When the Accord dissolved, many former MAJESTIC personnel saw the writing on the wall and stole several pieces of Grey technology that the organization had acquired over the years. One of these individuals was a man named Lawrence Greenrich, who stole three inactive Grey bodies from one of the joint labs located around the country. Storing them near Roswell, NM, he planned on selling them to the rival organizations. His plans were cut short though when a drunk driver ran a red light and killed him.

A few days later his storage locker was apparently broken into. When the police investigated they found a makeshift lab, three empty body bags, and several missing pieces of equipment. At the same time, sightings of people believed to be dressed up as extraterrestrials began cropping up, believed by many to be a promotion for the upcoming UFO Festival in Roswell.

At first, Program analysts believed as many did, that the Greys were merely promotions for the festival. But as more and more sightings of these figures popped up, they looked a little more into it and realized what had happened after cross-checking with police reports and Lawrence’s name coming up in the old databases. Scrambling, the Program has called up the closest agents they could find to stop the situation from spiraling out of control. Only problem is that the agents arrive on the day the UFO Festival starts.


Somehow, someway, the Greys that Lawrence was holding achieved sentience. The first thing they did after breaking out of storage was take the laptop Lawrence had there and use it to scour the Internet, looking at various parts of Earth’s history, each coming away with a different perception of humanity and how they should act. Deciding that they needed to blend in more, they used the equipment they took from the lab to make modifications to themselves to appear more human. It gave them human like features and the ability to mimic people’s voices. Deciding to take the names and voices of historic and pop culture icons, the Greys have wandered into town to revel in their new found freedom from both Lawrence and their Mi-Go masters. They drink; go see movies, attend the convention, etc. They run into a problem though, when townsfolk start to notice that the Greys don’t have any money or identification and when they demand payment, the Greys use their Paralysis Ball ability to flee. It’s only a matter of time before the police find them.

The Agents will have pictures of the Greys from the various videos and photos taken of them from weeks earlier. Files show that they are clearly similar to the Grey bodies that the Program still has, but different enough to maybe pass off as human. Their heads and eyes are smaller, their bodies taller, and two have almost male like traits while the other one has female like traits.


Secure the three Greys without killing them or alerting the public to their true nature. Alert the Program of any unexpected complications. Secure the Greys before the end of the convention or people will begin asking more questions.

UFO Festival

The annual Roswell UFO Festival is quite a large event with around forty thousand attendees this year. It’s usually located around the city’s convention center but the whole city likes to get involved and many businesses thrive off of the attention it brings. If the Agents identify themselves as law enforcement to a festival-goer, there’s a 10% chance that they don’t believe the agent and think that the Agents are just cosplaying. There’s also several individuals that are dressed up in costumes that look like the Greys the Agents are looking for, meaning there’s a chance for the Agents to apprehend the wrong person.

The Greys

Diana Spencer: Gentle and kind, Diana is the nicest of the three and is the only who is concerned for the welfare of the people that they use their abilities on. She can be found playing with children at the convention and parks or shopping at clothing and jewelry stores, as she believes is the norm for women of today’s society. Somewhat naïve, Diana can be convinced by the agents if they are calm and nice to her. If they are aggressive she will attempt to flee but will not harm the agents or any civilians in the area. Acting in a childish fashion, she may ask some of the agents if she can try on their clothing or jewelry. She has the voice of Princess Diana and is wearing an assortment of women’s and men’s clothing that she took from stores around town.

Johnny Cash: The drinker of the group, Johnny has no problem with using his abilities to get himself free drinks from the bars and vendor stands around town. Vulgar and lewd, Johnny tends to swear and make passes at both men and women. He is usually found in bars or stumbling down the street, taking things from various vendor stands that are setup along the sidewalk. When the Agents find him, he will be in a drunken state, though Psychology rolls reveal that he is merely acting or believes himself to be drunk. He’ll make passes at the agents regardless of sex. If they try to detain him he will fight back and use his abilities without thought of consequence. He has the voice of Johnny Cash and is wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots that are clearly too big for him.

George Harrison: George is the most ambitious of the group. He believes he is a step above humans and that his newly found sentience clearly shows that the Greys are the next step in evolution and are superior to the mindless, violent driven human that rule the planet. Going along with this logic, he has used what equipment they have left to build a device that with let him control the minds of individuals, hoping to build an army to do, what else, conquer the world. He plans to use it at the convention, during one of the bigger event to see how many he can enthrall. He is somewhere in the convention, having bought a badge by pawning off some of the lab equipment for money. He tries to blend in with the convention crowd as best he can, often staying near groups that are dressed up in costumes that look similar to him. If confronted by the Agents, he will attempt to use the device on them but failing that he will flee, possibly hijacking a car or calling out for help to bystanders, claiming that the Agents are trying to rob him. He has the voice of George Harrison and doesn’t wear any clothing, instead only having a convention badge around his neck and carrying a backpack around with his devices inside them. He is great at playing the guitar though and is an amazing singer.


Phenomen-X: Some of the people that are attending the convention are part of the long running UFO expose Phenomen-X. If word gets around that there might be actual aliens at the convention or men-in-black, they will go into investigation mode as they begin to move about the convention and city to see if they can spy any unusual activity.

Outlaw Agents: Two agents from the Outlaws, Agent Nico and Agent Niles, are at the convention for unrelated reasons as the Agents, but become involved when a contact in the police station lets them know what’s going on and they soon try to eliminate the Greys. They might even try to kill everyone in the convention center just to be sure. Use the Ordinary federal agent or police officer stats from the Handler’s Guide for Nico’s and Niles’s stats.

Police Officers: Because such a large number of people will be attending the convention, the Roswell police are all out on patrol to keep the peace. While they have heard reports of the people dressed up as aliens stealing clothing and not paying for drinks, it isn’t on their highest priority at the moment as they get reports like those every year. Still, if the Agents cause a commotion or in some way attract unwanted attention, a police officer might be just around the corner.

Stats and Notes

Diana – Happy go lucky Grey with a winning smile.
STR 8, CON 8, DEX 10, INT 8, POW 13
HP 8, WP 13
Skills: Alertness 40%, Athletics 30%, Dodge 25%, Persuade 40%
Johnny – A vulgar Grey with a taste for the bottle.
STR 8, CON 8, DEX 10, INT 10, POW 13
HP 8, WP 13
Skill: Alertness 40%, Athletics 40%, Craft (Drinking) 50%, Dodge 25%
George – A groovy Grey hell bent on world domination.
STR 8, CON 8, DEX 10, INT 15, POW 13
HP 8, WP 13
Skills: Alertness 40%, Athletics 30%, Dodge 25%, HUMINT 30%, Persuasion 40%, Science (Grey Anatomy) 75%, Science (Microdimensional Physics) 75%, Stealth 40%, Use Device 10%

George’s Device. Study Time: 1 day, 4WP, Activation: single target (one turn), multiple targets (three turns), 1D4 SAN. The target(s) of the device must roll POW to not fall under the wielder’s influence. Those who fail are enthralled for 1D6 rounds and must do whatever the wielder tells them too.


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Ian Weeber.

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