Obed's Forgotten Alliance


In which our agents are tasked to investigate a happenstance discovery related to the founding of Delta Green and need to cover up the true details.


A local historian and Delta Green Friendly requests aid in confirming a finding.


Through one of her students, Rebecca Page comes across a trove of jewelry reminiscent of Innsmouth. The student, Michelle Ortega, was researching local historical landmarks and event, and while doing so, discovered a collection of antique jewelry that was traded for iron and steel to be used in ship-making.

Research into these items will inform the agents that Obed Marsh had paid, in part, for the steel made in near-by Harrisburg with the jewelry. As to why Obed choose that location far from his home state, there is no record. However, there is enough of a trail for a determined student to follow and discover evidence of Delta Green, it’s history, and elements of the unnatural at large.

This would not be an issue had Ms. Ortega not brought the discovery to the attention of the media. While the media-at-large has yet to do anything about the situation, local news outlets are starting to put together a segment for publication as Michelle said that she’d be willing to do an interview where the discovery was made.

Michelle’s Story:

Michelle Ortega is a motivated and curious student at Franklin & Marshall, eager to make a name for herself as a politically active and savvy lawyer up to any challange. By making a name for herself early on, Michelle believes she will be able to capitalize on her reputation to achieve success later in life. Her enthusiasm is well known and nigh-infectious to team mates.

In researching Pennsylvania’s maritime history during the Reconstruction Era, Michelle came across an entry in the records of the local chapter of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War. That entry referenced Obed Marsh’s trading ships and stood out on three accounts:

1) There was no other reference to the ongoing trades between Obed and the steel company, or Obed and anyone else, in any historical document. (Ms. Ortega is very dedicated at searching)
2) The entry described payments as being delivered to a location outside of town that were descriptive enough for Ms. Ortega to consult maps and find the remnants of where the jewelry changed ownership
3) The entry provided enough details to let Ms. Ortega to start researching local antique stores for the items described.

Ms. Ortega was able to find some of the items at local antique shops in Colombia, Pennsylvania. The jackpot was when she found an unclaimed ‘payment’ near the St. Charles Iron Furnace along the Susquehanna River

What this means for players is that they need to:
1) interview Ms. Ortega and learn the salient details;
2) investigate the area surrounding the St. Charles Iron Furnace for any other potential artifacts and remnants;
3) cover up the discovery that Ms. Ortega found, convince her to not pursue this avenue of investigation, and to go with the cover story when interviewed.

What the Agents discover:

During the course of this scenario, Agents learn that Obed Marsh did come to the area for steel and other ship building materials, as well as other unsavory acquisitions. Depending on how thorough their research is, Agents will discover that disappearances would occur in the months leading up to when Obed came to purchase his materials.
At the jewelry trove near the St. Charles Iron Furnace, agents also find a handful of Innsmouth pieces. In the same area, agents have the potential to find a journal from one of Obed’s men. Reading this will cost 1d4/1d20 San as it describes the purposes of the abductions.

Objectives of this Scenario:

This scenario is written as an introductory seed. As such, it is oriented from the run-and-gun sort of action that is possible in officially published scenarios. The objective is to allow the players to get comfortable with the investigative aspect of Delta Green, followed by the cover-up. Much in the same way that the Roswell Crash was dismissed as a weather balloon crash, the agents should describe Ms. Ortega’s discovery as an odd historical find of ornamentals from the Carribean.

How things can go wrong:

As stated, there is violence inherent in the scenario. Any conflict that starts would be because players choose to be heavy-handed in application or implication of force. As stated in her description, Ms. Ortega is eager to prove herself. It would be wise for an agent to allow her to do so in a position far removed from this small town area of Pennsylvania.

Author’s note:

The locations in this scenario were found via a quick internet search, and thus can be used to create a more immersive feel to playing. Michelle Ortega is a fictitious person and bears no resemblance to anyone, living or dead. I have tried to write this scenario as to reflect my view that role-playing games are enjoyable due to immersion and being in a role. The corollary is that rpgs are less immersive and fun when it comes to roll-playing. Hence I left off the need for specific character skills and let the GM adapt the scenario to the Agents around the table. Just remember that no mission survives first contact with the players.

I’d suggest awarding SAN for the following:
~ Convincing Ms. Ortega to adapt her story
~ Minimizing the amount of exposure that local news agencies can produce
~ Destroying the jewelry and records left behind by Obed’s agent.

One thing I like to do as a Handler is a coda/fade-away scene, in which I narrate how things occur after Agents leave town. For this scenario, there is little to be explicitly shown as happening in the immediate aftermath. However, locals that the Agents meet might cross their path later down the road. Ms. Ortega had the potential to end up as a Delta Green friendly.


This was an entry to the 2019 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Kevin Lama.

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