PISCES timeline

1882 Psychic Research Association established.

1893 The Admiralty's intelligence department establishes the DELPHI project.

1896 Project DELPHI disbanded after lacklustre results.

1907 Frederick Ramsey founds the Ramsey Institute for Psychical Education.

1916 Commander Ramsey creates MI13, the Special Reconnaissance Section, for MI6's Captain Mansfield Cumming.

1925 Two of MI13's talents die and five go insane after experiencing nightmares over a three-month period.

1927 Major David Cornwall joins MI13 after exposing the Brotherhood of the Skin in Istanbul.

1932 Ramsey dies. Cornwall succeeds him as R.

1939-1942 Encounters with the Black Dragon Society in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaya, Burma and India.

1940 Former MI13 talent, Amanda Chalmers, predicts the Fall of France and Dunkirk. Cornwall presents evidence of the successful prediction to Churchill.
PISCES formed as an interagency taskforce.

Lawrence Hutchins, potential talent, discovered in Darwin, Australia.
PISCES discover his cache of Great Race of Yith books foretelling the future. Hutchins commits suicide, leaving PISCES unable to find the original source.

1940-1941 PISCES confirms the existence of the Karotechia.

1940-1943 PISCES searches for the Great Race of Yith's library. The search ends in failure in Australia.

1941 PISCES assists in luring Rudolf Hess to Britain.

PISCES face off against Smersh in Spain whilst pursuing occult books. Agents from both sides betrayed to the Spanish authorities and German Abwehr.

PISCES manages to place three agents within the Karotechia.

1942 PISCES commandos and the Long Range Desert Group destroy the entrance to a subterranean city in the Libyan Desert, just ahead of the arrival of a Karotechia investigation team.

Delta Green and PISCES agree to work together.

First joint Delta Green/PISCES operation. PISCES informs Delta Green of the German's Project BLACK WATER at the Cap de la Hague. Delta Green raids the project with French resistance assistance.

1943 Joint Delta Green/PISCES raid on the Karotechia's Donnerschlag weapon at Fécamp.

Last PISCES agent left in the Karotechia is shot crossing the Swiss border.

Joint Delta Green/PISCES expedition to the Belgian Congo to locate Thule.

1943-1944 PISCES combats the Black Dragon Society-revived Thugee cult in East India.

1945 Brigadier-General Cornwall convinces Labour Prime Minister Clement Atlee to retain PISCES to combat the Soviet's research into the paranormal.

Paragon Foundation established in Canada.

1946 PISCES tasked to research alien science in addition to their psychic research duties, after the Soviets' secretly reinvest Smersh.

Magonia, the Mediaeval Metaphysics research laboratory is established on Hirta in the St. Kilda's archipelago off the west coast of Scotland.

1947 The Thugee cult in India is finally eliminated.

1948 PISCES encounter an IRA splinter cell, Bua Glas, worshipping the Green Man.

1953 PISCES encounter Kikuya tribesmen in Kenya worshipping Ahtu.

1954 PISCES encounter the Chau-chaus during the Malaysian Emergency.

ESPer Tech Corporation founded in Sydney, Australia.

1956 General Stewart Collier appointed as R.

1959 A nuclear fail-safe is installed at Magonia.

Brigadier-General Sir Charles Balfour appointed as R.

1968 PISCES led assault on Goatswood. Prisoners captured, village razed, and moon-lens captured.

1969 Sir Alan Hopkinson appointed as R.

1974 American Books Bought & Sold raided in Brichester. An avatar of Y'golonac is captured for study.

1975 Sir Michael Wellington appointed as R.

1977 Old Varsity Theatre in Lower Brichester raided. Books and a telescope recovered.

1980 Brichester's Inland Revenue office demolished by orders of PISCES. Several arachnid specimens captured for study and dissection.

1983 Admiral John Tremayne appointed as R.

1987 Brichester Lake drained by orders of PISCES.

1988 Sir Colin Woodall appointed as R.

1989 Reorganisation of PISCES completed.

Severn Aerospace Limited created.

1991 Severn Aerospace completes its production facility at Winterdown Flats, formerly Goatswood.

1994 Lady Marjorie Rittingham appointed as R.

1996 The hunt for the Army of the Third Eye is taken over by PISCES.

PISCES capture Lee Coleman and other members of the Army of the Third Eye in Truro, Cornwall.

1999 Embassy Row Massacre. PISCES-directed SAS teams attack Delta Green agents outside the US embassy in London.

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