Mund-Caprice Family

The Mund-Caprice family is a loose family of serial murderers operating under the guideance of founders Billy Mund and Faith Caprice. Operating from a farm in North Dakota, the Mund-Caprice family perpetrate the Crossroad Killings, ritualistic homicides that are sacrifices to the Skinless Man, an avatar of Nyarlathotep. During each murder, the Skinless Man consumes the Mund-Caprice killer's victim and leaves behind the victim's skin. These trophies are kept in the barn of the North Dakota barn, forming the Skin Bible, for Nyarlathotep leaves messages written on each skin. Certain portions of the Skin Bible make a prophecy that the Skinless Man would one day walk the world as a false holy man known as the Man in Red.

Source: Lost Souls, pp. 92-94.

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