Operation Green Mountain

Agent Briefing


We have sent some of our scientists to the Luóxuán Research facility, as a part of a joint research agreement.
There has been an incident there, five hours ago. The fact that we actually heard about it means the situation is unrecoverable. Knowing our Chinese partners, they are going to liquidate the entire site. Terminating our researchers, because of any kind of incident wasn’t a part of the agreement.
The facility specializes in the research of the anomalous and paranormal. It is located somewhere in the Green Mountains of China. A charter flight will take you close to the facility. The situation will rapidly degrade, it will be a free for all, no need to worry about collateral damage. This is an approximate map of the facility.

Mission Goals

1. Rescue Prof. Numb, Dr. Fluke, Dr. Spite and Dr. Ana.
2. If you come across any willing, Level 4 or above research staff, you can extricate them as well. Keep in mind we only have space for 10 persons in total.

Ways In

After a 12h flight you’re in China. You will have full access to the armory and you will board one of the two transports. One will take you in, and the other one will extract you.

APC undercover


Board a WZ-551 APC that is transporting the second wave of responders to the facility. You’ll exit at the “Parking lot”. You will have Chinese uniforms and weapons. No one will suspect you, but you must remember that they have their own objectives that collide with yours. By now Site personnel will realize that the responders aren’t here to save them, but to liquidate them. They will become hostile to them, this includes you as you are undercover.

After you find the scientists make your way to the helipad, a Harbin Z-20 will pick you up.
USEFUL SKILLS: Disguise, Persuade

Helicopter drop


You will be left at the helipad. Arrive a couple hours before the second wave of respondents means facility personnel won’t shoot you on site (but the responders will) they might even be willing to cooperate with you.

Your extraction will be a WZ-551 APC with a green triangle at the “Parking lot”.


What's really going on


Facility consists of 3 floors that are all non-euclideanly connected by the Spiral room. The spiral room consists of 3 smaller rooms. It’s actually the facilities logo. If you are confused this video might help get the idea across.


Example: You start at room 1 and need to go to room x. From room 1 you go to room 2. From room 2 to 3. But instead of entering room 3 you find yourself in room y.

Middle symbol is the room name.

Symbol on the left is the room you will travel to if you return to this room immediately after entering a new room. Example. Going from room 2 to 1 and then back to 2. Won’t lead you to room 2, but to room z.

Symbol on the right is the room you will go to when you try to enter this room. Going from room 2 to 3 will actually lead you to room y. Going from room y to room z will lead you to room 2.

Spiral rooms are immune to these properties when moving from one spiral room to another spiral room. Room z and room 3 are spiral rooms. That means that you could go to room 3 and grab the key card needed to open the door from room y to room x. There is another way of getting into room x.

There are 3 floors, each one has 9 rooms and its own alarm, Handler can use the alarm sound as a clue.

First Floor – Alarm
Second Floor – Alarm
First underground Floor – Alarm
Messages like “Warning Infohazard leak detected, please remain at your post while it is contained.” and “Reality anchor has been disabled, terminate all experiments. Calmly make your way to the evacuation exits.” can periodically be heard in different languages over the intercom.

Handler’s Map

The Map given to the agents is inaccurate. The facility has been scrambled.
This is the objectively true map with all the clues needed. Handler is free to leave clues to the regents to help them get to this map.

Rooms of Interest

Spiral Rooms Keycard & their locations Scientist Locations
E D [A→B] E [Prof. Numb]
Ψ 5 [4→1] 2 [Dr. Spite]
5 2 [2→3] Λ [Dr. Fluke]
Δ [2→3] Δ [Dr. Ana]

Tunnel from F to C has collapsed.
Room I has “Turn back” written in blood.
Behind the Reinforced door in tunnel 4 to 1 there are 3 entrenched KSK Operatives with Dr. Monika trying to extradite Dr. Ana who has locked herself in room 2.
Room A is a lobby/entrance. Outside of it is the “Parking lot”.
Room 3 has a tunnel that leads to the Helipad but you can just say it’s in room 3.
Most of the rooms are weather laboratories or offices. Walking from one room to another takes a couple of minutes.
Searching through the room will take 30min and may give the agents some clues to add to their map. There is a 50% chance each time that they will find a PC (in working order), 50% chance they are locked or left open Doing Computer science will give them clues.


Houer Event
0 The incident happened
5 Delta Green hears about it
10 First Responder wave is sent
17 DG Agents are in china and arming up
18 DG Agents are left at the helipad (Hilo entrance)
20 Second wave of Responders enters the facility DG agents with them (APC entrance)

Random Encounters

When agents go through a 10-2d4 room an encounter will happen. Roll a 1d12. Events with * can only happen once. If you roll them, just reroll the dice.

Before hour 20
Theropod Squid Facility Guard
Infected scientist *Mortally wounded KSK Operative
Unnatural screams [0/1 SAN loss] Level 3 Researcher
Pile of dead staff [1d4 SAN] Facility Guard Squad with a Level 3 Researcher
Infohazard [pass INT = lose 1d4 SAN *GRU-SV8 Agent
Earthquake [fail CON = lose 1hp] First Wave Chinese Responder Squad
After hour 20
*Sinister Interdimensional Bureaucrat *Wounded Level 4 Researcher with a needed keycard
First Wave Chinese Responder Squad Facility Guard Squad
Extra Dimensional Tentacles *Level 3 Researcher with a needed key card
Pile of massacred Operatives [1d4 SAN] *GRU-SV8 Squad
Infohazard [pass INT = lose 1d4 SAN] Chinese Second Responder Wave Squad
Earthquake [fail CON = lose 1hp] Chinese Second Responder Wave Squad


After 72 hours the Incident is resolved but the facility is lost. Everything is covered up and no one mentions it again. This is seen as an unforeseeable situation and won’t affect relations of various groups involved. The joint research program between China and the US is terminated, due to the loss of the facility, all its research and some other less important issues.


While the scenario is happening in a Chinese facility, it is multy-cultural. Everyone speaks English. If the Party has someone who speaks Chinese the Handler can still make it a useful skill as maybe not all things are translated in English. There are people from all over the world. Scientists from China, US, Russia, Germany and so many other places.
The first picture in the document is the facility logo.
Agents might find their map useless so they are encouraged to fill it up with my exploration. Until they have something resembling the Handlers map.

Stat Blocks

“Theropod Squid”

Small theropod about a meter high with tentacles for its mouth
STR 13 CON 8 DEX 15 INT 4 POW 8 CHA 2
HP 11
SKILLS: Alertness 60%,
Dodge 30%,
Unarmed Combat 75%.
“Bite” 75% (1d4)
Acid Spit 40% (1d6) (counts as melee damage)
Acid if armor absorbs all the damage, armor value is reduced by one point.
It's an animal, it has no real motivation.

“Infected Scientist”

Convulsing person in a white coat seemingly moving against his will
STR 8 CON 6 DEX 8 INT 17 POW / CHA 4
HP 6
WP /
Unarmed Combat 20%.
Other skills are irrelevant
Tentacle swing (1d10)
Transformation - If the agents refuse to kill immediately, big purple tentacles will start coming out of his mouth, eyes and abdomen and start swinging wildly at the closest person. Agents witnessing this will suffer 1/1d6 SAN loss.
- This scientist wants to die before he transforms but he can't do it himself.
- If asked for some information he will give it to them only if they kill him after, tho Agents won't have time to do that.

“Facility Guard”

//Normally just dark blue pants, shirt and blue studded tie. But now with a riot helmet on his head and a heavy kevlar vest with an ID card with a facility logo clearly visible. //
STR 12 CON 12 DEX 12 INT 10 POW 12 CHA 12
HP 12
ARMOR: 4(5 against melee) (Reinforced Kevlar Vest and Riot Helmet)
WP 12
Alertness 40%
Dodge 35%
Firearms 40%
First Aid 20%
Melee Weapons 45%
Navigate 40%
Stealth 30%
Survival 20%
Unarmed Combat 30%
QSZ-92 40% (1d10) – Medium Pistol Stats
Shock Baton (1d6)
- Knowledge of the facility layout. They can help the Agents fill up parts of the map.
- They can be found in a Squad (4 people) protecting research staff.
- Survival, they just want to get out of this place and save as many of the staff as possible along the way. This shit wasn't in their job description.

“KSK Operative”

Kommando Spezialkräfte – German SpecOps.


STR 13 DEX 13 CON 13 INT 10 POW 13 CHA 6
HP: 13
WP: 12
H&K G36C 60% – Light Rifle
Flashbangs 60%
Athletics 60%
Firearms 60%, Heavy Weapons 40%, Melee weapons 60%, Military Science 40%, Unarmed Combat 60%, Occult 20%
- Adapted to violence
- Jaded trigger happy and poor communication skills
- They have the same objectives as DG agents, only difference is they are on the other team.
They had to rescue 2 scientists, one of whom has been killed, the other one is Dr. Monica. They were about to evacuate but Dr. Ana has barricaded herself in the next room they need to go through to get to the helipad for evac by a H135 helicopter. Now they are trying to convince her to let them through and come with them, but Dr. Anna doesn't have a keycard.

“Mortally wounded KSK Operative”

An Operative bleeding out against a wall or crawling on the floor
STR 13 CON 10 DEX 13 INT 14 POW 16 CHA 15
HP About to bleed out
ARMOR: 5 (missing a kevlar helmet)
WP 16
Athletics 60%
Demolitions 40%
Firearms 60%,
Heavy Weapons 40%
Melee weapons 60%
Military Science 40%
Unarmed Combat 60%
Occult 20%
Navigate 30%
Pilot 40%
Survival 60%
USP-S (1d10) – Medium Pistol stats
- Helicopter Pilot
- Bleeding out - He will bleed out if someone doesn't succeed in a First aid skill check of 40%
- Information - He can tell you information about his squat that can help you get past the cooperation with them.

Same as the rest of his squad.

“Level 3 Researcher”

Lower ranking researcher, not a part of your objective. He's scared to death.
STR 10 CON 10 DEX 10 INT 15 POW 15 CHA 14
HP 10
WP 15
Anthropology 30%
Computer Science 40%)
First Aid 40%
Forensics 50%
History 30%
Medicine 50%
Navigate 30%
Occult 30%
Persuade 30%
Pharmacy 60%
Psychotherapy 40%
Science 60%
- Knowledge of the facility layout. They can help the Agents fill up parts of the map.
Just wants to get out of here. Will try to persuade you to take him with you. Will try anything for you to rescue him/her. Will use his/hers skills to make him/herself useful to you.

“GRU-SV8 Agent”

STR 12 CON 12 DEX 12 INT 12 POW 12 CHA 12
HP 12
WP 12
Alertness 70%
Computer Science 50%
Demolitions 60%
Disguise 70%
Dodge 60%
Firearms 80%
First Aid 30%
Melee Weapons 70%
Navigate 30%
Occult 40%
Persuade 60%
Stealth 70%
Unarmed Combat 60%

Makarov 80% (1d10)
- EFA-2k Spetsnaz Holster - if a gunfight breaks out he is able to pull out his gun first and fire a shot.
- Friendlies - If the Agents are friendly towards this agent, their squad will be friendly towards them l8er on.
- He has his own mission that is unknown, but he doesn’t want to interact with others. If asked for help he will help out as long as the Agents are Friendly. If the agents are Hostile he will open fire immediately then try to sneak/run away.

“First wave Chinese Responder”

They have suffered heavy casualties because they went in unprepared. They were supposed to retake the facility


STR 13 CON 13 DEX 13 INT 10 POW 12 CHA 6
HP 11
WP 14
Athletics 60%, Firearms 60%, Heavy Weapons 40%, Melee weapons 60%, Military Science 40%, Stealth 40% Unarmed Combat 60%, Occult 30%

QCW-05 60% (1d10) – Suppressed SMG
Knife (1d6)
- Adapted to violence
- Squad of 4
- Liquidate all the facility staff.
- Contain the Cognitohazard and reenable the Reality Anchor

“Second Wave Chinese Responder”

Unlike the first wave these came prepared. They are on damage control.
STR 13 CON 13 DEX 13 INT 10 POW 12 CHA 6
HP 11
WP 14
Athletics 60%,
Firearms 60%,
Heavy Weapons 40%,
Melee weapons 60%,
Military Science 40%,
Unarmed Combat 60%,
Occult 30%

QBZ-95 60% (1d12) – Light Rifle stats
Underbarrel grenade launcher 40% (Lethality 15%) – GL stats
Knife (1d6)
- Adapted to violence
- Liquidate the rest of the staff and anyone who stands in front of them.
- Reasonable the Reality anchor so this incident doesn’t go critical.

“Wounded Level 4 Researcher”

High ranking scientist working in the facility.
STR 9 CON 10 DEX 9 INT 17 POW 14 CHA 13
HP 10
WP 14
Computer Science 50%
First Aid 70%
History 50%
Medicine 60%
Navigate 20%
Occult 60%
Pharmacy 50%
Psychotherapy 40%
Science 60%
Search 50%
Stealth 30%
Unnatural 10%

- Knowledge of the facility layout. They can help the Agents fill up parts of the map.
- Has a key card the Agents need to get through a reinforced door
- He/She is wounded, Agents need to patch him/her up or they will be slowed down. It will take them twice the time to do anything they need to.
- Wants to get out of here. Doesn’t care who will rescue him.

All other named Scientists use these stats. Only difference is that they aren’t wounded.

“Extra Dimensional Tentacles”

Big tentacles popping out of nowhere and hitting and dragging anything that comes near
STR 16 CON 16 DEX 10 INT 6 POW 10 CHA 1
HP 16
WP 10
Alertness 50% (when someone is sneaking by)
Dodge 50%
Search 20% (for targets)
Unarmed Combat 70%
Smack (1d8)
- Grab & Drag does 1d6 damage and pins the agent if they fail a STR roll. Every round from then until the Agent gets released they flail around doing 1d4 damage. Aso makes the monster harder to shoot by 20% for each person they are holding.
- The monster will stay in that room until killed. You can try and sneak by it or kill it
- Seeing it does 1d4 SAN damage

"GRU-SV8 Squad”

Heavily armed and armored and on a mission


STR 10 CON 11 DEX 10 INT 17 POW 14 CHA 10
HP 11
WP 14
SKILLS: Alertness 60%, Demolitions 60%, Dodge 50%, Firearms 60%, First Aid 30%, HUMINT 60%, Melee Weapons 70%, Navigate 30%, Occult 40%, Persuade 60%, SIGINT 20%, Stealth 60%, Unarmed Combat 60%

AK-12 (1d12) - Suppressed AR
PP-19 (1d10) - Suppressed SMG
- Friend or Foe - Depends on how DG Agents interacted with their Agent. If the agents didn’t interact with their agent they behave the same way as the agent
- Adapted to violence
- Squad of 4
- Same as GRU-SV8 Agent

“Sinister Interdimensional Bureaucrat”

Average middle-aged man in a blue suit and tie with a black briefcase
STR 10 CON 10 DEX 10 INT 18 POW 16 CHA 10
HP 10
WP 16
Accounting 100%
Alertness 80%
Bureaucracy 100%
Computer Science 80%
Dodge 100%
History 100%
Law 100%
Navigate 100%
Occult 100%
Stealth 50%
Unnatural 100%

- Can teleport away by walking around the corner
- Deus ex Machina - Will appear if the Agents are stuck and don’t know where or how to go. He'll give them the full map if needed.
- If the Agents are rude and hostile, he will teleport them into a random room with 2 tentacle monsters inside. This will cause 1/1d8 SAN loss.
- Seeing him will cause 0/1 SAN loss
- Unknown


Operation Green Mountain was written by LoneWaffle for the 2022 Shotgun Scenario contest.
Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nu4w_EU0vIpZQZz2YbVFL0h3jpkVBy0Uk9escFCOoXE/edit

The intellectual property known as Delta Green is ™ and © the Delta Green Partnership. The contents of this document are © their respective authors, excepting those elements that are components of the Delta Green intellectual property.