Operation Pastel Weather


0218am NORAD began tracking a stellar object moving on a northbound vector across the US. The object’s callsign, PASTEL was expected to make contact in unpopulated Wyoming. REDACTED was deployed to the area.
0621am PASTEL’s trajectory changed by 72° and command authority was transferred to REDACTED. Working Group DOGTAG was scrambled outside of Omaha Nebraska with orders to contain the site and wait for REDACTED to arrive in 5 hours under callsign Debutantes.
0813am Reports by Highway Patrol of fires north of 37 Rd and I Rd near David City Nebraska. PASTEL broke up over a two mile descent and made contact at 41°16'54.6"N 97°12'39.1"W

Working Group DOGTAG

Composed of Tier 1 operators, was engaged in training in an undisclosed location near Omaha Nebraska. En route to the site, the working group arrives in 1-2 armored civilian vehicles. Local Police have been instructed to turn away civilians and media at a 20 mile perimeter. Airspace is restricted. DOGTAG will report to C.O. Devon.

Executive Summary

An unknown organic craft crashed near the Borgschulte farm. Phillip and Scott retrieved what they think is an alien but is actually a coolant system from the craft. They have hidden it in their storm shelter. It will break out and kill Laura Borgschulte who is attempting to “feed” it water, freezing her to death. The coolant system will then depart chasing small animals whose caracasses can be found in the surrounding area.

Meanwhile local press have sent a series of drones with mounted cameras into the area. The coolant system will ignore the drones.

Contact Site

Agents will be directed to this site via C.O. Devon first. A shattered ravine near a small forest and farm. Debris is organic in nature and ground is distrubed. The crater is 8ft deep and scrapes along the ravine and is filling with water. Survival/Forensics check: Tire tracks from a truck entering and leaving site.

The Borgschulte Farm

Phillip Borgschulte and his wife (Laura) and son (Scott) live and work farming peanuts. Phillip is 53, Laura 48, Scott 22. Humit check: Phillip is sick and Scott is misleading agents. Successful Persuade, Bureaucracy, or hard Charisma checks: They retrieved a wounded alien about 1m weighing near nothing from the site. They locked it in their storm shelter.

Running Pastel Weather

This scenario should move from mystery to “bug hunt” very quickly. Agents at the site who do not realize the site has been compromised should hear gunshots coming from the Borgschulte farm as the farmers are being killed.

Agents who realize the Borgschultes have compromised the site should arrive with just enough time to try to get information from Phillip or Scott before Laura is killed just outside the basement.

Agents can track the system via frozen vermin or ice tracks but it will not stay in the same site.
Handlers should use the media drones to distract agents during their search or during a confrontation with the system.

The coolant system should leave faint ice tracks that melt at the Handler’s discretion. The system is fairly easy to see but hovers low to the ground. Handlers would do best to have the system act almost as a guerilla fighter, hitting and running, slowly draining the agents of both health and the will to fight on.

The Coolant System aka Alien

STR: 7, CON:20-32, DEX: 16-32 INT: 6, POW: 20, CHA:0
HP: 14-26
Stealth: 80%, Alertness: 50%
Heat Drain, 60% 1d8HP 5m range, System gains ½ HP loss in CON/DEX.
Freeze Ray, 80%, 2d8HP 15m range, System loosed 1d4HP and will only use this if it is contained in inorganic structure.
The Coolant System will drain up to full HP and then rapidly leave the area, finding the coldest/lowest point in the region (ravine waters). Once it has lost 8 CON or DEX it will seek out warmest heat signature and drain it. It will repeat this process until destroyed.


Operation Pastel Weather was written by Joe for the 2020 Shotgun Scenarios contest.

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