An NRO communications satellite has recently, through unknown means been dislodged from its orbit, and impacted in the frigid wastes of the Antarctic. Delta is suspect, both about the cause of its fall and the location of its landing. Getting at least 3 or 4 Delta members onto the recovery team of 8 is easy enough, what remains to be seen is both the difficulty of recovering what they need from the satellite undercover and what they might face when they arrive. The recovery team will be organized jointly under both the NRO itself and the United States Antarctic Program(USAP). As an obvious precaution the entire team will be outfitted with fire arms (standard m16 and side arm 9mm pistol, provided and pre-oiled with lubricants that can withstand the subzero temperatures), and night vision goggles, alongside basic arctic prep gear. It is up to the handler if the agents can be snuck or requisition further armament though the latter is highly unlikely, seeing as the bases for arming the team itself is simply a precaution of the operation’s designation as a “national security risk”.


The agents can come from any background but it is HIGHLY suggested that for the sake of simplicity and storytelling, that they at least be with a branch of the D.O.D. (Department of Defense) or any higher federal branch like the CIA. The Agents will have absolutely no time to prep or organize any sort of extra equipment. Upon the orders being given down the ranks, they will be directed to Langley Air Force Base, where they will be flown to a waiting aircraft carrier in the south sea, then to an OSPREY aircraft, and finally, the team will touch down at the Amundsen Scott U.S. Research base.


Find the crashed satellite. Find out what made it crash. Eliminate whatever “it” might be if hostile. Contain and return whatever “it” might be if inert matter. Recruit, discredit, or take care of any non-cleared personnel that witness any truly unnatural entities.


This was an entry to the 2017 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Agent Sampson.

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