Operation Southern Hospitality

Operation SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY was a Delta Green operation that was carried out between January of 1948 until 1956.1 The objective was to track down and terminate any members of the Karotechia who had survived World War II and fled to South America.2 By 1949, nine were located and eliminated, and at least two of which were confirmed to still be engaged in unnatural research.3

At this time, the Karotechia made a deal with ODESSA and Juan Peron's Argentine dictatorship; in exchange for providing Peron with genuine Third Reich-vintage wunderwaffe, Argentina would protect the Karotechia and aid their expedition to Antarctica to recover Point 103. However, promises of Nazi superweapons were misleading, if not outright fabrications. The Karotechia were more interested in recovering the Tablets of Destiny from the grotto of Ubbo-Sathla,4 after which it is not entirely clear what they planned to do with the tablets. Presumably to use the blasphemous knowledge upon them to hatch a new plot to take over the world, or at least flee the planet, and thereby escape justice for their crimes.

In 1952, the most elaborate phase of SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY was launched to prevent the Karotechia from re-taking Point 103. Delta Green coordinated the deployment of U.S. Army paratroopers into Antarctica to eliminate the Argentine/Karotechia expedition. In typical fashion, the mission was a success, but with heavy losses. Casualties included the entire Argentine research team, all three Karotechia researchers, and several U.S. paratroopers. The facility was destroyed, and the fallen paratroopers were reported as KIA in Korea.5

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY was concluded in 1956, as by this point Delta Green felt satisfied that all Karotechia lingering after World War II had been dealt with, slain, or died of natural causes. It would appear that this judgement was premature, for the Karotechia yet survived, as Delta Green would not discover until 1998.6


It has been suggested on the DGML by Jay Dugar and James Haughten, et al. that suspected Karotechia member SS General Dr. Hans Kammler acquired the Crystal of Zon Mezzamalech during the war. This could explain why the Karotechia were so aware of and interested in Ubbo-Sathla and the Tablets of Destiny. However, according to the Golden Goblin edition of Von Junzt's Nameless Cults, Zon Mezzamalech (referred to in this edition as Mezamalek) also possessed some communion with the entity Gtuhanai. The Great Old One Gtuhanai is described as being some kind of voracious metallic vortex.7 This dovetails nicely with some descriptions of the Nazi Bell project. Thus, a Keeper could use this to justify the appearance of any Antarctic Nazi flying saucers encountered by Agents during simulations taking place in this era.

On the other hand, it is also very possible that at some point in the distant past the grotto of Ubbo-Sathla was raided by the Elder Things, who stole or lost the tablets while using the knowledge on them to construct the Shoggoths. This would make the 1952 expedition to excavate the Tablets of Destiny mostly pointless, as the leads the Karotechia were following were based on information that had gone out of date millions of years ago. After all, Paul Tregardis/Zon Mezzamelech only accessed the tablets via time travel.8

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