Operation Electric Cowboy

The Brief

Agents are tasked with investigating the death of Andrew Stuart, a junior at the University of Texas, and one-time Friendly. Monday morning, Andrew took a handgun to his class and opened fire on several students, injuring dozens, but only killing one before turning the weapon on himself.

The Truth

Suzanne Hille had two tillinghast resonators that she built from scratch. The first, a lighter more portable model was in her backpack, and another, stronger model is currently on and in a locker in the engineering building under a different name. Andrew noticed her notes one class and recognized the design for a third much more powerful machine. He then began to follow her and until he could find proof enough to contact the Agency. Sunday night, Andrew confronted Suzanne about her machines, but she scared him off by threatening to turn on one of her resonators. The next day, he brought his gun to class, just in case. Suzanne turned on her portable resonator in the middle of the lecture hall, the pretty lights and colors distracting the whole class. The reintroduction to T-Radiation was enough to cause Andrew to slip through and become exposed to the invisible creatures. What followed was Andrew attempting to defend himself from terrifying creatures from a different plane with his concealed handgun, which he is licensed for and is allowed on the campus. His last act was killing Suzanne and destroying the resonator. Finding that the creatures were still after him, he took the honest way out instead, turning the gun on himself. The last resonator remains turned on in the Engineering school, and the designs for the larger prototype are scattered in Suzanne’s room and lab.

Andrew Stuart

Andrew was an Engineering major, and once helped a different Cell dismantle a makeshift Tillinghast resonator. Haunted by visions of people being eaten by invisible creatures, he drowned himself in studying and work for 2 years to cope. That is, until he noticed familiar sketches and designs in his classmate's notes. A shy guy, Andrew kept to himself mostly, having few very good friends. The rest of the University has branded him a villain, a stalker, and a loser with no life who just went nuts. They will never know he might’ve saved them.

Suzanne Hille

As a young girl, Cassidy O’Conor was kidnapped by a cult and purposefully exposed to T-radiation in small amounts. Fascinated by the charming lights and colors, she became traumatized when she saw her kidnappers being eaten alive by invisible monsters. Convinced the creatures protected her, she escaped into police custody and has been obsessed with the machine since. Now a Senior, Cassidy changed her name to Suzanne Hille. Possessing two machines, she knows she has to be very still so the creatures won't hurt her, but she loves her protectors. The University will paint her a martyr, candlelight vigils will be had, people who never knew her will cry, and they'll all praise and honor her. If only they knew she would’ve happily killed them all.


Andrew knew the Agency might come, so he wrote coded messages on the walls of his room before leaving for class revealing that there are two machines, and one might be in her locker, a decision that did not help his image as they were disguised as cryptic warnings. Nonetheless, checking his computer might reveal he had searched up Suzanne Hille multiple times, and particularly observant Agents might notice the name Cassidy O’Conor as well. Talking to classmates or friends will reveal Andrew had been “Stalking” Suzanne for a few days prior. Investigating Suzannes room will reveal fragmented notes on the devices, including the large prototype. Her dream journal, which shouldn't be too hard to find, will detail her love and reverence for the invisible creatures and the two machines she has disguised as musings of recurring dreams. Old paperwork and ID’s in her room might also help Agents discover she was once Cassidy O’Conor. The first machine was destroyed by Andrew, but the second remains running in a locker under the name of Cassidy O’Conor. Following that name at any point will reveal an old police report of a kidnapped girl from out of state, her captors mutilated and eaten by wild animals despite no sign of wildlife being found.

An Accident waiting to happen

Unless the Agents get to it in time, the last resonator will slowly acclimate the rest of the engineering building until those invisible horrors aren't so invisible. Even if the resonator does its job, the Agents can still find it and shut it off. Still, the fallout may be worse, as they might have to handle cleaning up the carnage, or deal with possible exposure to T-radiation.


This was an entry to the 2017 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by J.A. Figueroa.

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