Pnomus-Infested Dictionary

A Pnomus-infested Webster's Dictionary of American English

It looks like the ranting madman (personally I prefer the term "deranged nutcase") is right… which means that Pnomus has been at play again. I am forwarding the recommendation to cell A that Webster's Dictionary now be reclassified as a dangerous occult tome and all copies be immediately placed into secure storage.

Curator's Note: for more information on the Pnomus, its activities and dangers, agents are referred to the report printed in the "Delta Green: Alien Intelligence" collection.
Agents are also invited not to use this volume to spell-check their reports.

In game terms:

reading this tome from cover to cover will invoke a mandatory 1d6/1d10 San loss

study time.. oh, 12 weeks or so

spells include "induce headache" and "information overload"

bonus skills: +2 points American English (conversely -1d4 British English) and a free bonus skill "boring conversation" (treat as the opposite of "fast talk") at 30%).

This is from the Ice Cave.

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