Me, Myself, and You

This scenario works best if one of your players has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and their alternate personality has not yet been revealed. On the other hand, they could have it and not even know they have it yet.

What the PCs know

After a week of nightly blackouts of the local museum and the surrounding city blocks, Maria Prince, a curator, has gone missing. She didn’t turn up for work, but her car is parked in her spot. There was no answer when they called her at home, or on her cell. She is a Delta Green friendly, known to the PCs. They’ve worked with her before, and she was very trustworthy. She was not on an active case, but the blackouts, and her association with the group, have made her a priority, so the PCs are assigned to it.

What has happened

The alternate personality(AP) has learned that they are trapped within someone’s mind, and they want out. During one of the times they were in control(probably during an opera), AP learned of the Tilinghast Resonator, and believe they’ve discovered a way to use it to remove the other personality from the brain they share. The Resonator is located in the basement of the museum(where AP works as a night janitor), somewhere in the labyrinth of corridors, supply closets, and one rather large and foreboding boiler room. The personality has been exercising more control, being able to take over while the dominant personality sleeps, but not enough control to fully take over. So they work through the night, and return the body to bed, so not to arouse suspicion. They have been testing the Resonator over the past week, and finally ran a full test with Maria as a subject, which was a complete success. Her personality was removed, leaving her in a vegetative state. She is in a locked supply closet nearby the Resonator, and if not found within two more days, she will die of dehydration.

AP now wants to use the machine once more, this time on themselves, removing the dominant personality, leaving AP in control. Of course, there’s an issue. The Resonator opens up the doors of perception to monsters that lurk just outside of our realm. Creatures that feast on our psychic energy. Maria’s personality is still trapped in the Resonator, fighting off these creatures. This has driven her insane. When the Resonator turns on, not only will the creatures attempt to consume the minds of anyone within it, but Maria will also try to take over one of the bodies(at this point she doesn’t care whether it’s hers or not). AP believes they are stronger than the dominant personality, and as soon as that personality is removed AP plans on making a break for it.

Investigation notes

An address for the night janitor can be found in the museum’s employee records. Anyone with Beauracracy 50% or higher will be able to tell from a quick search that the record is riddled with false information. Searching for a birth certificate, driver’s license, or any other records will lead to dead ends.

The address is to a bachelor apartment with little to nothing inside. Forensics of 40% or higher can tell that it hasn’t been lived in for months, there are few fingerprints and barely any other physical evidence to be found. Any fingerprints that get run through a database will turn up as the agent with the dominant personality, which could of course cause some problems for the agents, in addition to confusing them further.

None of the daytime employees have ever met the night janitor. There is no picture on file(they keep meaning to get it taken care of, but they just never seem to meet up to get it done). Even the night security, when pressed, will admit they’ve never actually met the janitor.

Maria Prince had been working more nights, but no one knew exactly what on. She was always obsessed with her work, and working long hours was nothing new. None of her coworkers remember her ever mentioning the night janitor, but they will note that she generally kept to herself. She had no home life, was unmarried and had no pets. At her modest apartment everything is kept immaculately clean, and there will be no signs of struggle.


This is an entry to the 2016 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Lex.

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