The purpose of government is to organize the resources of the nation to do things that individuals wouldn’t or couldn’t do. This often includes things that the average person considers distasteful, like picking up trash, or unprofitable, like building public roads. The people in power know that the average person doesn’t want to know about the details of these operations, and often would object to the methods used to get the job done, no matter how efficient or effective they are.

How much more true is it for something like national defense, where you have a ruthless enemy trying to find all your weaknesses and use them against you? Intelligence agencies have to be as ruthless as their enemies. At the same time, they cannot reveal to the public in their nations how ruthless they are. Just like trash collection, the average person doesn’t want to know the details. They just want the job done by someone they don’t have to meet. Now add the Cthulhu Mythos.

Covert government groups

The average government agency is ignorant of the Mythos. However, a handful of less-than-public groups have glimpsed the truth. They have taken many forms, and many sides. Some fight body and soul against the Mythos, while others have given the same just for power. Remember, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", and "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." You can only go mad once.

North America

  • Delta Green. Born out of Project Covenant and the Innsmouth Raids of 1927. At first attached to the US Navy, during WWII it became a separate organization. A disastrous mission during the Vietnam War lead to the end of the official status of the organization. The agents continued on as an illegal network within the US government, which fights the Mythos to this day.
  • Majestic-12. In 1947 a craft of alien origin crashed just outside Roswell, New Mexico. The government created an agency to handle the remains of the ship and its occupants, and prepare for any further contact with beings of extra-planetary origin. In 1980, that contact was made, giving MJ-12 access to advanced alien technology and information. How they got that information and what they did with it could be considered treason.
  • M-EPIC. The Canadian answer to freak weather patterns in the north.


  • Xianfeng / Bureau 11. A Chinese group that originally used the pretext of anti-superstition and anti-feudalism campaigns during the Cultural Revolution to fight the Mythos, this organisation now exists as an unofficial and shaky alliance between vigilante groups, civil society and the Ministry of State Security, protected and threatened by powerful individuals within the Politburo.
  • Huodezu or the Acquisitions Group. A conscious effort to emulate Majestic-12 in China, closing the technology gap with alien help.
  • Kurotokage. A covert intelligence branch of the Japanese government. Its mission is to combat the Mythos as it exists or threatens Japan. It is deeply covert, hidden from all other Japanese intelligence and government agencies, and completely independent. It serves the Emperor directly, and can trace its history back to before the Meiji Restoration.
  • GRU SV-8. A group that can be traced back to the 1920s, it was originally Stalin's tool for the investigation of occult power in Russia. After the fall of the Soviet Union, GRU SV-8 became a shadow of its former self. Though part of the Russian government, they had long ago become hidden from oversight, which meant dwindling funds and few new recruits.
  • SMERSH. An internal rival of GRU SV-8, it promised Stalin immortality.


  • PISCES. An official British intelligence service that investigates the paranormal. It grew out of an investigation into psychic powers, and cut its teeth during World War II. It investigates many of the dark secrets in the British Isles, but along the way has picked up a dark secret or two of its own.
  • Silent 13. Growing out of experiences during the Irish Troubles, this is an unofficial group of former soldiers who have continued to serve as defenders of England. The longer they have fought, the more enemies they have discovered.
  • Section Disparu. A French agency, starting without Mythos knowledge in the 1980s. Designed for credibility by a Delta Green co-author.
  • Félicie. An alternative French agency that traces its history back to certain events in 19th-century Mauritania, then one of France's colonies. More pulp-oriented than Section Disparu.
  • Karotechia. An outgrowth of Nazi Germany's research into the occult. They discovered that magic not only existed, but that it could be harnessed and used. After the fall of the Third Reich, survivors of this group fled to the corners of the globe, taking their discoveries with them, and keeping alive Hitler's dreams.
  • Gruppe Rubin. After World War II, Germany had to clean up the terrible damage done by the Nazis. Gruppe Rubin is a network of scholars and leaders in Germany dedicated to cleaning up the taint of the Karotechia. They face the terrible truths as a second Holocaust, with the same promise: never again.

Civilian resistance and dabblers

These men knew what Franklin meant when he said: "We must all hang together, or surely, we shall all hang separately." These men are committed to their causes, men who have seen the dark recesses of the universe and have decided to fight back. They carry the torchlight of civilization into those dark places to expose the monster and drag them into daylight. Of course, there is more than one way in which a man can be committed.

Established religions

  • The Congregation. Before the borders of Europe congealed, the Catholic Church was fighting supernatural horrors. They have two thousand years of “knowledge” behind them, and a network of people who believe in angels and demons. Probably opposed by the Last Dawn.
  • Order of the Sword of St. Jerome. Similar to the Congregation but fan-created and less willfully ignorant.
  • Fist of Allah. Little is known about this Libyan organization except that they are sponsored by Col. Muammar Gaddafi (1942-2011), and they are devout Muslims.



  • Saucerwatch. A small group of individuals who investigate UFO sightings with great seriousness. They have seen things that no one else could.
  • The Army of the Third Eye. Our favourite limey terrorists.
  • The Arkham Group. Don't tell the Agents, but Delta Green does not stand alone. Other men sympathetic to their cause have started up their own organization that parallels and expands on Delta Green's efforts.
  • Tiger Transit. A compromised US corporation.
  • Thule Gesellschaft (Thule Society). Founded in 1918 by the occultist Rudolf von Sebottendorff to research German antiquity, the Society soon became involved in anti-Semitic and pro-German propaganda. From these political activities grew the German National Socialist Party, the Nazis.
  • Phenomen-X. The late-nite cable show That Should Not Be.



"Real-world" groups

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