:21:14 -0700
From: Joseph Camp

My liason at Pagan Publishing tells me that there will be a lloigor scenario in their book MORTAL COILS, which I gather to be a set of game scenarios in the early decades of this century and not DG-related per se.

Supposedly it's going to press in the next week or two, but as usual their release dates are unreliable intelligence at best.

Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 10:13:06 +0100
From: NICK

Yeah, I'd already absorbed the Ctrhulu companion adventure into my storyline, kind of;- the idea was the lloigor had suceeded in their task of erecting more megaliths in the area (except I shifted the location to an island off the coast of Northumbria) and had been leeching energy and corrupting the human populace ever since. Until 1983, the village would be the subject of some kind of horrific scandal every eight or nine years (mass child abuse/ animal mutilations) but noone ever really looked past the headlines and the human horrors they saw. Then the USAF, who have a base in the area became interested in the strange radar contacts they started to pick up over the town. MJ-12 project sidekick were notified and with the co-operation of the British security services threw a 'firewall' round the area. Strangely enough, noone ever wanted to leave, and no one really ever came to visit. After a few years people on the outside mysteriosly even startd to forget about its existence (even police Inspectors and Social workers who had worked on the child abuse cases)MJ-12 were convinced that the town was inhabited in some way shape or form by an alien race that may or may not be the Greys in some way shape or form. erecting surveillance cameras in and around the town (at the cost of several NRO Delta operatives who simply deserted and never left)they sat down to watch. For fifteen years.

The state of the town today is that the human populace are completely degenerate. Ritual torture, cannibalism and violent sexual deviancy are everyday occurences on the streets. Most of the children born in the town since the early eighties have been deformed in some way, whilst the more recent births display signs of being partly reptillian/amphibian. The megaliths in the region are sick with power, and this is affecting time/space - causing the dead to wander the town aimlessly. The living pay no attention to this. Meanwhile the lloigor, in their astral form, are veritably drunk on energy - manifesting their dragon forms only to annihalate anyone they percieve as a threat.

Or at least this was the case until my agents stuck their oar in leading to considerable loss of life and limb. The question is where to go now.

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