Okinawa and Zoth-Ommog
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Scenario Two: The US Military Base in Okinawa

Scenario One basically ends in one of two ways: either the players (as American DG agents) run amok and get arrested for killing Japanese citizens, or they find a way to avoid killing off the DOs and instead decide to live-and-let-live while determining exactly why the three people were killed. This causes the scenario path to split, but both branches end up in Okinawa. (Need maps and TOE for Okinawa.)

If they are arrested, the Japanese military (under prodding from Kurotokage) handles the case, either because some of the players are active US military or for some unknown security reason. They get sent hush-hush to Okinawa, eventually to be sent back to the States and forgotten. Deep Throat will arrange to brief them somewhat before they are imprisoned, and drop hints that there is a problem at the military base which, if they could happen to fix, would probably result in charges being cancelled. The players get much less information on Kurotokage in general and the specific problem, though.

If they handle the first scenario right, they have learned to trust (somewhat) what Deep Throat has to say. Deep Throat will ask if they would be willing to help clean up a mythos situation at the US base in Okinawa, in return for the gratitude of the Japanese government. Deep Throat will explain a very little bit about kurotokage, leading the players to believe it is an organization run secretly by the government. This will help set the players up for shocks later.

This is the Zoth-Ommog (sp?) problem written up in the Kurotokage list. One US soldier brought the "religion" to Okinawa several years ago, perhaps as long ago as Vietnam, and has gradually been accumulating personnel and victims.

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