Shower Gel

October 13th, 2020
Working Group Shower Gel

Directives: Acquire Secret Service credentials and relieve Rep. Carolyn Chandler’s
detail at Philadelphia International Airport, private runway 8.

Objective: One of Chandler’s staff is smuggling a sentient vector back from a
medical facility in Russia. Agents are to identify the smuggler and isolate
them. Rep. Chandler’s flight from PIA to Chicago is 1.5 hours long.

Civilians Present

  • Rep. Carolyn Chandler of Michigan
  • Sara Freeman, Senior Aide to Chandler
  • Erick Clark, Public Relations Officer
  • Donald Smithson, Junior Aide to Chandler
  • Jasmine Baker, Political Advisor/Strategist
  • Clarence Wang, New York Times journalist
  • Captain Linda Mulberry, pilot
  • Captain Micheal Ramirez, co-pilot
  • Wayne Potter, flight attendant
  • Sherry Brown, flight attendant

Executive Briefing

Unbeknownst to Erick Clark, he hosts a sentient vector. The vector rests in his nasal cavity. It poses little health risk to Erick but will attempt to pass itself on the first chance it gets.

Russian intelligence backchanneled information about the vector to Program assets. They strongly recommended killing everyone onboard but the Program wants to study the vector.

Sarah Freeman is actually working with the CIA as Rep. Chandler is considered vulnerable to Russian influence. Freeman also has no idea this is occurring as the Program has not communicated openly with the CIA.

The Plane

Rep. Chandler travels well. The plane has a cockpit (seats 5), galley, 2 bathrooms, Office, Lounge (press area), 2 private suites (one for Chandler, one used by staff in shifts), Storage area.

Threat Environment

One player (the one with the most SAN or Willpower) will be informed that if they cannot locate the vector before the flight is on approach, the plane will suffer “catastrophic failures” and all on board will be lost.

Forty minutes into the flight Captain Mulberry will have a heart attack and need medical attention. A military escort will communicate with Captain Ramirez that it is not clear to land. This will distress all of the passengers causing opportunities for Clark to pass the vector onto someone else. Secret Service personnel (the players) are expected to have medical training and assist Captain Mulberry. Sarah Freeman will suspect the pilot was deliberately poisoned while in Russia and pay close attention to Captain Mulberry’s care.

  • If Sarah is convinced that the Secret Service agents are not who they seem, she will communicate to Chandler and the pilot and they will lock themselves in the cockpit for the duration of the flight.
  • When Clark passes the vector on, his memory of the trip will be erased and he will go into anaphylaxis, furthering Sarah’s paranoia.
  • If the vector is passed to a player the vector will come to understand its situation in 3 minutes and attempt to convince the other agents that Jasmine Baker is infected.

Running this Scenario

Secret Service are meant to be seen and not heard so they are perfect instruments to locate the vector. Unfortunately the vector is good at hiding. This scenario should be tense and a race against the clock but a quiet race until Captain Mulberry’s heart attack. At this point Sarah will let her suspicions be known and will effectively act as the secondary antagonist of the scenario.


This was an entry to the 2020 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Joe

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