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The hairs on your arm will stand up
At the terror in each sip and in each sup
Will you partake of that last offered cup
Or disappear into the potter's ground?
When the man comes around
-Johnny Cash “The Man Comes Around”

More often than not, Delta Green operations will create more problems than they solve. At the very least they whittle down the vectors for the unnatural to crawl out of. The program and its new resources can at times take these opportunities to examine aspects of the unnatural for intelligence reasons, often at the risk of Agents. Meanwhile the Agents may simply be tasked with guarding a friendly, another Agent, or even guarding a site containing an anomalous object. In all of these cases it is a gamble that the program in it’s new, and sick machinations has decided is worth it.


Agents Douglas(Vincent Cordoy), Keenan(Alexa Bushein), and Young(Anthony Kreps) were called in by their handler Agent Stone(Harker Brown) to investigate a sort of “self help” cult being attended by a U.S. Senator. Officially known as the Brotherhood council by the churches common attendees, a few members meet up on odd nights and call themselves “His Adherents”. Managing over a few weeks time acting as new comers to the town and the church the cell managed to infiltrate the Council and finally the Adherents. In the ensuing the deep cover operations they partook in ceremonies and ritual tattooing. One day the Senator died in an automobile accident. With their target now uninvolved they cell managed to trap the members in the church during a session and burn it down. With their task done they left the town.

Agent Douglas was the first to report strange occurrences. He felt like he was being watched, and followed constantly. Within days of his first report he had become sick with tetanus after a can opener accident, he then nearly lost his life in a car accident. Douglas reported to have finally seen who he thought was following, he reported it as a man in black attire, tall and hard to make out, Douglas reported never being able to find this man when chasing after him. Agent Douglas would die a day after this report as the boiler in his home combusted while he was working around his home.

Sufficiently spooked, Agent’s Keenan and Young attempted to pull strings from Delta anyway they could. Both stayed in separate Black sites for at least a week, still reporting feelings of vague paranoia. Agent Keenan attempted to revisit the ruins of the church, looking into the history of the members and their leader Father Grant, for any clues. The only thing to standout was Father Grant’s extensive travels during his study for priesthood. Sharing her information with Young they began to research heavily but could find nothing like what they were experiencing from any of the countries that Grant had visited. Delta either had no knowledge or was unreasonably hesitant to divulge help any on the situation. Eventually Keenan was caught breaking into Grant’s old home late at night by police. Two murdered patrolmen and a car chase later, Keenan met her end overturned in a ditch, her phone still clutched in her hand having called Agent Young sobbing about the man in her back seat with no face.

With the dissolving of an entire team and the chance to study an oddity like this, Delta Green has taken quite the interest in intervening for Agent Young. Picked up by Agent Stone in a large moving truck and given a company credit card, Agent stone is tasked with transporting Agent Young around in attempts to delay or find a way to end this nightmare for Agent Young. As Young’s sanity continues to dwindle, Stone calls in a last desperate favor from any contacts within Delta Green that he has, and eventually someone answers. The Agents will be contacted by this source and be somehow organized in an official way and meet Agents Stone and Young at a loading dock somewhere in the Eastern U.S.


This was an entry to the 2017 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Agent Sampson.

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