Locus Of Control


This is meant to be an opening to Delta Green and a good start for the players to understand the threat of the Mi-Go and Majestic-12. It would be best for the agents to start with no memory of how they were abducted. The best way to play through the scenario is to make it “easy” where players believe they are in control of their escape.

The Set Up

The Agents have been abducted by the Greys and are on the UFO and have been experimented upon where the agents each have a modification to see if the integration of their technology would make them more subservient. The Mi-Go have given them a fighting chance as this is an observational experiment to see the result of them escaping the UFO. Since the agents are drugged they will be given a penalty of -20% on all education rolls and intelligence rolls (do not tell the players this), this will make it harder for them to notice that something is amiss.


The rooms made in the UFO are for the agents to test out their new augmentations and for the Mi-Go to observe their work up close in a closed environment as well as to see how well they can manipulate the agents with the “voice”. The top of the rooms see the expanse of space and the agents can see the moon at a close distance allowing them to understand immediately that they are in space. The voice is a device which allows the handler to act as the Mi-Go and manipulate the agents for the long run of the game, completely indistinguishable from human thought. However, there are certain hints that this is not their voice as it is more accepting of dangerous behaviour and making the players unable to trust certain characters when they have no reason to.

The Agents will start out in a large test room based upon the many interpretations of the experimental room done by the Greys. The agents will be lying in separate operating tables with uncanny dangling experimental gear. There will be 4 Greys. At this point one of the agents are going to ask what is happening to them and the response of one of the Greys should be short 1 to 2 word responses and after three questions a mind-curdling warped voice will be heard in each of the agents heads.

“To Establish Peace, To Understand You, To Improve You, You Are A Stone, A Sacrifice, The Stairway To Us”.

Then the “Experiment” will start and the players will struggle as there will be a large drill slowly going towards them that will cause 0/1d3 sanity loss. Allow the agents to feel their binding and say “it’s loose and can easily be broken” allow the agents to make a strength roll but the bindings were meant to be snapped by the agents. This is a good time for the agents to test out their new augmentations and give them a good understanding of combat rules.

After killing the Greys there will be a door out of the room. There will be a hand scanner not meant for humans to open the door. The Agents can open the door by using one of the Grey’s Hands. With a successful search roll in the room, it can be seen the room is meticulously clean and the tools that were about to be used, seemingly do not have blood. If any of the agents want to investigate further, they will feel that their lives are in danger and say to them “They are coming, you must get to the next room!” (This is the Mi-Go wanting to move on the experiment by manipulating the emotions and thoughts of the agents).

The next room in the UFO is a massive computer room which seems to interface with the agents. This is another trick by the Mi-Go as they interact with it, they will present them with what they want them to see. The videos are mostly a way for the Mi-Go to target certain organisations in the setting, but with this they can easily cause a false flag operation where the agents are unwitting puppets for the Mi-Go to target both Delta Green and Majestic-12 where they can gather information for them. When viewing the videos the agents take 0/1d3 sanity loss depending on what Majestic-12 or Delta Green did. Let the agents roll to scrutinise the videos and find some inconsistencies with what they are seeing. This is when the voice will chime in and make the agents feel conflicted emotionally and have thoughts like “there is no way this could be fake” but if they can logically know some of that isn’t true let them still feel unusual. The voice should then return to say “What is that noise next door?” then they should hear a noise on the next door over.

The agents will have another encounter with the Grey’s where there are another 3 Greys in the next room with a man talking about how much he’s done for them and he wants to be brought back home. This is a good opportunity for the agents to practice Stealth rolls and Listening rolls to try and siphon more information. With a successful Stealth roll, they will “not” be noticed by the Grey but with a successful Listen roll they will hear the man talking to the Greys saying “I know you are lying about everything! Is that why I’m here?”. Depending how long they are in stealth the man prepares to draw a gun upon one of the Grey and says “I’m going back and you are going to help”. If the Agents enter the room the man will be confused about why the agents are there and combat should start.

Depending on how the combat ended, If the man is badly hurt, he will begin by saying that the agent’s aren’t one of them and surrender and beg for his life. The voice will tell them that the man is dangerous and will encourage the agents to kill him to test their morality. If the man is still alive and wasn’t attacked he will ask if the agents are alright and will introduce himself as Hayman. He will explain to the players what is going on from his perspective that the Greys are bringing them to Zeta Reticulum 3. He knows that the Grey’s say that it was a dead planet according to them. He will explain that he is a Technological Engineer but will not mention he works for Majestic unless pried. At this time the voice will seed distrust with Hayman saying “He must be the one who brought us here” or “He’s Majestic”. He will offer medical help and if he examines the agents he will ask questions about before they were abducted and what they have had done to them. He will mention that the agents have slurry voices and dilated eyes and asked if they took anything. The agents should not have noticed this by now. He will do everything he can to help the players as he has been gradually losing trust with Majestic and just wants to leave. If the agents have been ignoring the voice, or are catching on, it will stay quiet and wait for the next opportunity to sway the agents to the next thing they want done during emotional instability.

Final Encounter

The final test is to see the agent's ability to respond to rapid change and to see how accepting they are with death. The UFO will suddenly lose power and start plummeting to earth. At this point the final room will open up where it seems to be the engine room. Agents with a Science (Engineering) 40% will realise that the engine cannot reactivate and they must prepare for landing. No matter what they do they will survive due to selective anti-gravity but describe the harrowing fall from going from the blackness of space onto the earth at high speed.

The Resolution

The end of the scenario should result in a crash somewhere in a remote location in the Nebraska Mountain Range and the agents will wait to be picked up by Delta Green. The agents can start the next game with their new augmentations.

If Hayman is alive, he can be a possible friendly and will help the players to the best of his technological abilities. However, he will do his best to keep a distance away from the players as he does understand what else Grey’s could have possibly done to them.

The agents will be constantly observed by the Mi-Go, however by 1d3+4 days they can’t hear from the agent's ears or see through the agent's eyes. This can only be reactivated if there is water in a town with Mi-Go activity. The voice will remain dormant whether the Handler wants to use it for the next game.


This was an entry to the 2021 shotgun scenario contest. Written by The One

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