Operation COLD BOOK / Against All Odds


There’s a major case squad in Las Vegas investigating the aftermath of Delta Green's most recent operation. Make sure they get nothing useful to go on.
The Las Vegas major case squad is right on the tail of a Delta Green cell and your team has been assigned to sabotage the investigation - destroy the evidence, discredit any witnesses, mess with the cops, etc.
According to the field reports, the team had to leave behind some trails uncleaned on their way out. Some dead bodies in a safe house. Some equipment stashes in a Green Box. A bloody hotel room. A few people saw them without masks.

The Mission

The agents will arrive in the city of Las Vegas three days after the previous DG cell exfiltrated with the police and opposition hot on their heels. They will have at most one week before the Major Case Squad manages to collect enough clues to build a picture of the truth. The Handler may choose to secretly roll the appropriate skills of the investigators each day, with successes getting them close to cracking the case.

The Major Case Squad

The investigators on the trail of DG number five veteran police officers (stats are as Expert Police Detective (Handler’s Guide page 354)) plus Captain Boris Kelly (see stats below). Only Kelly is a honest and committed cop, the rest are corrupt (working with gangsters and taking bribes) or too brutish to the job well. Kelly won’t take bribes at all, and threats will just slow him down – killing him or tricking him into a wild goose chase is a much better tactic. Once Kelly is out of the way, the police will far less threatening to DG.

Captain Boris Kelly

Hardboiled Bloodhound, age 39.
STR 10
CON 12
DEX 10
CHA 10
INT 14
POW 14
HP 11
WP 14
SAN 65
BP 56
Bonds: Father, 10. Best friend, 10. Sister, 10.
Motivations: Protecting the innocent, finding true love, fighting the crime syndicates, not giving into corruption, showing off how clever he is.
Skills: Accounting 40%, Alertness 59%, Athletics 51%, Criminology 67%, Dodge 36%, Drive 38%, First Aid 65%, Firearms 53%, Foreign Language (Spanish) 50%, Forensics 34%, HUMINT 60%, Law 64%, Persuade 67%, Search 55%, Stealth 49%, Unarmed Combat 71%.
Glock 22 pistol 53%, damage 1D10.
Unarmed 71%, damage 1D4-1.

The Corpses

The previous operation involved assassinating multiple occultists. The team could not dispose of the bodies before they were chased out of Vegas. The three dead men are all stored in a large freezer in the basement of an (seemingly) abandoned house out on the outskirts of Vegas. Getting there isn’t the problem, the PCs will have the address. The problem is disposing of the corpses.

The Green Box

The same safe house containing the corpses also acts as a Green Box. The contents can be as dangerous, sanity-threatening, or tricky to move out, as the GM prefers. If nothing else, the contents are very illegal or crucial evidence against DG.

The Bloody Hotel Room

The previous operation crescendoed with a nasty gunfight in a 2nd floor hotel room the agents were staying in. CSI are combing the scene right as the scenario operation reaches its second day – fast thinking agents may infiltrate the scene directly by posing as legit cops and get rid of evidence right away. Clever agents may fill the hotel’s fire sprinklers tank with chlorine or other chemicals and start a fire to douse the scene with contaminating liquids, ruining the evidence. If the crime scene is already combed over, the agents must infiltrate police headquarters to steal from the evidence lockers.

The Witnesses

There are three people who must be stopped from informing the police of DG agents’ appearances.

Witness one, Harold Evans, works at a gas station at a busy freeway crossroad. He only has eyewitness testimony and therefore cannot bear much weight in a trial. Nevertheless, a good description of the DG agents is troublesome.

Witness two, Alice McElroy, is a white collar professional who managed to get a good look at DG agents AND can give detailed accounts of their movements over the last day of the previous operation. She may already be under police protection, or be staying at her home in the suburbs and simply taking precautions and extra security measures of her own.

Witness three, Joshua Kincaid (see stats below), was one of the DG team’s secondary targets, a dangerous freelance criminal with access to hypergeometric rituals. He survived a brutal shootout with the agents and is now in custody and recovering at a hospital under police guard. If he realises he is in danger, he will retaliate with rituals – he is too injured to fight back with his fists.

Joshua Kincaid

Half-Dead Magician Thug, age 24.
STR 12
CON 16
INT 14
POW 15
HP 14 (currently 4 due to injury)
WP 15 (currently 11)
SAN 41
BP 30
Bonds: None.
Motivations and Disorders: Staying out of trouble, becoming a great wizard. Paranoia. Megalomania. Addiction (Hypergeometry). Adapted to violence.
Skills: Alertness 45%, Criminology 50%, Dodge 40%, Drive 30%, Firearms 37%, Foreign Language (Latin) 53%, HUMINT 40%, Persuade 47%, Search 48%, Stealth 52%, Occult 56%, Unarmed Combat 51%, Unnatural 13%.
Rituals: Ageless Banquet, Exaltation of the Flesh, Exchange Personalities, Fascination, Healing Balm, Infallible Suggestion, Obscure Memory, Withering, any other Ritual the GM would use to make this more interesting.


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by threethreethree.

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