One Fine Mourning

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald


This scenario is not your typical Shotgun Scenario. Not only is it mundaner than mundane, it’s also written in an agnostic format with the sole intent of being run in the middle of an ongoing campaign… right after an Opera ended with an Agent’s death.

This “Build Your Own Shotgun… Scenario” as you will, taps into the raw emotions of the players at your table. Reminds them of what they are fighting for and to rise up for One Fine Mourning.


This scenario is written as a guide on how to assemble the “Shotgun” for an effective curtain closer for a beloved Agent during an ongoing campaign. As such this scenario should not be run on its own. This requires a longstanding connection with the deceased for the players to feel the deep impact.

The Truth

Everyone at the table knows what happened. An Opera ended with an Agent’s death, and now the things they left behind must be ten to.

Running This Scenario

Once you have assembled the shotgun, using the steps below, then it is up to you to convey the emotion of the innocent and get the players involved.

If the assembled shotgun functions as intended, without misfire, then the scenario will be one that will not be forgotten.


“A Man without any history, is like a tree without roots.” — Malcolm X

This “Shotgun” must have a strong and sturdy stock, which in this case means characters at the table and their history together. Multiple operas, memorable moments, and memorable background.

Once an on-going campaign has grown in roots, ask each player to write about their background and history outside the program. Why they chose to join Delta Green, detailing their Bonds and loved ones, and why they stayed for so long.


“Our Characters are refined and tried by fire, and when we have gone through the furnace we emerge as pure as gold and silver.” — Edward Dunedin

When an Agent’s death is near, rather physical or mental, is when the spotlight should be shined in the most favorable light possible. Give them “One Last Stand” against the threat, ideally one that saves the others for another day. Their death should be memorable, dramatic, and one that motivates the players to ensure that the Agent’s death was not in vain.

Nothing ruins a bad shotgun more than unfinished steel. If the death was played for laughs, came out of nowhere, or sabotaged in another manner… then the risk of a misfire may be too high for this to be considered.


“It's not what you take when you leave this world behind you, It's what you leave behind you when you go.” — Randy Travis (3 Wooden Crosses).

The Shells of this Shotgun represent things that the surviving Agents will need to tend to throughout this Shotgun Scenario’s duration. These “Shells” are what hit the Agent’s heart as they realize the full scope of the fallen’s personal life as they view behind the curtain.

Talk privately with the player who’s Agent died, or went insane, and work with them on what was left behind. Examples rightwards.

Program Sponsored College Scholarship:
There may be a family member that was anticipating a College Scholarship from a program the fallen Agent mentioned, but their legal employer never heard of such a program. This is a MAJOR EXPENSE if paid for out of pocket, but players may band together and lower it to an UNUSUAL EXPENSE.

Program’s Medical Insurance:
The Legal Insurance Company isn’t covering the vital medication needed by a family member. Rather it be medication for cancer treatment, or just regular maintenance, this needs to be taken care of. Players may use LAW or BUREAUCRACY to legally take care of the issue, or CRIMINOLOGY to get the supplies delivered from a Program operated front.

Classified Documents:
Any and all Delta Green documents must be destroyed or taken, and Players may notice some loving mementos that were saved from last Operas. (Like a group photo) NO ROLL NEEDED.

Funeral Arrangements:
Agents need to assist with getting the word out to other members and help them with arranging the funeral. Some members may be more surprised than others, while others will be devastated. Bring in old characters from past Operas who the player left a positive impact on. NO ROLL NEEDED.

Personal Legacy:
Agents need to ensure the legacy of the fallen is left intact with the most positive light. Discredit anyone trying to undermine their personal life’s work. ROLL VARIES.


“…The Only bullets that count, are the ones that hit.” — Theodore Roosevelt

Once the stock has been assembled, the steel integrated into the wood, and the ammunition loaded… All that is left is the blast. This is the scenario itself being played through itself, and going through the motions.

Make a broad outline of what needs to be covered. Ensure that each and every player has a chance to resolve the things left behind as they use their own expenses or skills to correct shortcomings. Above all else make sure you allow them to breathe during this One Fine Mourning.

SAN Rewards

Gain +1 SAN for each loose end tied up, and seeing to it that the family and loved ones were tended to properly.
Suggested Reading
While you may assemble the shotgun and fire it from this guide alone, it is suggested that you read this article written by Adam Scott Glancy. This document was the source of inspiration for this “Build Your Own Shotgun” style guide, and can help clear up common misconceptions about the 9mm Retirement Plans:


The Jersey Boys… for having me realize the importance of taking care of one's family after the Opera has concluded.


This was an entry to the 2021 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Noah C. Cline

This shotgun scenario contest submission can be seen in its original two-column formatting here.

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