It is recommended that at least 1 agent sent on this operation has been a part of the previous operation: WOODWORK, as this is a direct follow up. It is however extremely possible for Agents not involved in this prior OP to participate and fill each roll, in fact many would argue that the sheer detachment to the individuals involved is equally as psychologically damaging.

Players may be with any sort of agency. It is beneficial if they are part of some sort of law enforcement, private detective agency, or federal bureau.


Delta Green often sends Agents out on follow up mission for many types of reasons. Whether it be staking out a location that was the site of a recent ritual, keeping tabs on a local cult that may be possibly related to the actual mythos, or even observing witnesses/participants in a recent operation. This will be the latter.

Emmanuel Soto, a 60 year old researcher was a recent party to the recovery and scuttling of a crashed NRO satellite in the Antarctic over 2 months ago, the recovery team also happened to have members of Delta Green on board with it. This simple recovery mission was responded to by Delta due to the abnormality of the circumstances under which the satellite fell. Awaiting the 4 researchers and 4 man D.O.D. security detail was what the best of Delta’s records can decipher to be, some form of mini or proto Shoggoth like creature. With the deaths of 1 researcher and 2 of the security detail written off officially by members of Delta on the detail and by threatened and or assured researchers as nothing but a mass polar bear attack, non program assets are now under watch.

If asked by Agents that were present for the operation, case officers will acknowledge the necessity for observing the rest of the researches but will be simply told that they are being “taken care of”. In reality multiple observation operations like this one are going on as we speak.

Emmanuel was already shaky before his introduction to the unnatural. A heavy dependence on Adderall to steady his nerves and a minor smoking addiction he cannot quit despite years of trying have taken their toll, now he is nearly lost to vices in an effort to stave of his paranoia and curiosity. It is unknown whether Emmanuel had gotten a good look at the twisting, malign, boisterous form of the creature that day, but less has broken the minds of many before.

The Family

Emmanuel: 6ft, thin, pale Hispanic, white comb over hair, saggy yet smooth complexion. Often irritable even before the current events of the story. Education: Doctorate in Physics, Bachelors in Computer Engineering. Suffers from addiction to both Cigarettes and Adderall. Emmanuel has taken to constant isolation in his study, searching the web for any sort of “real” supernatural concepts, purchasing express so called “manuscripts”, and even exploring the concepts of the “Matamagicka”, or study of advanced mathematics and physics as forms of “magic”. If not doing these things he is often out of the house, gorging himself on fast food and running many semi-suspect errands. These activities have not escaped the notice and ire of his wife.

Camila: 5’6, slightly Pear shaped build, light brown skin, Feathered, auburn Hair cut, more saggy than Emmanuel, smooth complexion. Education; Bachelors in Journalism. She is a caring woman on most occasion, and is very, very protective of her husband and more so of her son. However, fighting has been constant in the Soto home recently, Emmanuel has raised his voice, something he has never done, his Adderall addiction has become known to and is constantly under threat by Camila. Things have not gotten physical but it is only a matter of time, shouting after hours has now become common, and Camila regularly takes their son out for lunch, shopping, or play dates to escape her now unpredictable husband. Money has now become a new object of vexation for these long married crooners, with Emmanuel’s recent costly purchases of “bullshit” as Camila calls is, heir financial stability, while in reality is not close to grim, is becoming apparent. In truth Camila is deathly afraid and tries daily to reach out to her now estranged husband but is shut out each time. If approached under the guise of federal concern with what he has been researching, conditions of his resignation and retirement (Emmanuel being part of the recovery team was an extension of his duties as a NASA engineer), or fabrications of his recent actions or purchases, so long as genuine concern can be feigned she will break down and accept most all help and talk at length of his ramblings and notes scrawled on his walls.

Gerald: 4’8, Light Brown skin, smooth complexion, dark curly hair, 12 years old. The son of Emmanuel and Camila. Gerald is decently pampered but is instilled with humility regularly by his father. Normally outgoing, bright, and basking in the love of his parents, Gerald is now distant and slightly rebellious. Going to school 5 days out of the week, he will be out of the house most days, but does not venture out much without his mother on weekends.

The Agents

The Agent’s bosses will again have ranked pull on them, and the agents themselves be placed on yet another ATTF. Alternately Agents can be contacted and told to use their vacation or sick days to stave off more suspicion. Whatever way they are corralled, agents will be told to meet at a waffle house in Alafaya Florida. Here they will order a meal and enjoy getting to know their case officer Agent Quinn (Malisa Frockner), a field agent of the Tampa Florida DEA. After their meal, they will move to the frozen food storage unit and be briefed on their mission.

Malisa Frockner: Codename- Agent Quinn. A field agent for the Tampa DEA, Quinn is 5’6, tan/burned skin, Long red hair, usually pulled back into a ponytail.

The Mission

Agents are told of Emmanuel’s involvement in Operation WoodWork and what that entails. After a noise complaint was reported a week ago from the Soto home, Delta decided to move up the observation of Emmanuel to a semi-priority. Agents are told to stake out through any means, tapping phone lines, hacking into Emmanuel’s personal computer and purchase accounts, using a wifi pineapple device to steal information, and parking outside at night or odd times and using these tools and parabolic microphones. The Soto home itself is situated in a casual residential suburb, staking it out may be challenging during the day. Handlers may ease up on this factor by allowing the Agents to rent property a few doors down or if Agents con procure or disguise a car as a municipal or utility vehicle. Agents are given the liberty to make calls on whether Emmanuel is a danger to himself, the organization, or his family. With this liberty comes the express ability to intervene on behalf of Emmanuel or to terminate Emmanuel, and even the entire Soto family if they are compromised in too drastic a sense.

The TimeLine

This is in essence a timed mission. Emmanuel only has so long left until he is lost forever to insanity and drags his family either into his maddening descent or gets them killed in some awful way.

Emmanuel’s Sanity will be tracked and due to stress and constant digging through half real and half fake cryptic tomes, combined with his own brush with the more mysterious circumstances of this world, will be tested each and every day. Assume all numbers listed are San Losses unless listed as otherwise with the word “Regained”.

Emmanuel’s Starting Sanity: 29

The timeline starts as the Agents Arrive:

Day 1, Wednesday

The Agents arrive. Emmanuel and Camila are arguing already from around 8-11, Emmanuel didn’t come to bed last night and has instead decided to stay up late yet again researching. Gerald was prepped and has been off to school before the real friction started. As he returns Camila immediately takes him off to the local shopping mall and to restaurants well passed 7pm. While out, Emmanuel will speak and often yell to himself about multiple insane things and may even pound on walls or throw objects. He will leave his home for a while and can be tailed. He visits the post office to pick up a small parcel and take it back into the home. He makes no phone calls but tapping into his internet history or finding a way to get access to his recent purchases through various bank cards, credits cards, or pay pal, Agents will find out that he has purchased Multiple books on an astounding array of Occult topics. Logic will deduct that his parcel is more than likely “The scryings of Father Tusa”, a recording of a non-confirmable catholic priest from the Frontier state of Montana written in 1885. This text has no realistic sanity degradation but contains many references to beings typical in physicality to Night Gaunts. A full Trojan exploration of Emmanuel’s internet affiliations will reveal membership to various 9/ll conspiracy, Rosswell historian, Cryptid community, and Mysterious History boards and forums; all accounts are recent in their creation. Emmanuel San Loss: 1/1d4

Day 2, Thursday

Having stayed up through the night, Emmanuel takes to sleeping for the better part of the day, until 4:30. Meanwhile Camila, until Gerald gets home is busy tidying the house. The couple share a bank account and she will be on the phone for the better part of this time verifying purchases made by Emmanuel, she is not happy. Gerald will bring his friend Anthony over when he arrives back at around 3:30. They will be a welcome relief to Camila who will continue various housework tasks and even order pizza for the boys until around 5:00 when Emmanuel wakes up. Emmanuel will storm out of his office at the perceived racket of Gerald and Anthony. Emmanuel will shout on at length to Garland about the things he doesn’t understand, opening up in aggressive ways about the things he has seen, and how the government is watching him now. The smell of cigarettes and booze is heavy on Emmanuel’s cracked lips. Camila will get in front of Emmanuel and start a shouting match between them after telling Gerald to take Anthony home. As the children leave the fighting escalates into property destruction, broken vases and overturned photos. The fight will end with Emmanuel sobbing heavily into Camila’s arms as they both rest on the couch after this impassioned bout. Emmanuel San Loss: 1/1d4

Day 3, Friday

Emmanuel will, with Camila’s help, lock the door to his study, discussing that it is for the best for their family. From when Gerald leaves for school till he gets back, they will go out to dinner and try to reconnect. Emmanuel will slip away to the bathroom multiple times, Agents who try to discover what he is doing will note that he is constantly checking his phone in a panicked state. Camila will take notice and bring this up disappointedly. Emmanuel will inform her that he is trying to cancel one of his book orders. He will not inform her that the seller will not halt the shipment, nor refund the 1000-dollar price tag. Emmanuel San Loss: 1/1d3

Day 4, Saturday

Emmanuel and his family will have a brief lapse in the dark fugue that hangs over their lives. Emmanuel will leave the family early in the morning, and travel to a pawn shop. Here he will be seen selling off various pieces of jewelry, all male pieces, including multiple coins, and what look to be awards. Leaving the shop, a heavy stream of sweat appears to choke Emmanuel’s complexion, he will clutch at his throat and find rest at a nearby bench, taking a deep hit off of his inhaler, then attempting to swallow 2 Adderall pills before throwing the whole bottle away after spitting out the 2 prior. He will rest here for a good 20 minutes before returning home. If listened in on, these pieces are gifts, awards, and trinkets he has collected all his life, Emmanuel is selling these off in fear of his backordered occult tomes and paraphernalia that have yet to arrive. When returning home he will speak to his wife, assuring her that his absence was to buy milk, he will return with such and with good reason as there is none in the fridge. The three of them will enjoy a lovely day out at a local Dave and Busters restaurant. Emmanuel will seem at peace, laughing and dining with his family for a time. Nearing the end of the night, his phone will get a push notification and his expression will seem to change to that of both fear and revulsion. He will inform his wife whom will have noticed this change in morale that the seller of his latest curio is extremely angry but that he will refund the amount and halt the books shipment but that his words are very crass. In reality the notification will inform Emmanuel that his book will be available for pickup most likely tomorrow. More logs of emails and general backtracking Emmanuel’s purchase history will reveal a paypal order for what is only labeled as “Occult Grimoire”, the seller is a private collector in Portland Oregon, his paypal credit card being billed under the name Sidney Moores. If the Agents with they may investigate Moores and find only that he is an unassuming and nearly innocent American citizen who collects Occult curiosities with a vigor and zeal of one who collects stamps. There is nothing malign about the man save for his bargain hunting nature. The book arriving for Emmanuel from Moores is described below:
Emmanuel San Loss: Regain 1 san/ Lose 1d2

The Diary of Symone De la Filigree, Study time 1 week for speakers of modern French, multiple weeks for those unversed, Occult +10%, Unnatural +5% ,:

The diary is of one “Symone De La Filigree”, a French naturalist in 1734. His journal describes his trek across the countryside’s of Habsburg, Saxony, and Brandenburg seeking affirmation in the roots of naturalist philosophy. What he found was a string of beats, blood, and star cults, each one more set against each other and their rival deities than the last. Finding solace in the bits of “modern” civilization he found along the way Symone could not help but take intricate notes on each of the cult’s rites and beliefs. Names such as Shub-niggurath, Azathoth, and Y’golonac are found within it’s yellowed pages and the spells inside are antithetic to life as we know it.

Spells Learned from study : “Call/Dismiss Azathoth”, Contact Y’Golonac”, “Call/Dismiss Shub-niggurath”, “Bring Pestilence”, “Call Fish”, and “Deflect Harm”.

Day 5, Sunday

Emmanuel will not head out early this morning. In his P.O. Box will sit the Diary of Symone and he will try and continue his abstinence from such matters. He and his family will instead enjoy a pleasant Ihop breakfast and retire to a lazy Sunday at home. This will be the most uneventful day for Emmanuel until he is notified again of his parcel being delivered today, he will begin to pace and act only slightly miffed with his family. He will instead spend most of the day on his phone studying up on more occult fringe sites. Emmanuel San Loss: 1/1d2

Day 6, Monday

Emmanuel will Keep up his disciplined way, keeping from his study and the P.O. Box containing Symone’s journal. He will have another brunch and lunch with Camila until Gerald returns home from school, they will together then have a nice dinner at PF Changs right after a light hearted fishing trip. It will only be in the wee hours of the morning that any noise will resonate from the Soto residence, Emmanuel will be heard picking the lock into his study, from there he will collect all of his notes, books, papers, and even his laptop, get into his car, drive to the P.O. box to pick up the Journal, and will drive well into the morning to a vacant lot in Georgia. Here will be the true deciding factor in Emmanuel’s case.

If Sanity is above 20: Emmanuel will take these various items to the vacant lot in Georgia and burn all of them. He will regain 1d6 sanity point for this. He will forever now forgo this line of study, realizing that the past few days reconnecting with his family quieted the yawning dread and insatiable curiosity that his scriptures and documents filled him with. It is now up to the Agents to decide where this story goes. They can choose to simply “take care” of Emmanuel here and now as to ensure any lapses in fortitude in his later years are nipped in the bud. They can also choose to try and introduce themselves and offer Emmanuel a spot as a friendly, whether or not the Agents approach their case officer first and how they react is up to the you, the Handler. Then comes the matter of what to tell the Agent’s handler, Malisa Frockner. If told in exact detail all of Emmanuel’s escapades, collapses, and especially the details of the journal if the Agents have somehow managed to acquire this information, she may still have more subtle, yet deadly plans for Emmanuel Soto. If only told the bare minimum, and assured of Emmanuel’s coming to grips with the reality of his situation, Frockner will think it best to leave the doddering old man to his final years. If told of his new Friendly status, Frockner will be miffed at the exclusion of her say in the programs selection of new assets, especially by mere Agents, however she will commend the team on a job well done and depending on how Emmanuel’s case is presented, commend the Agents on a great display of judgment and organizational advancement.

If Sanity AT 20: Make a luck roll for Emmanuel, Below 50, see above. If above 50, see below and choose the second option.

If Sanity is below 20: Emmanuel will burn all but the Journal of Symon. Agents will be unable to tell as he leaves it either in his car or tucks it under his coat. After returning home we will feign sickness to his wife and in his bedroom read the journal, recite, and study it’s rituals tirelessly for 2 days. Keen agents will hear the turning of pages and either think nothing of it or know what is up. After these two days, one of two things will occur:

If Sanity is under 15: Emmanuel will commit the unspeakable. After around 2:30 when Gerald is due to come home in a few minutes, Emmanuel will beat and knock unconscious Camila, tying her up in his study. He will then proceed to do the same to Gerald. If the Agents do not intervene for any reason, whether to see whether or not Emmanuel will actually go through with it, or to provide a not interaction solution such as calling the cops after witnessing the act, Emmanuel will, at 12;35 midnight have arranged the ritual space in his living room and opened the throats of both Camila and Gerald to Herald and contact Azathoth. If not stopped the Ritual will consume itself very conveniently, a small singularity causing a massive explosion. Agents will have to take multiple Sanity checks for this:

Witnessing/hearing the death of Camila: 1d3/1d4

Witnessing/hearing the death of Gerald: 1d4/1d6

Witnessing Azathoth: 1d10/1d100

Hearing Azathoth: 1d8/1d20

If sanity is above 15: Emmanuel will jump back in his car and drive throughout the morning and night. Agents will not be able to keep up as he drives erratically and will take many misleading turns. Emmanuel will never be seen again. Agents who stick to tracking him will learn that his body eventually turned up in an abandoned church in the southern half of Mississippi, his throat slit, tongue removed, and a note gripped tightly in the palm of his hand. The note is nearly illegible, written in some sort of proto-Asiatic dialect. Investigators able to retrieve or access case files on his bodies discovery will be alarmed to find that multiple sets of footprints and unregistered fingerprints were found at the scene. What is done with this information is up to the Handler.

Final Notes

If the Agents see Emmanuel reunite with his family and abandon his search for answers they regain 1d3 Sanity.

If Agents lose Emmanuel due to his death in Mississippi, they make a Sanity check: 1d2/1d3

If the Agents survive the Worst possible scenario of Emmanuel’s ritual reaching completion, they must all make a sanity check 1d4/1d6

Emmanuel- STR-8 CON 9 DEX-7 INT-15 POW-10 CHA-13 HP-9 WP-14


This was an entry to the 2017 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Agent Sampson.

The intellectual property known as Delta Green is ™ and © the Delta Green Partnership. The contents of this document are © their respective authors, excepting those elements that are components of the Delta Green intellectual property.