Meeting Kazuo and The Taira
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Scenario Five: View from a Height

Kazuo telephones the players (Deep Throat was a highly-ranked kurotokage agent, but was employed by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, in the Ports and Harbors Bureau). He makes it clear that he has been in close touch with Deep Throat for some time, and knows all about the players. He cautions them to stay quiet about whatever suspicions they may have because the walls have ears.

He asks them if they could meet with him, suggesting they climb Mt. Fuji and be at a particular station and restaurant for lunch on a particular day. He, obviously, arranges to be there as well. They run into each other, literally, and Kazuo apologies profusely for spilling soup all over the player; they end up sitting down at the same table to share a bottle of beer, and Kazuo reveals he is the person they came to meet.

They talk chit-chat, with Kazuo pretty much refusing to be drawn into serious conversation. If the players try to force it, Kazuo will leave. If they try to restrain him, he will noisily call for help. When he leaves, however, he will leave a set of necklaces on the table, one for each player, unmarked. These will allow the players to enter the dreamlands that night.

Most of the players wake up in the usual place, and must go down the 700 steps into the Enchanted Woods. A note there is addressed to them, directing them to the bridge across the River Skai to Mt. Lerion. At the bridge (a nice Japanese-style wooden bridge, with pagoda-style lanterns at either end), they are met by a Japanese monk (robes, staff, straw hat ミ the works) who is apparently mute and deaf, and leads them to unknown Japanese temple in the DLs (the home of the Taininhodo), where they are grilled by the abbot and an unknown elderly Japanese man (The Taira). The vast majority of their questions are ignored, but they are able to confirm that this is the usual DLs, and they are on Mt. Lerion, very close to the enchanted wood. The mission of this group of players is to get to the temple and pick up information. They will be given a talisman to allow them to awake the other group from the other DLs (made of agate, feels cold to the touch — usually, not always, wakens Dreamers).

One of the players instead wakes up in Amaterasu's DLs, where he has a glimpse of some Japanese world (Keeper's choice; usually any player or players with (mythos+sanity) scores of <75, who can't enter the DLs) and discovers that the volcano at the center of the world is a goddess named Amaterasu, or maybe is the place where she lives. He confirms that this is NOT the usual DLs, because none of the usual places or even gods are known. The mission here is merely to survive until they awake, because in these DLs foreigners are generally disliked, feared and even hated.

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