In December of 1942, Operation LIFEGUARD disrupted a plan by Nazi occultists to ritually
sacrifice 1000 POWs. At the same time, Operation BLIND TIGER infiltrated a Nazi
stronghold while their attention was drawn away, to steal plans and artifacts.

A small group of agents parachuted into the forest surrounding Chateau Le Mortier, where
information discovered by agents within the French Resistance revealed the Karotechia
were hoarding occult artifacts and tomes.

Unfortunately, this was misinformation, funneled to the OSS by Karotechia agents in the
hopes to lure out Delta Green agents. The reason was twofold, one) to strike a blow
against the agency, and two) capture and interrogate anyone they could.

Karotechia agents will be lying in wait, with knowledge of the forest and the Chateau
itself, to ambush the agents as they approach in what they have been lead to believe will
be a simple in and out operation. After all, the Karotechia's major players are
distracted by the sacrifice.


This was an entry to the 2015 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Lex.

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