No Good Deed...

In this scenario, the Delta Green Agents find themselves torn between their duty to the group and their humanity.


This scenario is meant to take place during "Classic-Era" Delta Green. With some adjustments to the antagonist it can be changed to current day. Delta Green has recently scored a significant victory over the Karotechia. If you like, this prior operation can involve the players. Regardless, the organization has eliminated a Bischofe and retried an occult text known as Die Offene Leere( The Open Void) This text was significant to Dr. Gunter Frank and his experiments with reviving Die Lebenstentoten (The living Dead) as it provided many useful therapies in keeping the returned Nazis mentally stable enough to be useful to the cause after their transition back to life.

Dr. Frank wants the book back. In order to retrieve it, he sends Reinhard Galt to do what he does best.

Getting the Agents Involved

The Agents are given a call by their DG contact and told to get to a major metropolitan city that they are already near( This city is where the last successful DG opp against the Karotechia took place). They are to pass themselves off as FBI Agents and meet with Sandra Blum, the Agent in charge of the investigation and a Delta Green asset besides.

41, Blum is a dark haired sarcastic woman who is all business. Almost immediately after meeting the agents, she puts in a video taken a few hours ago.

The Video

The video is taken from a security camera located at a busy intersection. A school bus can be seen pulling up to a light and stopping as it turns red. Things proceed normally for about ten seconds before a van swerves from across the street and pulls up alongside the bus. Four masked men (armed with assault rifles and body armor) emerge from the vehicle. Two of them force their way onto the bus, while the other two take up positions on the sides of the bus and begin firing warning shots. The streets quickly clear.

A fifth man emerges from the van. Though he too wields a rifle, he wears no apparent armor and his face is visible( He is easily recognizable as Galt should any of the investigators have met him before). Notably, he turns towards the camera and smiles. Then he shoots one of the men in the leg. The man goes down, visibly distressed, while his shooter and his partner both move onto the bus. A few seconds later it speeds away, out of sight.

Blum reveals that the students were from the local Jefferson Elementary School, a heavily minority school. Police found the bus within the hour, but the students and assailants were missing. Two teachers and the bus driver were found shot to death.

The one captured assailant is under observation at a nearby hospital, and the agents are due to meet with him.

Interviewing the Shooter

Todd Phelps is well known to police. 37,he's a small time drug dealer who's been in and out of jail most of his life. He has ties with The Aryan Alliance, a local white supremacist movement of twenty or so members.

Phelps is being kept under guard, but a badge gets the investigators in. He's cocky and slurs freely, insulting investigators for either their race or gender, or accusing them of being race traitors. He refuses to say anything useful, and if pressed will say he's only willing to speak to those who "are a bit green."

If the investigators confirm they're with the group, Phelps open up. He gives them a phone number and tells them to call it.

Phelps can offer little useful information. A simpleton with delusions of grandeur, Galt picked him to leave his message for Delta Green, and he has no knowledge of the group beyond the name. If asked about Galt, his tone turns reverent, the only subject he seems respectful towards. The man is an inspiration, he claims, and a true Übermensch within their movement. He insists that he will die for him.

The Number

Calling the number gets an immediate response. Galt answers on the first ring, and confirms the agents are truly Delta Green by making references that the Agents should understand. If not convinced he hangs up, likely ending the scenario on an unfortunate note.

Assuming the investigators convince him, Galt will explain the situation. The children are currently alive. Pressed to confirm this, he allows the agents to speak to a crying child for a few seconds, before returning to the phone to issue his ultimatum.

The Agents are to recover Die Offene Leere and trade it for the children's safe return. Galt will allow them ten minutes to decide. If they don't call back within that time frame he will murder a child, and continue to do so every five minutes thereafter.

Any attempts to trace the call fail. Galt has brought backup, among them a Bischofe who has magically concealed their location.

The Ultimatum

The Agents may wish to contact their superiors, who curtly tell them no negotiation is possible. They are to attempt to draw Galt out. Should that fail, the children are a necessary sacrifice to keep forbidden knowledge out of the hands of their enemies. A critical on a persuade roll convinces the superiors to divulge the book's location and its use as a trap. Otherwise however, they won't budge.

A few other ways to find the book include:

1 Asking Blum. If the Agents were not directly involved in the prior opp, Blum was. Research or a successful spot roll in her office determines she has two kids near the kidnapped children's age. This grants a +20 on a roll to persuade her.

2. The players themselves, if they were involved in the prior operation.

The Book

Die Offene Leere is in a local Green Box, the location of which is a locker in a barely used gym. The book is scheduled for pick up and transfer to Dr. Wu's collection within the next few days, though sadistic keepers may wish to speed this up and have the courier agent encounter the investigators as they leave.

Presuming they attain the book, the investigators can set up the meeting.

The Meeting

Calling Galt back and offering him the book sets up a meeting. Galt tells the investigators to meet him at a local Chinese restaurant within an hour. The investigators can arrange a raid with the police, but this is unlikely to go well and will expose a great deal of people to prenatural phenomena. Few DG assets are available to assist within the timeframe, though Blum can if previously persuaded assist. What occurs If the pc's decide to attempt to fight Galt is beyond the scope of this scenario.

The restaurant is empty, save for Galt and his group, three Aryan Alliance members and a Bischofe. Galt is busy eating some meat dish as the investigators arrive, and will offer them a plate. The food is delicious, though if any investigator partakes they will suffer 1/1d4 san loss once they learn that the dish was made from the restaurant's staff.

Once Galt leafs through the book and confirms its veracity, he will give up the children's location. They are being held in an abandoned subway car deep underground, and will be dead within the hour unless the investigators hurry. He'll happily answer any questions the investigators have, but keep in mind this means less time to rescue the children.

The Rescue

The Keeper should make two hidden Drive and two Navigate rolls for the investigators to get to the children in time. Passing all the rolls enables the safe extraction of the children. Failing one means the group will stumble upon a group of ghouls(4-6) as they are leaving.These creatures are a heretical branch of the faith that consume living flesh. They will have to fight off the creatures while likely being distracted by screaming children.

Failing two of the rolls means the investigators will arrive as half of the 24 children have already been killed. Failing three means the entire group has been killed, their dying screams heard as the investigators rush towards them.

As an alternative conclusion, the children could already have been murdered by Galt, who then doused them with the Sapphire compound. The "rescue" will then turn into a battle with the zombified children. These pitiful creatures should not be much of a threat physically, but should do great amounts of SAN damage( 1d6/1d12).

San Rewards & Penalties:

Saving the children: +1d6
Failing to save them: -1d8/1d12
Every three children who die: 0/1

Based off the decisions made within the scenario, the PC's may find themselves facing repercussions from DG. If they are involved in an opp against the Karotechia again, the occult knowledge the investigators traded should directly inconvenience them.


This is an entry to the 2016 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Dave.

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