Once in a Lifetime

The Hook

A member of the Great Race of Yith inhabited Kevin Emrys’ body for the past seventeen years. Kevin recently returned, and the shock of his new life triggered a psychotic break. He’s currently holding his children hostage at gunpoint. The Program wants whatever Kevin knows, and the Agents must retrieve him unharmed.

The Truth

Kevin Emrys was born in Hollins, Virginia, a great place for raising children. His girlfriend Steph’s pregnancy was the most important moment of his life. He skipped town a week later, driving towards Seattle. Lying in a cold motel bed in Bozeman, Montana, his mind was flung across space and time to the Great Library in Pnakotus with his body now controlled by a member of the Great Race.

The Yithian spent two years homeless before getting its bearings in modern society. Needing a mundane cover to pursue its agenda, it came to Hollins, hoping to utilize the support network Kevin had at home. Stephanie, scraping by as a single mother, heard about “Kevin’s” return and confronted her “ex-boyfriend”. The promise assistance. Knowing neglectful genetic contributors were ostracized in human society, the Yithian promised assistance. Kevin and Steph married three months later, and a second child followed two years after.

The Yithian found work as a software engineer, easily understanding the intricacies of human technology. While the relationship between the Yithian and its “family” was cold, it aptly performed all the duties expected of a human father. At work, Kevin was brilliant and hard-working, though reserved and humorless. The only strange behaviors were the surprise trips to obscure locales, but as long as deadlines were met, and food was put on the table, nobody cared.

24 days ago, Kevin returned to his body. The Program noticed traces of hypergeometric signals in the region, followed by Kevin making several internet searches containing flagged keywords. The Program had agent Tanya Moore, a local police corporal, monitor Kevin for the past week. They planned to question him in the near future.

The Briefing

In the middle of the work day, the Agents are contacted through the usual secure channels. For unknown reasons, they are needed ASAP in Virginia; high speed transportation is provided. Upon reaching Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport around 5 PM, they are brought into a meeting room and hastily briefed by a middle aged African-American woman surrounded by empty coffee cups. This is Tonya Moore, their Case Officer for the mission. She is helpful, but speaks firmly and impatiently.

Moore understaffed the crisis so she could bring in the Agents. She provides non-federal agents with forged FBI identification. The Roanoke police department received a call about gunshots in the Emrys household at 1:26PM, which escalated to the current hostage situation. Kevin told the police he intends to kill his children then himself. Mrs. Moore is acting commander of the situation, emphasizing this has been extremely difficult because of her meeting with the Agents. The Program wants Kevin alive.

If asked, Mrs. Moore says the Program believes Kevin holds knowledge of extraterrestrial intelligences. A week ago, they tasked her with watching Kevin. She started with following him to his job at Initiative Systems, but he lost his job on the second day. Since then, he’s spent his time researching computer science and psychology at the library, shooting at a range, or drinking in the parking lots of local convenience stores.

The Situation

The Agents are in a hurry, so Mrs. Moore gives them a ride to the hostage crisis in her police cruiser. On their way, Mrs. Moore is alerted Kevin Emrys shot his daughter, Amber, in the leg. Unbeknownst to them, this was an accident.

The Emrys household is upscale, though isolated. It stands alone on top of a hill, a mile from the nearest neighbor. It’s now swarming with TV cameras and cops, and paramedics and SWAT standing by. Stephanie, who was out of the house for groceries run, is on site, accompanied by several police officers calming her down. Kevin Emrys is holding his two children in a kitchen in the center of the large house. There’s no line of sight from outside, but communication is established between Kevin’s cell phone and a Crisis Response Phone. Kevin wants clemency to kill Tyler, his biological son. He says Tyler isn’t his son and expresses fear Tyler may hurt the rest of the family. Mr. Emrys is adamant, if his demand for clemency is not met, he will kill himself and his children. He is armed with an AR-15, a gun he’s used twice before. Until the Agents arrive, a beat cop has been attempting to talk down Mr. Emrys, with no results.

The Negotiation

Between adjusting to modern society and the possibility of killing his family, to call Kevin Emrys emotionally unstable is an understatement. He can be talked down, but the Agents must be careful. He is receptive to information on his body’s activities from the past 17 years, especially if they make the Yithian look like a bad father. Shaming is also surprisingly effective, but if pushed too far, Kevin may kill himself. Kevin hasn’t told his family about his temporal experience or his lost job. He tries to appear knowledgeable about his work, but a Computer Science 20% sees through this.

Angering Kevin: Fail a Persuade test, refer to Tyler as “his son”, speak to him using an Agent who has already upset him, present him with evidence of the Yithian’s positive behavior from his time possessed

Calming Down Kevin: Succeed a Persuade test, agree to one of his demands, present him with evidence of the Yithian’s negative behavior from his time possessed, provide Kevin with expertise (such as Law) he believes may be able to help him


  1. Burger King. Kevin’s hungry and so are the kids.
  2. A Latin textbook. During Kevin’s time at the library of Pnakotus cataloging old texts, he mastered Latin.
  3. A doctor or nurse for Amber. Agent’s are allowed in the house if they can prove their medical knowledge to Kevin with a First Aid, Medicine, or Surgery 40%, or a successful Persuade test at -20%.
  4. A copy of the Pnakotic manuscripts. This can be identified with a successful Unnatural test or an Occult 40%. With a successful Persuade test, Mrs. Moore has the Program procure a copy, but it takes several hours to do so.

The Bystanders

Stephanie Emrys
Stephanie is taking the situation remarkably well. She appears collected and is mostly cooperative. Her marriage had been cold and loveless for a long time. She and the Yithian in Kevin’s body only had sex once, to conceive Tyler. This lack of intimacy eventually drove her to a six year affair. She finally came clean with the Yithian in Kevin’s body two months ago. The Yithian gave no response, and Kevin doesn’t know about this infidelity. She believes Kevin’s breakdown and accusations of Tyler “not being his son” are related to her infidelity, rather than his exposure to the Unnatural. She hides it well, but is secretly wracked with guilt. A HUMINT 40% notices she’s hiding something.

The SWAT Team doesn’t care about taking Kevin alive. They just want to make sure the kids are safe, and many would love an excuse to take him out. This puts them at natural conflict with the Agents trying to recover Kevin alive. Three hours after the Agents arrive, the SWAT begin heavily pushing for the call to go inside. They can be convinced to step down with a Bureaucracy, Firearms, or Law 40% or a successful Persuade test. This repeats every three hours, each time the skill requirements increase by 20% and a -20% penalty is added to the Persuade test.

The Hostages

Amber Emrys
Amber is a 16 year-old girl who begins the scenario passed out from blood loss. Though the bullet in her leg bypassed the femoral artery,and she is losing blood fast. Kevin made a makeshift bandage out of kitchen towels. Amber dies of her injury by 11 PM if untreated. Her wound can be treated with a successful First Aid or Surgery test, which helps calm Kevin down.

Tyler Emrys
Tyler is a 12 year-old boy, shy and easily scared. He likes Minecraft and WWII history. Tyler greatly admired the Yithian, but they had little relationship to speak of. Tyler wants to be a programmer because of his “dad”, but all attempts Tyler made to bond with him were spurned. Tyler only speaks if spoken to, but is forthcoming about his interests and loves discussing them. Tyler happily reveals the details of his homelife if he likes the Agents, which can be done by discussing his interests (Computer Science, History, Military Science, or SIGINT 40%).

Rewards and Penalties

One child dies - lose 1/1D6 SAN (Helplessness)
Two children die - lose 1/1D8 SAN (Helplessness)
Nobody dies - gain 1D6 SAN


Kevin Emrys

STR 10 CON 10 DEX 12 INT 9 POW 14 CHA 13
HP 10 WP 14 SAN 16 Breaking Point 14
SKILLS: Alertness 42%, Athletics 36%, Art (Music) 41%, Computer Science 4%, Firearms 35%, Melee Weapons 40%, Occult 53%, Search 40%, Unnatural 30%, Foreign Language (Aklo) 30%, Foreign Language (Latin) 50%
ATTACKS: AR-15 (35%, D12 or 10% lethality, 3 AP)
Unarmed 40%, damage 1D4–1


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Andrew Boyd.

The intellectual property known as Delta Green is ™ and © the Delta Green Partnership. The contents of this document are © their respective authors, excepting those elements that are components of the Delta Green intellectual property.