Music from a Darkened Room

Music from a Darkened Room is a scenario for Delta Green, written by Dennis Detwiller and released on Oct. 1 2005 using the ransom model. It's about a haunted house, where a fellow Delta Green agent died under mysterious circumstances. It is best for 4 players or less, because agents should be easy to isolate from one another.

A PDF of the complete scenario can currently (as of 2012-11) be found here (external link).

There is a Q&A with Detwiller about the scenario in the archive.

DGML conversation regarding the scenario

I've just finished running MFADR for my usual delta green group. It turned out pretty gruesome. 3 PCs and 1 NPC (Dr. Yarrow, the parapsychologist) entered the house, 2 made it out alive. I'll post a link to an audio recording I made of the session shortly but here are my initial impressions and notes of the scenario.

Overall: This is a good mission albeit a very difficult one. The variety of freaky effects to throw at players gives the keeper a lot of options. Furthermore, there are no unsurmountable obstacles to overcome, except possession if the House is high on POW. So, I think any group of investigators could accomplish this mission as long as they don't make too many mistakes. Of course, mistakes add up and the House punishes even slight mistakes brutally. However, the hardest part is pacing the scenario well. At times, I was unsure if I should throw more or less manifestations at the PCs but by the end of the mission, events snowballed out of control, which was fun.

TERESA - Dr. Katrina Tynes FBI profiler
THORPE - Charles Rovias NSA analyst
DG Friendly Slyvester Norris - Blackwater contractor on leave, former Delta Force operative

Summary of events: I placed Meadowbrook as a suburb of St. Louis. The PCs entered town, began investigating and dug up some of the House's weird history. Then, they entered it during the day. I threw some events at them but didn't want to overkill on the first visit so the House let them leave with only a few SAN draining events. They contacted Dr. Yarrow. He came down the next day. Norris visited GREEN BOX 711 and paid the owner off. He took the body, destroyed it and buried it.

After some more research, they decided to spend the night at the House and attempt to communicate with it. They split up again and bad thing started to happen. Eventually, THORPE was sucked into a mirror but broke free. He took out his handgun to shoot the mirrors in the master bedroom but was possessed by the House. TERESA had fallen unconscious after being bitten by the spirit of the girl. Norris was taking her out of the building when THORPE shot Yarrow dead. Thorpe shot and wounded Norris while Norris was retreating. Norris returned fire and put 3 rounds into THORPE, killing him. The two agents fled and managed to avoid detection. Cell A managed to cover the event up by pinning it on Dr. Yarrow and an "unstable and overzealous" parapsychological cronie i.e. THORPE, whose real identity was never determined. Agent ANDREA destroyed the building, making it appear as though it was a gas leak.. Cell A instructed Cell T to stay away from the House and the mission was scrapped. Cell A will monitor the house for a year before further action is taken.

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