Operation Brawndo

October 3rd, 2017, Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico. A friendly on site sent the following message from the Arecibo Observatory and has not been heard from since:

“..Exterminator.. late.. Bad signal.. Things bad here..”

Delta Green friendlies or assets with a familial connection to Puerto Rico or fluency in Spanish or status as an Aid Worker will be activated to attend this opera. They are to board a charter boat to Puerto Rico and find their way to the Arecibo Array. They are to meet with Dr. Bookbinder, a DG friendly, and be briefed on the situation. Agents are told that it is “likely that everyone died in the hurricane. They should be prepared to report this to news agencies once they have located all of the bodies.” Meaning, if there is a vector, kill all the scientists.

On Island:
Massive devastation, human suffering, destruction of infrastructure.

At the Array:
Some locals nearby say not to get too close as there is something bad going on there.

What is going on

An alien intelligence was beamed into the radio array and has infected the minds of half of the scientists. Those scientists are barely aware that they are now sharing their intelligence with an alien mind. The scientists have built, under the guidance of the alien intelligence, a pulse device that lowers the intelligence of everything in the nearby region. The telescope is trying to beam this signal to a satellite and thus infect the rest of the population.

Threat Environment

The signal is sapping the intelligence of any living being nearby. For every hour inside the perimeter, players must roll a POW test.
(Within 100m distance, POW roll: fail 1d6 INT loss pass, 1d2 INT loss.
The losses are temporary and points return after 24 hours outside of the perimeter.)

  • Failing any intelligence based skill test 1d2 SAN loss

The scientists are compulsively building a machine that will amplify the signal. The alien intelligence is maintaining its control of the scientists and local citizens who sought shelter at the facility. Once on site, the affected locals will attempt (poorly) the agents. They will easily grow angry and violent. There are 10 locals per player.

The alien intelligence is letting the scientists have enough of their faculties to build the machine, thusly they are a little more “present”. The scientists will attempt to confuse or distract agents. If this fails, they will attempt to convince the agents that they are building something to stop the signal. After this, the scientists will turn violent. There are 8 scientists.

Running this Scenario

This scenario is meant to amplify roleplay opportunities. This scenario takes much of its inspiration from the film “Idiocracy”. It should quickly go back and forth from comedy to savage horror.


This was an entry to the 2020 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Joe

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