Nazi Bell
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Has the list ever discussed the Nazi Bell conspiracy theory? I don't remember any such threads, and I refuse to use Yahoo's junk search.

For those of you who don't know… (Coast to Coast audio)

…and of course, Nick Cook's "The Hunt for Zero Point." (Amazon) (Google Video)

The Nazi Bell had a higher priority than nuclear explosives? It aged the researchers? It liquefied metals? The basic method of DG involves taking a conspiracy theory and putting a Mythos explanation behind it.

Roswell:The Whisperer in Darkness::
Project RAINBOW:From Beyond::
Nazi Bell: ?

which inspired James Haughton to write
I'd suggest Nazi Bell:Ubbo-Sathla (with elements of the Mountains of Madness). This stuff would tie nicely into the "Nazi flying saucers in Antarctica" reports - y'know, the ones Admiral Byrd went south to nuke in Operation HIGHJUMP, when Operation SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY was up and running and MJ-12 and DG were collaborating. Who's to say ICE PALACE was the only Karotechia op down there? After all, it's always been a bit mysterious how DG managed to twist their original re-tasked remit of "tracking down alien technology" to "exterminate the remnants of the Karotechia". If DG could show that the Special K (or remnants thereof) had flying saucers, problem solved.

The connection to Ubbo-Sathla? OBVIOUSLY, the "secret occult knowledge" uncovered by the Nazis which gave them the hypergeometrical know-how to build the flying saucers was derived from "the wisdom of the gods who died before the Earth was born. They had passed to the lightless void, leaving their lore inscribed upon tablets of ultra-stellar stone; and the tablets were guarded in the primal mire by the formless, idiotic demiurge, Ubbo-Sathla."

Clearly, someone in the Special K, probably this Hans Kammler bloke, got hold of the crystal of Zon Mezzamalech. (Any records of special K espionage in London in the '30s? That's the last reported previous location). Rather than look into it himself, he undoubtedly forced slave labour or duped scientists to do so; hence the reports referred to in Wikipedia:

"The Bell was said to be extremely dangerous, causing illness, mutation and death in animal and possibly human subjects. One of Cook's scientist contacts in The Hunt for Zero Point even went so far as to claim that The Bell was a torsion field generator and that the SS scientists were attempting to build some sort of time machine with it."

The mutations were caused by psychic echoes of Ubbo-Sathla, and the crystal IS a time machine of sorts in that one looks back into the past with it. They probably got only the tiniest fraction of the tablets, and managed to translate only a tiny bit of that, but it was enough to get their discs up and flying (the nuclear weapons program was actually a separate Special K group, part of Aktion Gotterdammerung, but more on that later; here's a hint, Nordabaum = Nordhausen).

When the Reich fell Hans retreated to the area of Antarctica where Ubbo bubbos - I mean bubbles - to try to get the tablets for himself.

He attempted to collaborate with Peron for mainland support, DG/Majestic got wind and sent Byrd after him.

As to what happened next, the Mi-Go picked the brains (literally…) of the MJ-12 people involved or the Karotechia prisoners captured, deduced the location of Ubbo-Sathla, and got their protomatter from it - possibly as a trade with the Elder things who had previously built shoggoths out of it, and have quite a demand for brains (see The Man In Black's Antarctic Covenant). The Tablets are probably still there, since if Herr Kammler had gotten them he would be Vulink der Vorld and the Funguys prefer not to come into direct contact with GOO (hey, a pun!). Any remaining knowledge went into MJ-12's files along with all the other wierdness they file and forget.

As to where the crystal ended up, who knows? If the Mi-Go snagged it, maybe they used it to build the crystal AIs which generate The Report. Otherwise, it's probably lying around in a New Age gift shop somewhere. The Special K have sent their minions to smash all the hippy crystal shops they can find, looking for the one that doesn't break, but that sort of op takes a LONG time… who's up for Operation Son of Kristallnacht?

But torsion fields? That's crap. You shouldn't be so gullible!

And furthermore
A vital link was provided by this story by J.B. Lee "Forces of

From this we learn that the Golden Goblin edition of Nameless Cults contains the following passage:

"Concerning Gtuhanai, called the Insatiable by the beings of cryptic Pleiades, brother of Cthulhu, son of YOG-SOTHOTH, who is the One Truth bonding time and space. The sorcerer Mezamalek did call it down from the stars, sending it against all opposition. Lo, in the grip of Gtuhanai armor and blade alike did twist and melt, slaying its bearer, becoming whirlwind body for the dread spirit. For Gtuhanai is the devourer of iron, the one who builds itself in bronze and iron. None but Mezamalek could learn its secrets. "

To which the journal of an unknown mad scientist (best kind) added:

"Gtuhanai the Insatiable - destroyer god of the Aartnna, metal beings of Pleiades cluster, according to Necronomicon. Brought to earth by sorcerer Mezamalek ( Ivonis: Zon Mezzamalech of Hyperborean cycle?) , who used it against his enemies until his unaccountable disappearance. Always described as a metal vortex. Legend and myth, but there is truth to be found. Just the discovery of the force proves that. There has to be a way to harness it."

So clearly, Mezzamalech was able (using the crystal, or the knowledge he gained through the crystal from the Tablets or other scryings) to learn to summon and control a local manifestation of Gtuhunai the Insatiable, a GOO described as "a twisting, melting, metal vortex". The Nazi Bell is usually described as involving cylinders of liquid mercury rotating at high speed - thus forming a vortex of melting metal. QED.

There is also a good candidate from the Karotechia to transport the crystal from the effects of Paul Tregardis to Germany - Dr. Williem Eisenbein, who was in England in or before 1937 mucking around with Tillinghast Radiation and sonic weapons before fleeing to Germany and the Karotechia in 1939.

Then there's the number of U boats which turned up in Argentina several months after the war was over, claiming to have gone on holiday (actually, I think that's perfectly plausible - but it's good conspiracy fodder). A bunch of Messerschmidts also went missing, and then Argentina suddenly started a jet fighter industry in 1946, using german & collaborator technicians (Kurt Tank).

As a final real-world data oddity, there's Argentina's 1947-1952 nuclear fusion project, staffed by ex-german scientists and aircraft designers and wound up after a 1952 inquiry concluded it was fraudulent. It claimed it was going to deliver energy "in liter size bottles" and nuclear powered fighter planes. Most forms of energy don't come in litres. Protomatter, on the other hand…

So the causal sequence is something like:
Karotechia under Kammler discover "antigravity" (actually, Gtuhanai) and Ubbo-Sathla using the Crystal obtained from Tregardis by Eisenbein and build the first Nazi saucers which are powered by a manifestation of this GOO.

Defeat - Kammler and the Bell flee to Antarctica by air or submarine. When Peron gets the ratlines going they collaborate with him, offering advanced aeronautical engineering in exchange for his support of their "nuclear fusion" project.

America gets wind and sends a possibly nuclear-equipped Byrd to wipe them out and capture the technology. With Kammler etc dead, the various leftover esoteric projects are worthless and gradually shut down by Peron.

At this point there is some complicated institutional history. The OSS was shut down and the CIA hadn't yet been formulated, consequently Delta Green were in limbo. Bits of the OSS were divided up between various bodies or went back to where they came from. Since Highjump was an exclusively Naval operation, the covert/Karotechia stuff would have been handled by the deep-one-aware ONI who probably included DG agents who had been sent back to ONI after the war was officially over. These agents, with experience wiping out flying saucer-equipped Karotechia, were then the logical ones for Truman to call in to examine Roswell. They would probably have reported that the Bucket operated on completely different principles. There would have been some who decided that this was a Karotechia trick (and hence lobbied to restart Delta Green and Southern Hospitality) and some who thought this was a brand new occurrence and the saucer shape was a coincidence (and hence joined Majestic).

Either way, the institutional memory of Highjump and the Karotechia saucers was fragmented. After Forrestal was killed, then DG lost its records in 1955, and then when ONI bought into MJ-12 in 1981, there was probably no-one left in Delta Green who knew about the Karotechia/flying saucer connection. Those who did had all joined MJ-12 and were probably applying Bell theory to Redlight's anti-grav fighters. All that was left was (probably) Reggie, and a gut suspicion of MJ-12. This is why DG's institutional history (as represented in the core book) records Southern Hospitality's biggest success as 1952, wiping out 3 special K in Queen Maud's land, rather than Highjump. The 3 K were probably given one last chance by Peron and decided to get the tablets from Ubbo Sathla directly, rather than by scrying - possibly they lost the crystal during Highjump.

Additional thought: what if the Karotechia fell in and were absorbed/dissassembled by Ubbo? is that how Shoggoths learned to take human shape? Shoggoth Lords have only been reported very recently (since Fat Face).

If Redlight actually uses Gtuhanai for its anti-grav, then DG and MJ-12 have a whole new problem.

Timeline (unmarked - "real world"; canon: self explanatory; DG: Delta Green sourcebooks; CT: Conspiracy Theory)


Canon fiction: July 1933: Paul Tregardis vanishes.

DG: 1937: Franklin Rathke puts out advertisements to find investors to build a more-powerful version of the Tillinghast Resonator. At Warwick College, a working prototype is sold by Rathke to Dr. Williem Eisenbein, a visiting professor doing high-frequency sound research at Cornwall, England. Eisenbein later (~1939?) returns to his native Dusseldorf and continues his researches with the Tillinghast Resonator, under the auspices of the Third Reich.

Eisenbein is the most likely candidate for conveying the Crystal of Zon Mezzamalech to Germany.

1938-9: German NeuSchwabenland expedition/claim. future US admiral Richard Byrd is invited to lead the expedition, but declines.

DG: Before October 1941: Karotechia finds Point 103.

DG: 4th October 1941: U-boat 188 docks at 103.

On February 7, 1942, an amphibious aircraft Stearman, embarked on ARA 1 de Mayo cargo ship, made the first Argentine flight over Antarctica.

June 1942: OSS established. They have no jurisdiction over Latin America, which is the FBI's responsibility.

June 1942: Operation Pastorius, a german attempt to infiltrate and sabotage the US, fails dismally.

DG: ~August 1942: According to the diary of Karl Ohlendorf at Point 103, U-188 sunk. Other sources place the boat in operation until the end of the war in both Pacific and Atlantic theatres.

May 19, 1944: James Forrestal becomes the secretary of the Navy (and hence P-division's boss).

April 1945: Death or disappearance of SS General Dr Hans Friedrich Karl Franz Kammler

CT: May 1945: A massive German sub flotilla flees Germany for Antarctica.

CT: "British researcher Geoffrey Brooks that indicates that Kammler and the Bell wound up in Argentina at the plasma physics laboratory that General Peron built for fleeing Nazi physicists in Bariloche province in Argentina". (this is the Huemul project)

CT: "General Kammler and the Bell disappear, apparently, in a massive six-engined Junkers 390 heavy-lift airplane, a plane capable of flying non-stop from Europe to Argentina"

15th April: U-234 leaves Norway for Japan, with a cargo of Uranium Oxide, 2 Messerschmitts 262 jet fighters, possibly gold, and various other oddities.

~ 11 May 1945: End of European war.

19th May 1945: U-234 surrenders. Apparently the Messerschmitts are missing.

DG: June 15th, 1945: Karotechia abandon Point 103, death of SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Ohlendorf

DG: ~ June-September 1945: Operation LUNACY.

DG: 1945: 37 Karotechia survivors flee Germany using ODESSA and other ratlines.

Another U-boat of unknown number surrendered to the Argentine Navy on June 10, 1945.
U-530 surrendered at Mar del Plata, Argentina, on July 10, 1945 - probably a type XXI
U- 977 surrendered at Mar del Plata, Argentina, on August 17, 1945.
The crew claim to have taken a holiday (which I think is perfectly reasonable, but for CT purposes, the time delay allows almost anything to have happened).
U-465 was scuttled off the coast of Patagonia in August 1945.

20 September 1945: OSS (and delta green) disbanded. OSS is split into an analytical branch (IRIS) attached to the Dept of state, and an espionage and counter-espionage branch (the SSU) attached to the Dept of War.

Jan 1946: Truman creates the Central Intelligence Group.

~ June 1946: The SSU is transferred to the CIG, forming a new organisation called the Office of Special Operations.

1946-1955: Peron in power in Argentina, organises "ratlines" for Nazis including scientists and SS war criminals.

May-August 1946: US Airforce carries out extensive test flights of captured Me-262s.

1946: Preparations for Highjump - seems to have been rather rushed.
Various rumours attribute this to reports of Uranium deposits in Antarctica.

1946: Argentina builds the Pulqui jet fighter under technical direction from french collaborator Emile Dewoitine

November 25, 1946: Highjump launches.

DGlist: "Also in January , 1947 , famous aviator Eddie Rickenbacker was pushing for American exploration in Antarctica, including the use of atomic bombs for mineral research"

Some time in 1947: Kurt Tank, German Aircraft designer, moves to Argentina to work for Peron under the name of Pedro Mathies. He plans to collaborate with Ronald Richter (below) to produce nuclear-powered fighter planes.

Feb-March 1947: End of Highjump: reportedly 6 months early.

CT: April 1947: Admiral Byrd allegedly encounters Mastadon, flying saucers marked with swastikas, and Nordics (or some form of Aryan/Alien) in the Arctic (or Antarctic?)

DG: June 24th 1947?: Roswell crash

DG: July 7th, 1947: Army salvages crash debris. Delta green veterans "called in" (why?) to advise.

9 August 1947: First test flight of Pulqui fighter in Argentina.

17th september 1947: James Forrestal becomes Sec'y of Defence.

18th september 1947: The National Security Act which creates the CIA comes into effect.

24th September, 1947: Majestic 12 formed, including James Forrestal.

DG: October 1947: Southern Hospitality launched.

November 1947: U-234 sunk near cape cod as a test target for torpedo practice.

On December 13, 1947 an Argentine Navy Douglas DC-4 piloted by Comodoro Gregorio Portillo flew over the Antarctic Circle in a 15 hours and 30 minutes flight.

December 30 1947: Some Delta Green members transferred to MJ-12 with Project SIGN

DG: 1948: 2 Karotechia members found and eliminated (in Uraguay and Paraguay)

~ 1948: Ronald Richter, ex german scientist, convinces Peron to fund a nuclear fusion research project.

DG: 1949: 7 Karotechia eliminated.

March 28, 1949: James Forrestal, Sec'y of Defence, resigns and enters a strange, trancelike state.

May 22, 1949: James Forrestal commits suicide (or is murdered)

1949: Argentina constructs the Huemul fusion research laboratories.

Feb 1951: Richter claims to achieve success with fusion.

1952: Huemul project closed, claimed to be fraudulent.

DG: April 1952: Southern Hospitality, supported by US Paratroopers, kills 3 former Karotechia in Queen Maud's land, Antarctica, who were supported by Argentina and looking for the grotto of Ubbo Sathla.
Dead US servicemen are "reported killed in Korea".

In 1953 the San Martín Base (Argentine Antarctic) started operating, and Jubany opened two years later.

DG: 1955: DG loses many of their archives due to Daniel Fries' insanity.

DG: ~ 1955 and after: Mossad kills another 5 Karotechia. (This leaves 20 of the original 37 unaccounted for. 3 survive to the 90s. Several of the remaining 17 must have been wiped out by Highjump).

DG: 1956: Southern Hospitality closed.

1957: International Geophysical year

CT: August-September 1957: Americans drop nuclear weapons in Antarctica.

In 1965 the Argentine military conducted a large-scale land military manoeuvre on Antarctica known as Operación 90, some ten years before the Antarctic Treaty came into effect, and was conducted to cement Argentina's claims to a portion of the continent.

DG: 1972: "The Bucket" destroyed after an attempt to restart its engine.

DG: October 1980: MJ-12 makes contact with the Greys

DG: 1981: The Accord is signed.

DG: ~1994: Redlight and Pluto both work on anti-gravity, but it's not clear this is due to Grey support - the devices explicitly listed as Grey in origin are the Cookbook, the Report and Sonics.

fiction: 1999: A manifestation of Gtuhanai wreaks havoc in Barrington, USA.

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