Michael Santoro

"Oh, the thrill of bringing a romantic companion to this dark paradise… 'What's wrong with the stars, the sky?' was all she said. She was trembling.
- Thomas Ligotti, Les Fleurs

Michael Santoro
Traveler of alien worlds

STR 10, CON 9, DEX 12, INT 14, POW 9, CHA 13

HP 10
WP 9

Unnatural 15, Alertness 40, Botany 25, Firearms 40, HUMINT 60, Art: Painting 60, Art: Sculpting 40 Persuade 50, Occult 45,

Paranoia (the police are investigating him)
Obsession (with the alien dimension)
Showing others the alien world

9mm Pistol (12 rounds, D10 damage, 40% to hit)

Spell: Lateral Transcendence- allows caster to shift into the alien dimension that Santoro calls a dark paradise.

Michael Santoro is an artist and self-styled occultist in his late 20s. While the majority of his occult information is harmless he has happened across one hypergeometrical principle that allows him to travel to at least one other dimension. This world is full of strange, carnivorous flora that inspire Santoro's art works. He is obsessed with this world and longs to share it with others. Unfortunately the last poor young woman he showed it to ran off in a blind panic and got herself killed. All signs point to Santoro but with no solid evidence the police can't make a conviction, but that doesn't stop them from watching him.

Scenario-wise Santoro could be an unwitting villain for a one shot in which he either brings people to the alien dimension, brings things back from the dimension, or both. Follow up scenarios could involve investigating how exactly Santoro learned how to travel to other plains of existence.

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