Mein Triumph

Mein Triumph is a book presented as having been written by Adolf Hitler, according to Delta Green (page 104f in the 1997 edition) and Delta Green: Countdown (page 313). This article describes two fan-made elaborations upon the concept.

The apocrypha of Mark McFadden

Reprinted from EMERALD HAMMER with minor corrections.

Property Description
Tome Mein Triumph (Bischöfe's Copies)
Language German, English excerpts are available amongst neo-nazi groups.
Mythos +2
SAN -1d6
Spell Mult x5
Study Time 8 Weeks
Spells Contact Der Führer, Enchant Master SS Dagger, Enchant Servant's Dagger, Enchant "Amulet of Ra"
Condition Good, possibly with holes or blood stains depending on how the agents obtained it.
Cover The cover depicts a swastika encircled by a Hunting Horror with its wings spread.

Cliff Notes

The diversity of human form is obviously due to miscegenation and mongrelization between separate races. Those mud peop…er…cultures that don't value their precious bodily fluids will inevitably debase to a generic human-like creature suitable for manual labor, but without the divine spark of Destiny.

We of the North, forged by lightning-borne fire and tempered by the Ice Ages, are obviously the most advanced and pure of the races of Man. Providence provided us with natural barriers to mongrelization: formidable mountains and rivers of ice to keep the soft, thin-blooded degenerates of the South from polluting our bloodline.

Where they lazed in the sun, gorging on the fruits of the fertile land; we wrested a living from a hostile environment. We fought our way to the top of the food chain as they played in the "Circle of Life."

Of course they resent us. Their ancestors took an easy path and sentenced them to mediocrity. So long as they fear us, their resentment is moot.

- Excerpt from the foreword to the Cliff Notes "Mein Triumph"

The apocrypha of Viktor Eikman

With help from Matthias Hunger and Mark McFadden.

The full title of the work is Mein Triumph oder Drittes Buch, meaning "My Triumph or The Third Book". The author is listed as Adolf Hitler, and on the title page is written "Nach Diktat niedergeschrieben und redigiert von Dr. Olaf Bitterich" ("Dictated to and edited by Dr. Olaf Bitterich").

Nyarlathotep dictated the book as Hitler, concealing sanity-blasting half-truths in the form of a banal and slightly antiquated German prose appropriate for the character. This was arranged and "polished" by the self-important Bitterich, whose former career as an occult charlatan has left him with a taste for Sturm und Drang decoration. Bitterich was not simply being disloyal when he decided upon some of the wording; he had blanks to fill. Nyarlathotep's Hitler plays with subtle distortions and inconsistencies, including deliberate degradation of listeners' memories and notes, and indignantly refuses to repeat what has already been said. This is done to cultivate an atmosphere of dread and cynical opportunism, similar to that of the late Third Reich.

The subtitle of the book is a reference to Zweites Buch or "The Second Book", an otherwise untitled sequel to Mein Kampf which was not published in Hitler's lifetime, although a fairly complete manuscript existed in 1928. The reason for it never being published even while the NSDAP was in power was the actionable secrets it held about Hitler's long-term foreign policy goals. Zweites Buch has since been published in several editions, including Munich 1961 (first German), New York 1962 (English bootleg) and New York 2003 (first legitimate English translation), as well as two lesser-known editions by the Karotechia.

The first edition of Mein Triumph

In 1979, Bitterich and Dr. Gunter Frank arranged for printing materials and used machinery to be purchased and brought to La Estancia in order for the finished manuscript of Mein Triumph to be issued in a limited edition of 30 books. The machines were manned by untrained Bauern and kidnapped printers who would not be missed. Suspecting they would soon be disposed of, the printers did a mediocre job under unfavourable circumstances. The result is shown on page 115 of the revised Delta Green core sourcebook (2007 edition). Apart from the whole thing being quite shoddy, Bitterrich had improvised a garish winged serpent on the cover. The text inside was powerful, but nobody below the Bischöfe was allowed to read it. The appearance of the cover made an unnerving impression on everyone else, and after a couple of decades, the last of the cheaply bound copies was falling apart in the humid Brazilian air.

Editora Wagnerium

Bitterich and Frank realized that the first edition wasn't good enough for the word of Der Führer, but did not want to spend the large sums that would have been necessary to buy good machines and bribe good people to reliability. Consequently, they arranged to take over a struggling printing establishment in the Brazilian city of Feira de Santana. It printed exclusive editions of obscure Christian literature in Spanish and Portuguese, and had no editors of its own. With threats and money, the little company became an unwitting front for the Karotechia in late 1979, and was renamed "Editora Wagnerium". It has had an uninterrupted existence since then, because the Karotechia has bailed it out of its financial ruts.

Editora Wagnerium is very rarely used for anything suspicious. For the most part, it continues to publish luxurious special editions of a variety of harmless theological classics. However, a large part of the ageing original staff has been phazed out in favour of Bauern. These Bauern thereby acquired the many skills necessary for a proper second edition, and have also worked on similar new editions of Mein Kampf, Zweites Buch and other Nazi or neo-Nazi titles, while the non-Karotechia staff was on paid vacation.

The second edition

The “winged serpent” cover, although directly inspired by the contents of the book, was discontinued for the second edition, which is in a slightly smaller format. It was expensively printed and bound in another 30 copies, after additional editing by Bitterich, in 2002. No record of where it was printed exists in the book itself, but forensics will eventually reveal its origin. Of course, all plates and other evidence have been moved from Editora Wagnerium to La Estancia.

The cover of the second edition is a tasteful dark grey with golden details. A subtly embossed swastika is one of those details, as is the title, name of the author and two simple lines at the sides, barely suggesting the shape of one of Albert Speer's Nürnberg banners above a “podium” of text. The general appearance of this second edition is, on the whole, entirely professional and mundane, reminiscent of nothing so much as a modern intellectual hardback. The ink and acid-free paper are very fine. The book looks as if it may have been printed to last a thousand years, though the inside is not quite so modern. Just like Karotechia editions of the first two books, the text of Mein Triumph is set in a traditional Fraktur typeface, which takes some getting used to.

Translated Headings

  • PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION by Dr. Olaf Bitterich
    • Chapter I Looking Back
    • Chapter II Betrayal at Stalingrad
    • Chapter III In the Ruins of Berlin
    • Chapter IV The Experience of Death
    • Chapter V The Slithering of the Valkyries
    • Chapter VI The Rotting Odyssey
    • Chapter VII The Black Gates of Valhalla
    • Chapter VIII The Line of Führers Past
    • Chapter IX I Am Crowned
    • Chapter X The Nature of Time
    • Chapter XI Fruits of the Final Solution
    • Chapter XII As I Watched from My Throne
    • Chapter XIII My Return
    • Chapter I Germany Reunited
    • Chapter II The Husk of Communism
    • Chapter III Weltanschauung and Millennium
    • Chapter IV The Mongrels Among Us
    • Chapter V The Jewish Agenda
    • Chapter VI White Hope and the Colonies
    • Chapter VII Secret Champions of the Masses
    • Chapter VIII Worlds in Which We Fail
    • Chapter IX Culling the Weak
    • Chapter X Punishing Decadence
    • Chapter XI Worlds in Which We Conquer
    • Chapter XII Sacrifice
    • Chapter XIII My Triumph


Delta Green affiliates, such as Dr. Nadja Fulani of UCLA, will want to find actionable information in this book, which is hard. Only Bitterich, in his two prefaces, mentions an “SS-Karotechia”, and no member of it other than Bitterich himself is named. In his first preface, the “doctor” rambles on about the privilege of taking the Führer's dictation after having fled the siege of Berlin on the advice of the great Siegfried. The second preface is a series of sycophantic hermeneutic exercises in which Bitterich connects phrases from the book with recent events, "foreseen" by Der Führer.


Much like the earlier two entries in the trilogy, Mein Triumph combines autobiography with vague exposition of policy. In the case of Mein Triumph, the personal experiences are so unhinged and utterly morbid, yet somehow credible, that even devout neo-Nazis have been known to act irrationally after reading the work. Paraphilias seem to be a particularly common type of indefinite insanity among sensitive readers.

The world of the living, according to Mein Triumph, is a thin veneer kept in place by the enemies of the Aryan race while they poison and destroy the true pillars of the world. Death is never permanent, though for most people, the afterlife is hollow and writhing with maggots. The iron-jawed martyrs of national socialism and other incarnations of Germania's spirit stand ready to fight unblemished, but must be called forth by a ruthless triumph of will. Until then, they are sheltered by an essence at the center of existence:

What the golden-haired Valkyrie showed me was only the faintest reflection of Its presence, yet I was sure. I had seen a valley of degenerates devoured in an instant. The Weltseele is pure power. It is incorruptible because It has neither law nor pity. It cannot be defeated, and whomsoever believes in It shall return when for one moment, It shall open Its eye upon the Earth. There will be no need for ovens. The enemies of the Aryan race shall burn where they stand.

Lengthy passages echo the theories of Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society, but with a heavy emphasis on race and other ways in which “men are not born equal”. Much of the language also recalls Edward Bulwer-Lytton, particularly his Vril. The spells described in Mein Triumph are framed as ancient ways in which to focus the latent psychic force inherent in Aryans, though there are many visions of technological dominance as well.

The book is not hard to translate, but the choice of words in much of the original, circa-1920s German is imbued with an insidious call to the id. The further into it you get, the more confused the central concept of “purity” becomes. By the time you are reading about unending Valhallan orgies, where Teutonic warriors cause voluptuous blue-eyed serving girls to burst apart at the moment of ecstasy, this feels as if it had always been a secret fantasy of yours. The book is merely helping you see it.

In Zweites Buch, the author praised contemporary US eugenics legislation and other features of intolerance. While many of these are “regrettably” a thing of the past, and while Jews ostensibly continue to hold far too much power over the true whites of the “essentially Aryan” USA, the author of Mein Triumph praises the continued effective segregation of American society, including the way blacks are made to work as unknowing slaves in the prison system. Supposedly, it would be easy to renew overt racism and make the Americans cast out their “alien inferiors”.

Several chapters of Mein Triumph are devoted to the concept of alternate timelines. One such timeline was described in Zweites Buch, a version of the 1980s when the US went to war against Germany and Britain, leading to a German invasion of the American mainland. It is implied in Mein Triumph that the unforeseen advent of nuclear weapons prevented the Jews from provoking that war. This may be for the better, if the Americans can be manipulated:

Therefore, the Old World and the New shall not do battle, nor does communism threaten the victory of national socialism. Instead, the white masses of the colonies must be roused from their decadent complacency. The nearest world in which we win is one where the American Jews spend their ill-gotten clout bludgeoning the Arabs and Chinamen to death, while our secret champions reveal to the American people just how full of disease their ghettoes have become.

Underneath a lot of purple prose and pretense to valour, the message of Mein Triumph is that white men are entitled to everything they can possibly imagine, as long as they are prepared to be direct and brutal in attaining it. At the same time, there are numerous warnings about “decadence”, implicitly defined as intricate and introverted artistry, associated throughout with entropy and the colour yellow.

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